Subj: This pos is loaded with Masonic symbolism
Date: 11/16/01 1:55:42 PM Pacific Standard Time

Don't know what should be done with this info! I copied off the Syzygy Dream Board. Loaded with symbols. The guy seems to be onto something and comes up with Dec. 7 date for nuke attack on the White House! Pearl Harbor anniversary! See what you think...
(I gotta get OFF this machine before I lose my sanity)
Date: November 14, 2001 at 22:29:43
Subject: Suitcase Nuke Premonition

On November 13th, 2001 at 11:22 AM I woke up from a dream that really compelled me to write about it. It seems to be another premonition dream. I wasn't freaked out this time as I was with the World Trade Center dream because what I'm about to post here may play a role in preventing my premonition from becoming reality.

In the dream, I was recording news footage on TV after an attack on the White House occurred. The news showed footage of a struggle between somebody and several people in suits and uniforms, very likely the Secret Service and D.C. Police. From the way the struggle played out, it looked like a suicide terrorist walked up to the front gate of the White House grounds with a suitcase nuke and set it off. The suicide bomber glowed in my dream as if to signify "radiation" or being vaporized as the bomb goes off. There were also images of NBC's Meet The Press host Tim Russert walking through rubble to his car and one of the wings of the White House lying on it's side, smoking. I was also talking to someone in my dream but I don't know who. During the conversation I learn that President Bush doesn't make it out of the White House in time to escape the attack and Dick Cheney is sworn-in as the 44th President of The United States.

On the surface, the dream was telling me this attack will be an obvious attempt to decapitate the United States Government. As I dug deeper I also learned that this attack will be carried out by Osama Bin Laden's Al-Qaeda network for very symbolic reasons.

As pointed out by Richard Hoagland on, Osama Bin Laden is using an ancient Egyptian ritual of timing events during celestial alignments for his own negative purposes as you will see on the following link;

This pattern of alignments have also been used for positive purposes by the Freemasons/Templars during such events as landing on the Moon or the creation of the resurrected Atlantis, The United States Of America. The Masonic/Templar faction is a descendant of ancient Egyptian and Sumerian mystery schools who are descendants of the Atlantean faction called the Law Of One.

Unfortunately the ancient Atlantean faction know as the Sons of Belial, who work to destroy anything good, have also existed throughout history as various secret societies ranging from the Illuminati, to the occult wing of the Nazi Party to the revived Ismaili Assassins who are an ancient secret society which uses Islam as a cover to carry out it's dirty deeds. One of the most well-known and current members of the Assassins/Sons of Belial faction is Osama Bin Laden.

You can see examples of both positive and negative uses of these celestial alignments by the Law of One/Templars/Freemasons and the Sons of Belial/Nazi/Assassins factions on the following page;

Table Of Coincidence

The frequent recurrence of "19.5" and "33" degrees(and variations like 3.33 Degrees) in these alignments are symbolic of Hyperdimensional Physics where energy from higher dimensions is transferred into our universe to affect the state of 3-D reality itself. To see a full explanation of Hyperdimensional Physics, go here;

By using the celestial alignments that took place over Jackson, Michigan during my New York Dream and the deliberate crash of Flight 11 into the North Tower of the World Trade Center on September 11th as a model, I might be able to predict when this attack on the White House will occur. Here's the alignments that occurred on July 29th, 2001 and September 11th, 2001;

Event: Daniel Perez has dream about World Trade Center
Location: Jackson, Michigan
Date: 7/29/2001
Time: 2:33 AM EDT
Alignment: Comet Encke(Osiris) at 33 Degrees 33 Minutes above the
Southeast Horizon at an Azimuth of 160 Degrees.

Event: World Trade Center Attacked
Location: Jackson, Michigan
Date: 9/11/2001
Time: 8:45 AM EDT
Alignment: Regulus(Heart of Leo[Horus]) at 33 Degrees 33 Minutes above
the Eastern Horizon

When I had the New York Dream, Comet Encke was located at 33 Degrees and 33 Minutes above the Southeast Horizon at an Azimuth of 160 Degrees. When the World Trade Center attack occurred, Regulus, the main star in Constellation Leo was at 33 Degrees and 33 Minutes above the Eastern Horizon at an Azimuth of 106 Degrees. The first question we have to ask here is; what are symbolic connections between both of these alignments?

1. Both alignments take place at 33 Degrees and 33 Minutes above the Horizon. In Scottish Rite Masonry, 33 Degrees is the highest degree attainable. 33 Degrees and 33 Minutes is also symbolic of the number " .3333". The Inverse Sine of ".3333" in Trigonometry is 19.47 Degrees, the hyperdimensional latitude that's created when a spinning tetrahedron is placed inside of a sphere with one of the apexes at the North or South poles.

2. Comet Encke rhymes with "Enki", the name of the ancient Sumerian god responsible for the creation of the human race in Sumerian Mythology. According to the research of Zecharia Sitchin, Enki is the great-grandfather of Osiris. Therefore, Comet Encke symbolically correlates with Enki who symbolically correlates with Osiris. The son of Osiris is Horus. Horus is symbolized in Ancient Egypt by the Constellation Leo and the star Regulus. Therefore, Comet Encke symbolizes Osiris and Regulus(The Heart Of Leo) symbolizes Horus. Osiris/Horus = Encke/Regulus

3. The alignment on July 29th, 2001 occurred at an Azimuth of 160 Degrees from true North. The alignment on September 11th, 2001 occurred at an Azimuth of 106 Degrees from true North. If you notice, the "tens" and "ones" digits are transposed between each other in the Azimuths for July 29th and September 11th.

On the morning of November 13th, 2001, I awoke from my dream at 11:25 AM. Upon awakening, I immediately turned on my computer and started up the RedShift 3 astronomy program. I discovered that at 11:22 AM, Regulus(Heart of Leo[Horus]) at 28 Degrees and 28 Minutes above the Western Horizon at an Azimuth of 260 Degrees.

Event: Daniel Perez Dreams of Suitcase Nuke Attack On White House
Location: Jackson, Michigan
Date: 11/13/2001
Time: 11:22 AM EST
Alignment: Regulus(Heart of Leo[Horus]) at 28 Degrees and 28 Minutes at an Azimuth of 260 Degrees

The number 28 is an interesting number. In Scottish Rite Masonry, the 28th Degree is known as the "King of the Sun" Degree. During certain times in Ancient Egyptian Mythology, Horus(symbolized by Constellation Leo) has been associated with the Sun and became the King of Egypt after the death of his father Osiris. A suitcase nuke would briefly make a miniature "sun" and would negatively connect with this symbolism.

Speaking of negativity; at the time I had this dream there was a bad celestial alignment in Washington D.C. that doesn't bode well for the city.

Event: Daniel Perez Dreams of Suitcase Nuke Attack On White House
Location: Washington D.C.
Date: 11/13/2001
Time: 11:22 AM EST
Alignment: Sirius at 33 Degrees 33 Minutes below the Western Horizon.

In the Ancient Egyptian Cosmology, the star Sirius is the most important star because it's symbolic of Isis, the mother of Egypt's savior, Horus, and the wife of Osiris. The Western horizon represented "death" to the ancient Egyptians and when someone died, like Osiris for example, it was said that they "went West". The fact that the most important star, normally used for good by the Freemasons in celestial alignments, is 33 Degrees BELOW the Western(death) horizon during my "suitcase nuke attack" dream means that Washington D.C. will "go west" like Osiris.

Since Comet Encke(Osiris) was linked with the star Regulus(Horus) -- (Osiris/Horus = Encke/Regulus) -- with my World Trade Center dream and the actual event, then the same might be true here in reverse. Since the star Regulus was linked to my dream this time, it would mean that the position of Comet Encke over Jackson, Michigan would be linked to the timing of the suitcase nuke attack on the White House. This alignment would also have to be at an Azimuth of 206 Degrees from true North. As you saw before with transposed numbers;

July 29th --> September 11th
The Azimuth of 160 Degrees with the ones and tens digits transposed yields an Azimuth of 106 Degrees.

November 13th --> ?
The Azimuth of 260 Degrees with the ones and tens digits transposed yields an Azimuth of 206 Degrees.

I did a lot of searching with RedShift for any alignment of Comet Encke at 28 Degrees 28 Minutes at an Azimuth of 206 Degrees over Jackson, Michigan and found only one alignment that would fit;

Event: Suitcase Nuke Attack On the White House
Location: Jackson, Michigan
Date: 12/07/2001
Time: 6:39 PM EST
Alignment: Comet Encke at 28 Degrees and 28 Minutes at an Azimuth of 206 Degrees.

The red flag date for this attack is;


the 60th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Since this is an anniversary date for Pearl Harbor, it would be a ideal time for Osama Bin Laden to hit America with a nuclear attack.

From a hyperdimensional point of view, the day and anniversary year are very interesting;

7 = number of symmetry spins on a tetrahedron.
60 = the angle within each of the corners of an equilateral triangle face on a tetrahedron

Of course when this attack occurs, there would have to be a celestial alignment in Washington D.C. related to the symbolism of "Encke/Enki/Osiris" at the time of the attack. Lo and behold, there is one;

Event: Suitcase Nuke Attack on the White House
Location: Washington, D.C.
Date: 12/07/2001
Time: 6:39 PM EST
Alignment: Alnilam(Second Belt Star of Orion/Osiris) dead on the Eastern Horizon.

First the time of the attack is very interesting;

6:39 can be broken up into two very symbolic parts;

The number "6" symbolizes the six points on a 2-dimensional version of a double-tetrahedron, the hexagram. The hexagram symbolically correlates with the ancient Egyptian fertility symbol that symbolized the "joining of Osiris and Isis to procreate Horus", the "Merkaba". The Ancient Egyptian "Merkaba" was the source for the symbol used by the Israeli descendants of the Hebrews who escaped Egypt, The Star of David. The Knights Templar, who guarded the Temple Mount in Jerusalem from the Assassins during the Crusades, who were driven out of Europe during the Middle Ages and who reemerged in Scotland as the Freemasons in the 1700's, used the Star of David as a model for the Square and Compass symbol of Freemasonry. The main headquarters of Freemasonry in the United States is in Washington D.C., a city engineered and founded by the Masons. Washington D.C. has Masonic symbolism embedded into street patterns and Ancient Egyptian symbolism represented by a large obelisk shaped monument that's symbolic of Osiris; the Washington Monument. In shorthand, you have the following;

6 = hexagram = Merkaba = Star of David = Square & Compass = Freemasonry = Washington D.C.

The number "39" symbolizes the latitude where the Northern point of the District of Columbia touches on a map; 39 Degrees North. In shorthand;

39 = 39 Degrees North Latitude = Washington D.C.

39 also symbolizes the total distance between the Hyperdimensional latitudes of 19.5 Degrees North and 19.5 Degrees South when a double tetrahedron is placed inside of a sphere.

39 = 19.5 * 2 = 19.5° North + 19.5° South = double-tetrahedron

A double tetrahedron consists of 14 Symmetry spins with 7 symmetry spins for each tetrahedron. Therefore in shorthand;

Double-tetrahedron = 14 Symmetry spins = 7&7 = Two 7's = 77

77 is symbolic of 77 Degrees West, the Longitude on which Washington D.C. is located.

The 14 symmetry spins of a double-tetrahedron are also symbolic of the 14 recoverable pieces of Osiris gathered together by Isis after he was murdered and dismembered by Seth. In shorthand;

77 = Two 7's = 7&7 = 14 Symmetry spins of a double-tetrahedron = 14 Found Pieces Of Osiris

This means that the latitude and longitude of Washington D.C. is symbolic of Isis, Osiris and their son Horus.

The fact that Orion(Osiris) is centered on the Eastern Horizon at the time of the attack correlates with the geographic location of Washington D.C. but we have to look once again at Ancient Egyptian mythology and it's usage by Osama Bin Laden to comprehend what this celestial alignment means.

In Ancient Egypt, any Pharaoh who dies symbolically becomes an Osiris while a new Pharaoh symbolically becomes a Horus. This ancient symbolic tradition was preserved throughout history by the Knights Templars/Freemasons who founded the United States in 1776 as a "new Atlantis". When a President of the United States leaves office either by loss of election, term limit, sickness, resignation or death, he symbolically becomes an Osiris. Any new incoming President symbolically becomes a Horus.

When these celestial alignments are positively used by the Law of One/Knights Templar/Freemason faction, Orion rising through the Eastern Horizon means the resurrection of Osiris from death to life and is a very good sign. When these alignments are negatively used by the Sons of Belial/Nazi/Assassins faction, Orion rising through the Eastern Horizon means the transcendence of Osiris from life to death and can be turned into a very bad sign.

Assuming that the "suitcase nuke attack on the White House" does take place, George W. Bush would physically and symbolically become an "Osiris" because of Assassin member Osama Bin Laden's negative usage of these celestial alignments. Dick Cheney would symbolically become a "Horus" to carry on the work of "Osiris" by becoming the 44th President of the United States to avenge the death of "Osiris".

If you need further proof, then look at the number "44". "44" is symbolic of two tetrahedrons that make up a double-tetrahedron. Each tetrahedron has 4 apexes(points) and the two of them add up to a total of 8 apexes on a double-tetrahedron. As seen earlier in this writing the 3-dimensional double-tetrahedron is symbolically linked to the 2-dimensional ancient Egyptian "Merkaba" which symbolizes the" joining of Osiris and Isis to procreate Horus". In shorthand;

44 = 4+4 = 8 apexes on a double-tetrahedron = double-tetrahedron = Merkaba = Osiris + Isis = Horus

In conclusion;

If this premonition comes true, George W. Bush will become an "Osiris" while Dick Cheney becomes a "Horus" on DECEMBER 7TH, 2001 and it's very likely martial law would be declared in the United States in an overreaction to this attack and all of our Constitutional freedoms would disappear in a mushroom cloud. My premonition dream and symbolic analysis is being posted in hopes of preventing this catastrophe from happening and change the course of history.

To make sure this posting has a chance of preventing the "suitcase nuke attack", it is being posted at the following time with celestial alignments both in Jackson, Michigan and Washington D.C.;

Event: Daniel Perez posts his premonition dream on's Dream Board
Location: Jackson, Michigan
Date: 11/14/2001
Time: 10:30 PM EST
Alignment: Alnilam(middle belt star of Orion) at 19 Degrees 28 Minutes(19.47 Degrees) above the Eastern Horizon, Sirius at 3.333 Degrees below the Eastern Horizon and Rising.

Event: Daniel Perez posts his premonition dream on's Dream Board
Location: Washington, D.C.
Date: 11/14/2001
Time: 10:30 PM EST
Alignment: Sirius at 3.333 Degrees above the Eastern Horizon and Rising, Mintaka(third belt star of Orion) begins passing through 28 Degrees(King of The Sun) above the Eastern Horizon.

Hopefully the timing of this post will prevent this catastrope, especially in light of this recent news article;

Bin Laden's Nuclear Secrets Found,,2001390014-2001395995,00.html