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Date: 8/19/01 4:26:36 PM Pacific Daylight Time

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>                                  Proton blast of mysterious origin
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>                                  Date: 8/17/0111:29:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time
>                                  Kent: If you have the time to read every word of this, you'll get the
>                                  distinct impression we are in uncharted territory and all bets are off.
>                                  "Shortly after 00:30 UTC on 16 August (8:30 pm EDT on 15 August), a
>                                  remarkably energetic and unusual solar event occurred that is worthy of an
>                                  AstroAlert notice."
>                                  "At around 00:30 UTC, proton sensors onboard spacecraft began observing an
>                                  unusually energetic increase in the density of high energy protons. Usually,
>                                  such strong bursts of radiation are produced by strong solar flares. But no
>                                  obvious regions of activity capable of producing such strong bursts of
>                                  radiation were visible anywhere on the visible Sun."
>                                  More text at:
>                                  enerprot.htm

is there a possible connection between the milk hill crop formation of august 14th and the
'spinning sun' of the third fatima prophesy; the proton blast of the 15th and the galatic
superwave theory as postulated by paul laviolette in the following excerpts from his book ???


All excerpts from
Earth Under Fire by Paul LaViolette


"The Fatima Prophecy"

"Three children living near the town of Fatima in Portugal claim to have
encountered a snow white radiant being one spring day in 1916 while
tending their sheep.  Identifying himself as the angel of Peace, he
invited them to join him in prayer.  Afterwards he administered to them
the sacrament of communion and, after additional prayer, he
disappeared.  In the months that followed, the children prayed at
regular intervals as the angel had instructed.

"On Sunday, May 13th of the following spring, the children witnessed a
new apparition while tending sheep in a large basin-shaped pasture.
They reported seeing a brilliant flash of light, and afterwards beheld a
young woman of transcendent beauty, whose luminescent from hovered above
a small holm oak tree.  She asked the children to come to that spot on
the 13th of every month to pray with her for the conversion of mankind
to spirituality.

"News of the vision spread to the surrounding community, and with each
successive monthly rendezvous, more and more people came to watch.  In
July, when the children went to the spot for the third time, the Lady
showed them a frightening vision and gave them an important message
which they were to keep secret until the year 1960, when a major portion
of the message was to be released.  None of the others attending saw or
heard the vision.  However, at subsequent monthly meetings the crowd
became aware of certain paranormal phenomena, evidenced by the dimming
of the Sun's light, the presence  of a  multicolored radiance tinting
the clouds and landscape, the descent of a great globe of light to
treetop level, and the downward fluttering of flower petals which
dissolved before touching the ground.

"The promise of a miracle on October 13th, for the sixth and last
rendezvous with this apparition, drew a throng of fifty to eighty
thousand people, despite a strong downpour of rain.  The 'Lady of the
Rosary' appeared to the children around noon with the message that
people should recite the rosary daily.  Then, all who had gathered
witnessed the following vision.  The rain ceased and the clouds seemed
to part, revealing what one witness described as 'a disc with a sharp
rim and clear edge, luminous and lucent, but not painful to the eyes.'
Its color was 'as changeable as the luster of a pearl.'  The 'sun' then
began to spin on its axis like a pinwheel.  As it whirled, streamers of
light came from its rim and flashed across the sky, coloring the
landscape and faces of the spectators with a variety of constantly
changing colors.

"After about four minutes, the 'sun' stopped spinning.  Then, after a
brief rest, it resumed its spinning and its fantastic display of
varicolored light.  Again, it stopped, and then resumed spinning for a
third time, again throwing off light of different colors.  Then,
retaining its rotary motion, this 'sun' departed from its position and
boldly advanced on the earth, threatening to squash the people with its
huge and fiery mass.  As the heat increased, the crowd began to pray.
Just as it seemed that the orb was about to crash into the crowd, the
disc retreated into the sky.  When the people rose from their knees,
they found that their clothes, which minutes before had been completely
soaked, were now completely dry.  The ground too had dried.

"The Catholic Church began an official inquiry into the events at Fatima
in May 1922.  After eight years of intensive investigation, the Church
issued a letter recognizing the validity of the apparitions and
authorizing the adoration of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima.  The
letter recording the secret message that the children received on July
13, 1917 was passed along to the Catholic Church hierarchy, but when the
long-awaited date of 1960 had arrived, the message continued to be
withheld.  In 1967, a Vatican spokesman disclosed that Pope Paul VI had
concluded that it was not yet the proper time to reveal the contents of
the message.  And so, until this day, the Catholic Church has continued
to guard the letter.

"The book Fatima Prophecy contains information that the author Ray
Stanford psychically channeled from a divine 'Source' between August
1971 and March 1972 and which provides insights into the contents of the
Fatima  prophecy and the meaning of the miracle performed on October
13th.  Portions of these channeled writings state that the Fatima
prophecy was foretelling that, before the end of this century, the Earth
would encounter an extremely hazardous 'cosmic-solar' event.  As we
shall see, the described phenomenon sounds very much like an encounter
with a Galactic superwave.

"For the most part, these channeled writings are concerned with the
present state of mankind's spirituality and the need for its further
development.  Our interest, here, lies specifically with the portions
that describe the nature of the prophesied events.  Let us begin with
the channeled writings of March 3, 1972.  In those the source relates:

"'At the beginning of that reading, we gave that man, humanity, is as
one walking in the sleep upon the edge of a precipice, having the vision
neither to look upward tothe stars nor to perceive that precipice upon
which, in a somnambulistic state, he walks.  Thus, without a redeeming
factor, without eyes to see, ears to hear, and heart to understand, he
is in danger of the precipice itself.

"'We gave also at this time that there was a great cosmic-solar event
causing a radiation which contributed to [the mutational] change in the
developing protoanthropoids and those which succeeded them.  This, too,
relates to events which are to come within the Earth in not the distant

"'From one-third to two-thirds of the Earth's population may meet death
unless that, which by some has been called a chastisement, is averted by
turning away from materialism and selfishness to the ways of Love, and
by going within and allowing the mind to respond more perfectly to

"Considering the symbology of the Fatima apparition of 1917 the
psychically channeled Source Continues"

"'In that appearance at Fatima, there was the likeness of the woman clad
essentially in that which was filled with light, but white, with a blue
veil, of a sort, covering the head and dropping down the sides; and
there was the golden thread, as mentioned, thereabout.  There was the
likeness of a sphere or ball in the region of the heart center, and the
two beams of light, as if a cord, suspending it [the sphere] about the
neck; and downward toward the hem of the garment, there was a glowing
point of light, or sun, or star.  Upon the right hand, as mentioned, was
held a rosary of five decades . . . that appearance is of  major
significance, for it was upon that occasion that major messages of
significance to those events which are to come were given, despite the
fact that they have not been released by the Church.

"'As mentioned earlier,  .  .  .  some years in the past, a cosmic-solar
event -- a cosmic-solar event--caused the Earth to be showered by
radiation and particles from the sun, creating mutational changes
significant in the acceleration of the evolution of bodies toward the
perfected vessel of God's becoming manifested individualized.  That is
to say, it accelerated the evolution of man.'

.  .  .  .

"In reporting that the solar system will soon encounter a region of high
cosmic ray intensity, the Source appears to be describing the nearing
approach of a Galactic superwave.  The star-like point of light
appearing on the robe of the Lady of the Rosary, said to symbolize these
cosmic rays and their associated energy, would be representing the
appearance of the 'Blue Star' at the position of the Galactic center.
Recall that the electromagnetic emission beamed toward the Earth by the
the superwave cosmic rays would appear in the sky as a point-like source
of light.

.  .  .  .

"The superwave scenario is also implicated by the Source's statement
that the sun would be equally involved in this castrophic event, due to
its adverse response to these cosmic rays.  Further on, the Source that
Mr. Stanford psychically channeled gave additional information
consistent witht he notion that the Sun could be activated into a T
Tauri-like condition:

.  .  .  .

"The source seems to suggest that the effects of this cosmic-solar event
could be alleviated through divine intervention provided that mankind
mends its evil ways, a theme found in the Bible and also in some
American Indian legends:

.  .  .  .

"The channel then describes the significance of the 'miracle of the sun'
witnessed in Fatima on October 13th, and portends the occurrence of
periods of darkness and solar activity:

"'This was prophesied in Fatima, in the sphere of the Earth being
suspended --by Love--away from 'falling into' the star or sun.  Thus, it
was prophesied, symbolically, that only by turning to the Love and
devotion . . .would discernment through the willingness of Love, prevent
the Earth's falling into the drastic catastrophe and, in a sense,
chastisement that may come about through this cosmic-solar event.

.  .  .  .

"The source then describes what appears to be a severe solar flare storm
and its effects on the Earth:

"'Imagine, if you will a showering of the ionosphere, not alone with
cosmic particles whereby it begins to glow as a great aurora, but then
with the combination of basic isotopic elements from space, from the
sun.  These, reaching the Earth in a highly agitated state, would
combine in the ionosphere and in the stratosphere creating electrical
charges and great [electrostatic] discharges from clouds [orfrom the
Earth to clouds].  Noxious and gaseous clouds containing isotopes would
form . . .

"' . . . Then, for half the world it is prophesied that it [the
'chastisement'] shall come on a day that is light and the sun is seen.
Then the cosmic-solar event will begin.  The Earth shall be showered
with cosmic rays and atomic forms of specific elements.  Chemical
changes in the atmosphere, highly electrically charged clouds, and
noxious clouds and gases will become present; even the presence of great
quantities of ozone will be inclined to poison many, that they would die
of body.

.  .  .  .

"The Source then describes how the event, if not averted, will cause
mass destruction of the human race and alter the genetic make up of
those that survive:

"'Then, there shall be the final burst of energy in that event; and then
it shall begin to let off.  Those who survive shall have fallen upon
their knees in repentance.  Many shall have died of failure of heart or
by the conditions availed by the cosmic-solar event.

"'Those who would survive such will be aided by those who would come
from outside the Earth, and those of the White Brotherhood, and those of
the angelic realms.  It will be important in those periods that they
would aid, for there will be the disposal of the bodies of from
one-third to two-thirds of the Earth's population.

"'What is more, those that survive shall have been changed, even though
they remain within their houses, where they must pray and meditate all
during the event .  .  .   Even the genetic pattern in man of these will
be changed.  A new race of man shall have begun.  The evolution of man
shall have been enhanced.  The offspring shall change in their
appearance.  Strange shall be their eyes, and a new tendency for a
different coloration of eye, varying from the normal eye coloration as
known [at the present time].  There shall be a reshaping, to some
extent, of the basic proportions of the body and of the cranium.

.  .  .  .

"The sixteenth-century seer Nostradamus predicted a catastrophe coming
in July 1999, the only time he cited a date in the course of his many
predictions.  In this year, he said a 'great King of Terror' will appear
in the sky--a comet or a galactic superwave?   .  .  .  .

"In 1976, the clairvoyant Aron Abrahamsen echoed the prediction of the
Hopi Indians by foretelling that a new Sun will come into view by the
year 1998.  Also in the early 1980's the British psychic David Jevons
predicted the rapid approach of a star whose appearance would herald
these coming events.  Jevons said: 'I believe that the major Earth
Changes will be initiated by what I will call the Fiery Messenger.
There is even now a star of great power proceeding towards our Solar
Body.  . . . . .

.  .  .  .

"Steps should be taken to investigate how modern technology might be
used to lessen the effects of an impacting superwave should one arrive
in the near future.  The object would be to find a way to create some
sort of force field just outside the solar system on the side toward the
Galactic center that would act as a shield to deflect approaching
galactic cosmic rays so that they pass around the solar system.  .  .
.  .

"Perhaps a safe way to generate a 'star shield' might be to set up an
electrostatic force field in space that would deflect cosmic rays as
they passed through it.  Such force fields might be created by employing
exotic technologies that blend phase-conjugate microwave radar
technology with Nikola Tesla's method of generating stationary
electromagnetic waves through repeated low frequency stationary
pulsing.   .  .  .  .

"Much work on phase conjugate radar technology has not been publicly
disclosed.  Nevertheless, strange energy phenomena continue to occur
around the world which do not appear to be of natural origin;  the
worldwide epidemic of crop circles, strangely transparent luminous
spheres that speed through the sky, divide, and subsequently recombine,
an unusual throbbing ground wave that annoys residents of northern New
Mexico,but which is not registered on normal radio detection
apparatus.   .  .  .  .