4/30/02 3:28:54 PM Pacific Daylight Time

The following has been brought to my attention:

Weapons, for which our biological make-up has as yet developed no
"alarm-system", since ist signature is missing from our repertoire, are in use.

These weapons / technologies are of a subsonic nature and are based on
technologies developed by Tesla, technologies which have been immensely refined
since then.

These are their properties:
They are subsonic in nature, neither electro-magnetic nor sound, as we know it
and also not covered by the term scalar.
There are no known boundaries or obstacles to their propagation. They will pass
through any substance or energetic fence.
They have a make-up that unknown to our biologics. Thus our bodies and minds
have no recognition or defense mechanism against this kind of intrusion /
attack. We have no "alarm system" that would permit recognition of and escaping
this menace.

One possible indicator of deployment of this technology is an "out-of-sync"

Currently, awareness of the existence of this technology is our only defense and
protection. We are called upon to develop an "alarm-system", we need to learn to
recognize this stuff. Discernment of the heart is what is called for here. We
are being aided in the development of this alarm system by remembrances which
will reconnect us to the true feelings that will recognize these deceptions.

And this feeling of remembrance of earlier lives, through dreams during the day
or the night, this feeling of wholeness, happiness, clarity, even some Trauer
and immense power out of our heart center, incredible, unquestionable, forward
flowing power out of our heart center. This feeling in combination with our
higher selves through our seventh chakra is the "alarm system" we need to
develop, and the only possible defense.