Subject: Pyramids and other stuff in Sudan

Date: 7/3/2006 6:42:17 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Kent,

The first point is that there is an archaeological site in Sudan which has
a henge right next to a pyramid.  This fits in very well with the argument
put forward in Uriel's Machine, by Robert Lomas and Christopher Knight,
concerning henges in the middle east and the links between the British
Isles and the civilisation in Egypt.  However, there is a view in certain
quarters in Sudan that there was an older civilisation in Sudan which then
moved north into Egypt.  If true, then the pyramids in Sudan, unlike those
in Ethiopia, would or could be older than those in Egypt.

The second point concerns the debate about Moses and Akhenaton.  You can
find this on the web, but I can email you the URLs if you don't have time
to look.  Basically some scholars are arguing that Moses was Akenaton.

An apocryphal text states that Moses' wife was a Cushite, not a Midionite,
as the Old Testament states. The Cushites are often identified with the
Ethiopians, but in reality the Cushite empire had its headquarters in
Meroe, on the Nile, in modern Sudan.  A fairly recent BBC TV programme on
the Cushites identifies them as the 'Lords of the Desert', the Hyksos
mentioned in the Old Testament.  Their rule is discussed in an earlier
book by Knight and Lomas, The Hiram Key, in which they argue that the
Pharaoh Seqenenre Tao II is the historical figure on whom the allegorical
Masonic figure of Hiram Abif is based.

Whether or not Moses had a Cushite wife, the argument that he was in
reality the expelled Pharaoh Akhenaton takes on a further significance
with the find of an ancient city in Sudan that seems to have been run by
Akhenaton and dedicated to the one true God.  Since one can still detect
the remains of a single night's campfire that is 6,000 years old in the
Sinai desert, the Biblical claim that the Hebrews stayed in Sinai for 40
years was always hard to sustain, because there was no evidence of this in
Sinai.  It would require more expertise than I possess to comment further,
but it is at least conceivable that there was a sojourn in the Cushite
empire before moving on the Israel.

To sum up, the two discoveries in Sudan are:
1.  A pyramid on the same site as a henge, strongly suggesting a cultural
2 A city apparently founded by Akhenaton, judging by an inscription
dedicating it to the one true God.

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