Sent: Thursday, August 08, 2002 11:43 PM

Subject: Cathy's Spacegun

Dear Sir, This object in question began to appear in its present position on 23 July2002 and was completely formed as it is now by 24 July 2002 as a geostationary object.  The solar's surface rotates and that object remains unchanged.  It does seem to be quelling the solar disruption somehow.  My spacegun is still prominent in all of the SOHO images.

I call it my spacegun.  I suppose I am the only one to be able to call it my anything, but I do know it is a device offering us help when we need it.  It is dumping rare materials back into the sun and at the same time it is melting the surface to give stability where there was none before.  It just happens to be doing us a terrific favor by whatever it is presently doing.  Our planetary radiation levels are extremely stable at a time when it should be a different story considering all of the latest activity.  There won't be as much genetic damages or changes as a result of tempering our exposure.
 You might also notice that the 'northern' half of the sun seems to be covered by some sort of net.  It appears that a series of dotshave been laid out in lines to cover half of the solar disc.  That does temper our exposure rate considerably.  There is more junk in the space around the sun, but none of it is so prominently stable and stationary as those dots.  Again, I have my own ideas, but that is something I will not divulge. 
Date: 8/9/02 8:50:01 AM Pacific Daylight Time

This looks very much like a blemish of some kind on the EIT camera lens or CCD imaging chip!. This should be investigated and confirmed or rejected before any other possible cause. The possibility of anything actually near the sun being able to 'hold its station' with such perfection against all orbital and solar influences is remote to the extreme.

Date: 8/9/02 7:33:26 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi, Kent-

Thank you for the post of the suncruiser parking lot. I am sorry that I am  not more techno-literate, but check out the image This looks like it could be a suncruiser with a cadre of smaller craft in  its wake. Interesting because it appears to be originating from the SAME  area of the Sun as mentioned in our previous messages.

 Date: 8/9/02 7:30:24 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Kent, I've been visiting your website for about two months and feel the need to finally write and perhaps clear something up. There is only ONE actual 'sun cruiser'. The name of the craft is the Shan Chea, and she was built specifically for the evacuation of our planet and 'all' lifeforms should the need arise. The other so-called anomalies are a couple or three other craft that were sent to protect the Shan Chea from the recent outpouring of CME's as well as the 'hiccups'... which are the opposite (CME's causing a 'pressure' on the earth, while the 'hiccups' are causing a 'pull').

As you read this, I suppose you're wondering how I know. Without going into detail, just let me simply say that I'm in communication with one of the craft and her crew that were sent to offer protection to Shan Chea. :-)

8/10/02 2:30:55 AM Pacific Daylight Time

This object has a semi-circle of "lights" on it's left side, but on no other frames that I can find. In "movie mode", the object is stationary, but has flares in FRONT of it. Not a camera\lens problem.