SLEUTHS: Feedback urgently needed.  For several years now I've been stumbling rather awkwardly through politics.  As a result I now have a troubling question.  Do you think that the United States as a whole entity is becoming an employee nation in subject to Houses and global Agencies beyond our philosophical and physical borders? Do you think our Constitution and Bill of Rights still hold? Honestly, at this point I feel mired in the mud and am therefore tossing a rope to you.  I'm stuck!  I'll post your email comments anonymously here.  I'd prefer email, seems more real, but if you rather use the forums I've posted my tortured question here and here and here.

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8/29/2005 6:22:10 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent,

I posted this link last night. I'm thinking a lot of your questions can be answered here.

Hope this helps,


The communitarian plan for reinventing a global government was adopted by the UN in 1992 at the Earth Summit. There were no public votes cast for or against it in any of the affected "free" nations. Average citizens were not consulted. In most free and democratic countries, the nation's taxpayers (who pay for it) were never even told about it. The major media outlets were mostly silent while for thirteen years, the UN's LA-21 laws have been imposed on all 166 member nations.

There were no big discussions of its purpose or ultimate consequences. It just slid into law. It's really pretty amazing. No major editorials, no explanation of how it would be imposed, it was barely announced by the national governments who endorsed it. Only a few enlightened locals understand LA-21 requires a total reorganization of government systems. It eliminates individual rights in the free countries. National systems of political economy are subserviant to LA-21 laws. It was generally thought to be a "good thing." So few people bother to read their new local vision for community, even if they know there's a plan. It's presented by experts. Really nice people promote it as a just, scientific, non-threatening way of cleaning up the world. It's a grassroots, holistic, sustainable development movement. Who's going to argue with that if they don't even know what it means?

Table of Contents

For visitors coming from outside the U.S.

1. How U.N. Agenda 21 is directly tied to the U.S.

2. How non-U.N. afilliated American researchers see Local Agenda 21

3. How the U.N. Agenda 21 ties to the War on Terror

4. How U.N. Agenda 21 blends communism

5. Imperial Great Britains' influence on Agenda 21

6. How Agenda 21 incorporates global Community Policing

7. How Agenda 21 ties to data gathering

8. Here's a sampling of "spontaneous" local sustainable development movements around the world

9. Here's how U.N. Agenda 21 promotes elitist eco-tourism

10. Here's how Agenda 21 ties to the Peace Movement

11. Here's how Local Agenda 21 ties to our health

12. Here's some holistic organizations that work for U.N. Local Agenda 21 objectives, but pretend they work for the "planet"

13. Here's how Agenda 21 ties to feminism

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8/29/2005 7:52:58 AM Pacific Standard Time

The "Shadow Government" I am becoming more and more convinced - is within the CEO levels of CORPORATE AMERICA. The Enrons and other immunes. IT'S THE MONEY that calls the shots, Kent. Worldwide. We are degenerating once again, into a Feudal system. Almost any low-life bureaucrat with delusions of grandeur, existed in the Feudal system under another name. Barons, Dukes, Earls = Assesors, Representatives, Mayors.

The Monopoly Game that began in the 1800's had millions of players. It's winding down now, to just hundreds of players. Soon - within years - Total Financial Meltdown as the players become fewer and fewer and the fortunes become more dense and unwieldy. Finally, money will fail in meaning, to inflation. Game over, winners unaware. Predators become prey. Revolution. Just like before - and the time before that - and the time before that.

Aristocracy requires unbelievable wealth and an aloofness bordering on idiocy. A Benevolent Dictatorship would require GREAT wisdom and most importantly a SUPERB sense of timing. But by the time it is attempted, it's too late.

The NATURAL political structure of mankind is ANARCHY and it CAN be civilized after several generations of evolution but that too, must evenrually degenerate into a feudal system.

Walk softly therefore and be percieved as being in posession of a big stick.


The genius of our ruling class is that it has kept a majority of the people from ever questioning the inequity of a system where most people drudge along, paying heavy taxes for which they get nothing in return: --Gore Vidal


8/29/2005 8:10:14 AM Pacific Standard Time


(Kent, this is a Canadian Version of an answer to your question. However, in the long-run, some of us could wind up in the same NWO detention camp.)


8/29/2005 10:35:26 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hello Kent,

For so many years, even before you had Orbit, I have read your
writing, and found some small solace in your shared wisdom.

My education (college and beyond) is in politics, with a
specialization in counter-culture.  That only means that my head gets
cluttered in altogether different ways than many folks.

To respond to your question directly: yes I do.

Historically,  humankind has been driven by a small number of
over-riding values.  As the worldview expands, so does the need for
greater control.  Circles of influence grow as time passes, because
awareness becomes greater than it had been that there is more to
influence.  For example, a Tribal leader is concerned about the Tribe.
There isn't anything else to worry about, because the leader is the
head of the Tribe and there isn't anything else.  Then another Tribe
is uncovered, and policies start to change.  The Circle has to become
bigger, to now incorporate the second Tribe, because after all, who
wants to be in control one day and be subjugated the next?

The concept scales to greater populations.  Tribes become City-States.
City-States become Nations.  Nations become Empires.  And at this
time, the world-view is only of our single planet.  So it's almost an
expectation that the concept of "employee nation" would be integrated,
quietly and without fanfare.  The Circle can only become so big, after
all, and the {whatever label you wish to tag those who seek to control
us} know it.

Historically as well, every single Circle of influence has been
broken.  Every known Tribe, City-State, Nation, and Empire to ever
wield some sort of control over others has collapsed.  From the Aztecs
to Rome, from Napoleans' France to the Chinese Dynasties.  Eventually,
and inevitably, the Circle breaks.  It will happen here, just as it
has everywhere else.

For our "employee nation", I think about the advent of communication
that we have, that wasn't present historically.  The most ubiquitous
method for near-instant communication is a globe-spanning network of
electronic connections.  Literally, anyone can communicate with anyone
else (with a few concessions).  So this makes me wonder whether we
will have a step-up in monitoring changing conditions, and be able to
see them for what they are.

Frankly, with all I read, the tumult is oppressive.  There are too
many conditions changing daily, it would seem.  Which leads to almost
every major event that occurs to be followed by the statement: "go
back to work, continue your daily lives".  Almost as if to say,
"something happened but we don't want you looking too deeply, so keep
yourselves busy with mundane chores, while we, your elected officials,
do what's in your best interest.  Trust Us.".

I think about when we as citizens will find our boiling point and
break the Circle.  I think about the multitude of groups that exist,
so many of them heavily-armed and working under unique charters.  But
it is inevitable, just a matter of time.  The difficulty is having
patience, and the fear is that what emerges will be worse.  Whether we
will emerge in an equitable, peaceful community, or if we will be
bartering seashells for blankets.

When the time comes for us (U.S.), I can only make a prediction of how
I suspect it will unfold:  Violently, but mercifully short.

A friend,


8/29/2005 11:37:50 AM Pacific Standard Time


YOU and ME... are being devolved by YOUR/OUR government, military,
industrial, institutional, educational, religious, pharmaceutical,
banking, political, media complex. IT, is the problem, NOT the solution.
YOU, and ME, are continually being 'educated' to be an obedient idiot.

Does this statement come as a surprise? It shouldn’t as this little
ditty was spoken about by Eisenhower way back in 1961 and I quote - “ In

the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of
unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the
militaryindustrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of
misplaced power exists and will persist:

In simple terms what is happening today is that the health of the
"complex" has become more important than ... YOU and ME. The "complex"
is in essence a God-less machine intent on controlling YOU and ME, at
YOUR/OUR expense. The "complex", in short, is totally consumed with
economic issues that ensure the health, safety, and well being of the
collectively-machined "complex" only ... again, at OUR expense.

Argue against what is being asserted all you want. There is no
counter-argument that changes the simple fact that we, as a society,
allow ourselves to be controlled by the machinery of high finance
because we have been trained, indoctrinated, brainwashed, and educated
to defend the economic process that enslaves us all. We, in short, are
fodder for the machine. Don’t you think that it is high time that we
took back control of the monied-machine instead of continuing to allow
the monied-machine to control us?

The above referenced websites should be more than enough for the average
person to get an idea that all is not as it seems in our country.
Clearly, we have been deceived and continue to be deceived because we
have been trained to obey those who make a profit from deceiving others.

I understand that this document might offend some true-believers.
However again, this does not alter the facts of the matter. A person can
either resign themselves to remaining a slave or one can choose to make
a difference. How? By THINKING, and then TALKING about a better way of
doing business that is more fair, just and equitable for all for the
good of all, no matter the stated belief/ism.

This can be easily accomplished by abolishing usury/debt for all
in-common goods and services. Un-common goods and services are open to
terms set by the un-common goods and services market place. Think about
a better economic system for a moment. Do you want more stuff at lesser
cost with more cash in your pocket?  Do you want less poverty, less
crime, less war, less disease, less corruption? Or are you content with
remaining a slave to those that print money out of thin air in order to
control ... YOU and ME?

Cicero said that "whoever gives his labor for money sells himself and
puts himself in the rank of slaves."
The cost of limited freedom under the financially backed rule of law, is
eternal slavery to those who finance limited freedom through and by the
creation of money.
"Complacent ignorance is the most lethal sickness of the soul." -- Plato
The love of money[usury] is the mother-city of all evils. — Diogenes,
Apothegm, c.350 BC

Hope this helps.
Pass it on.


8/29/2005 11:50:53 AM Pacific Standard Time

I've got something for you to consider. A solution. In a phrase, less
problems = more solutions. Identify the root cause and get over it in
order to move onto a solution. Usury. The problem is the love of
money[usury]. Usury is a 'thing' designed to create conflict/slavery for
profit in order to benefit the usurist at [y]our expense.

At the root of all problems are usurists. Banksters, practicing
darwinian greed religiously, engaged in the business buying and selling
souls. [Y]Our souls. Believe this or not. The important thing to
remember is that those that do own you, do believe...truly.

Capitalism is of course the manifestation of an ocCULTure built on greed
and instant-gratification at any cost. The love of money is a delusional
problematic 'ism' steeped in and created from denial and mass deception.

Fraternalists are in the business to profit from the love of money by
being purveyors/vendors/representatives for/of the chief lover of
money...lucifer. Believe this or not. Again, those that do, do. They
create money out of thin air, designed to capture your soul.

A good question to ask of ones self is...have I sold my soul to lovers
of money...minions of lucifer? Am I defending monied evil...if so, why?

But more to a solution. Abolish usury for all in-common goods and
services. Usury is ok for all un-common goods and services. Abolish
usury by talking/writing about the benefit to be derived from abolishing
usury. Usury limits growth, by design. So, as a way to a solution simply
stop paying the designers while formulating a global economy that will
create prosperity for all, without usury, benefitting everyone in the

Abolishing usury for all in-common goods and services will do this.
Movement of goods and services will exponentially increase worldwide,
all at lesser cost and more prosperity for all. Poverty, crime, war,
disease etc will all diminish. Does one need any better reasons to
abolish usury?

Join together and abolish usury. Its that simple.

Simple solutions ALWAYS solve complex problems.


Thats it. This is the economy. Everyone continues to do whatever they
choose to do...with more cash in their pockets. Everyone wins. Anybody
got a better plan?


8/29/2005 11:27:31 AM Pacific Standard Time


I've written to you in the past about the issues that you are now
looking for insight on. Put simply, we have been generationally trained
to defend our collective addiction to monied evil as a 'to be' defended
patriotic way of life. Do you wonder who are those that create the
climate/CULTure that is designed to fulfill our training? Lovers of
money. Capitalists. JesuIT bankster fraternalist priests that create
lies for profit in a nutshell.

The love of money[capitalism/usury/greed] is the root for all evil.

Pelatiah Webster says of this paper and the continental currency: "We
have suffered more from this cause than from any other cause or
calamity. It has killed more men, pervaded and corrupted the choicest
interests of our country and done more injustice than even the arms and
artifices of our enemies." — John Knox, United States Notes, "Paper
Money A Cause of the Revolution," 1899

Revolted by the unscrupulous pursuit of wealth that marked the age, and
shocked by the splendor and luxury of some clergymen, Saint Francis of
Assisi, denounced money itself as a devil and a curse and bade his
followers despise it as dung. — Will Durant, The Age of Faith, 1950

Money is the sinews of war[disease/crime/poverty/etc]. -- Tacitus,
Cicero, Plato, Massinger, James Payn, Libanius, James VI of Scotland,
Arthur Murphy, Plutarch, John Lyly, George Peele, George Farquhar,
Carlyle, Thomas Fuller, John Fletcher, Rabelias, Arthur Hull, O. Henry,
Michael Scott, etc., etc.

Profit at the expense of others IS a four letter word. -- anon


Without doubt, the worldwide political climate is one of monied fascism
hiding in plain sight, corporate theft/slavery as materialistic freedom
to be an obedient corporate slave or die, licentious greed sold as an
engine of growth, disease for profit as evolution of the human species,
monied religious hypocrisy, and brainwashing/indoctrination/programming
as a patriotic'ly lived/educated and defended way-of-life-inc. Yet talk
to the average consumer and one will find that they are content in their
ignorance. Clearly, we are a culture filled with sickness in denial.

If you are not content being a slave, why not simply work to change the
economic system built around monied lies and slavery to monied lies? Why
not simply talk/think/write about solutions to monied problems instead
of rolling over to those that keep us as slaves to monied lies? Why
continue to discuss the problems created by monied lies when a far
better solution would be to discuss a better economic system?  Don't you
want to be free with more opportunity to grow outside the limitations of
monied totalitarianism/fascism and ITs monied lies? Don't you want more
spending cash in your pocket? If so, then talk about ways to put more
spending cash in your pockets. Don't you want more access to cheaper and
better goods and services? If so, then talk about ways to lower costs
through economic reform so that the extra spending cash will go further
in your pursuit of a better standard of living. Research in order to
identify what limits growth and you will find that usury debt is a major
problem that limits growth in order to benefit usurists at our expense.

In short, money is a creation that is designed to create problems in
order to benefit those that control and print money that is then used to
manipulate us at our expense. Yet still, many defend this insanity. Why,
if not generationally brainwashed to defend their slavery being
implemented at their expense?

Why not instead simply choose to rid ourselves of the parasite of usury
debt that is devolving each of us along with our collective[of
individuals] way-of-life, hopes and dreams? Why not insist that our
leaders create laws that enable more freedom instead of creating laws
that only create more slavery? Clearly, the monied rule of monied law is
designed to enslave each of us to power of monied lies. Why not choose
to break out instead and discuss the benefits to be derived from freedom
from monied lies? Why not simply choose to put our heads together and
solve the problems that money creates while passing on our findings to
the world? Clearly, usury/debt based money does not serve the general
common good, so why not instead discuss ways to heal our collective
sickness in order to decrease the power of what is sickening us?

Get informed. Take off your blinders. Throw off the chains of your
hypnosis and strive for freedom FROM monied evil. I believe that our
children and their children, and their childrens children will look
favorably on us someday and thank us for ensuring their survival, well
being, growth and freedom. Why not join together in a call to abolish
usury debt for the good of all our relations? Why not?

Money is our madness, our vast collective madness.
And of course, if the multitude is mad
the individual carries his own grain of insanity around with him.
I doubt if any man living hands out a pound note without a pang;
and a real tremor, if he hands out a ten-pound note.
We quail, money makes us quail.
It has got us down, we grovel before it in strange terror.
And no wonder, for money has a fearful cruel power among men.
But it is not money we are so terrified of,
it is the collective money-madness of mankind.
For mankind says with one voice: How much is he worth?
Has he no money? Then let him eat dirt, and go cold. --
And if I have no money, they will give me a little bread so I do not die,
but they will make me eat dirt with it.
I shall have to eat dirt, I shall have to eat dirt
if I have no money. It is that that I am frightened of.
And that fear can become a delirium.
It is fear of my money-mad fellow-men.
We must have some money
to save us from eating dirt.
And this is all wrong.
Bread should be free,
shelter should be free,
fire should be free
to all and anybody, all and anybody, all over the world.
We must regain our sanity about money
before we start killing one another about it.
It's one thing or the other.
--D. H. Lawrence, Pansies, 1929


8/29/2005 1:31:08 PM Pacific Standard Time

"Do you think that the United States as a whole entity is becoming an
employee nation in subject to Houses and global Agencies beyond our
philosophical and physical borders? Do you think our Constitution and Bill
of Rights still hold?"

Those who would control have been operating outside 'national' borders for
some many centuries now. The 'great work of ages', dividing and conquering,
goes on apace, always consolidating more money, power and influence in the
hands of fewer and fewer at the top of the pyramid of control.

The United States was founded by a whole, whole bunch of independent
farming, arm-bearing citizens. The sham Revolutionary war (killing real
innocent dupes on both sides) was fought, the United States allowed to
"win"¦and the Judeo-British power players kept owning everything behind the

Took 'em another 200 years to get the water back up near to boiling in the
pot containing the frog that is us here in the United States. Which is, of
course, always referred to as ‘America’ in the (Zionist-controlled)
mainstream media. Wouldn't want people using that pesky term "United
States", relfecting back on what that meant, how it came to be.

For over two hundred years, slowly stripping away the rights we won at that
time of the American revolution. The only reason we are still "free" is the
right to bear arms, or the fact that we actually DO bear arms...and that
will be gone, soon, if the German 1930's timetable is any indication.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are, sadly, very real. Half my family is
Jewish, so spare me the "anti-semite!" shrilling. I'm thinking of editing a
book written completely by 'self-hating Jew' authors expounding upon this
very thesis. p.s. a vast majority of the turko-finns who call themselves
"Jews" have no idea of the vile machinations of their left-hand-path
following Zionist 'brothers'.

But it's not just "the Jews". The left-hand path-following Masons are right
there with them. See the pyramid with the all-seeing eye on the back of the
dollar bill, cross-reference against the pyrmaid with the all-seeing eye on
the top of the new Isreali Supreme Court building. It's the left-hand path
that's the driver, not Jewish racialness, not suburban white Masonicness,
not Tuetonic Naziness.

Followers of the left-hand path dominate the top of virtually every
government, every religion, manipulating and deceiving those below. See well
meaning public park-cleaning "service organization" Masons. Catholicism,
Islam...left-path at the top, fleeced dupes down below. It just appears that
the Turko-Finn Kabbalist Zionists may be the best, the brightest ,the most
aggressive, the most ruthless of the aforementioned service-to-self

Maybe when things get REALLY bad people will wake up, rise up. I personally
thing that Mother Earth is going to shake herself like a dog shaking off
fleas-- as the Hopi say because the neurolinguistic programming
psychic-driving left-hand-path spell spinners are so good that it's going to
take such a catyclysm to wipe the slate. As an aside, King Sol may
vibrationally lift those who are liftable and fry/squash those who can't
lift (a la Dan Winter).

The Powers-that-Be will behave badly during the above transition. So raising
your hand and saying you were one of those Bad people will not be a good
thing to do once we're through the rinse cycle. Because all politics will be
local again, then, and people who are known to be Bad will be tarred,
feathered, run out of town on rails, and in extremis, hung from lamposts,
like in the old days.


8/29/2005 1:31:23 PM Pacific Standard Time


In answer to your question; I believe that if tested, the Constitution and Bill of Rights will NOT hold. They have been chipped away at for years by our judicial system, and I do not believe that their ‘infrastructure’ can survive a severe test of some sort.

I believe that our nation is no longer under our (citizens) control. I believe that it is under the control of global criminal cabals that want to increasingly control us in order to further line their pockets while we sit back and say ‘thank you, sir, some more please’. How can we control our government when very few citizens research and explore issues, and damn fewer even vote? Although voting doesn’t really matter anymore, as the left/right paradigm is just a nice bit of drama put on for persons who watch Fox (faux) news for five minutes and American Idol for hours on end.

No, I’m not cynical. ;-)


8/29/2005 2:50:23 PM Pacific Standard Time


I have friends who teach in the South San Antonio district in Texas,full of rural,poor Mexican-heritage folks and old farmers/ranchers. Their major speaker at first day in-service to start the new year was a lieutenant of Bill Gates and Microsoft. He told them point blank we are exporting 70 some percent of the graduate level degrees the universities here produce.They go back to China or Pakistan or India and make things work there ,not here.

He said "China fears India,India fears Germany,Japan fears China and Korea fears Japan"......we,apparently are too obsessed with "things" and comfort,or just too dumb to fear anything or see that ALL our money goes overseas. "We are on the way out as a world power" was the theme of his speech. I wonder was it prophesy ,or politicking for the globalistas....teachers by and large are not real aware of the world and are easily influenced on that first day back....I know,as I could find few to hold intelligent converse with in all my years of teaching.Good folks but not real big on truths. Recipes ,now they would exchange freely.


8/29/2005 3:00:45 PM Pacific Standard Time

Kent, Kent, Kent (from one ol' fart to another)... with all of your varied and colorful life experience, how can you not recognize that politics is, in fact, just another word for quicksand (although, you did allude to its muddy quality). You step in it - you get stuck. It's a no-brainer. Best to just put up a warning sign, go around it, and then continue going about the business of living KENT'S life to the fullest, eh?

I spend a lot of time contemplating the barely imaginable wonder and awesome totality of beingness, and I know you do too. So, how can something as silly as earthly politics get you so sidetracked and riled up? How can such a predictably mundane human construct possibly usurp all of that wondrous

majesty and mystery?!

It's been my experience that the universe, including our teensy little part of it, is self-correcting (and I'm not necessarily talking about a big rock sent special delivery from Mr. Odin!). The trick is to get the hell out of the way and allow it to do so. Therefore, I say, don't take the world upon your shoulders, and aside from meaningful one-on-one interactions, FUCK POLITICS! There's too much REAL life to be lived (that's why dobros 'n stuff were invented)!!


8/30/2005 2:09:07 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent!

Thought I'd sent you these links before (maybe 5 or 6 years ago?) but
perhaps the memories are too dim for me to remember correctly. These were
written by none other than the Informer (I know him personally, but he
prefers to be known by this) and his research associate James Montgomery.
Most of their references are to original documents in old state archives -
found often only by chance or through the diligent efforts of honest state
archivists (who apparently know better than to listen to suggestions that
these papers be made to "disappear"). I'll say something here that you may
find difficult to believe now, but after reading these sites you may
understand. One of the standard law encyclopedias used by attorneys is
American Jurisprudence, 2nd ed. (AmJur 2nd). If you look in the article
titled (I think) "Foreign Corporations", you will find a revealing statement
something like this: " . . . with respect to the States, the United States
is a foreign corporation."

Much is implied by that one little statement.

Here are the links: - the title says it all. A long read
but well worth the time. Mostly written by Montgomery. several writings by the
Informer. Perusing these will further explain our situation. Sadly, it's not
at all what we have been taught in our high school "government" classes. - make sure to backtrack to the home page for
essays by others, especially "Boilin' Ed". British Colony is reproduced here
as well, but with other essays not on the other site. - George Mercier's book
Invisible Contracts. Good basic info on how we blithely sign away our rights
by entering into all these contracts, unknown to us at the time, simply by
doing things like paying for food with a Federal Reserve Note. The last two
sections are not on this site, but try looking around - gotta be here
somewhere . . .

The Informer was the first person to wake me up to the fact that a word,
used in a LEGAL context, does not necessarily mean the same thing as when we
use it in the every day colloquial sense. For example, the word "include".
It comes from the Latin in claudere, which means "to enclose", literally -
"only this". So when you and I say the contents of my pocket includes a key,
we understand that there may also be something else, like loose change, a
pocket knife, whatever. To a lawyer, though, that statement, taken legally,
would mean there is ONLY a key in my pocket and nothing else. Any good law
dictionary will show this. It CAN be used as a word of expansion, to add
other items in a list, but unless otherwise noted, it is taken, legally, to
be the meaning which excludes other things. Much recent legislation reflects
the fact that folks are becoming aware of this, by using the alternative
(expansive) form of the word and specifically stating ". . . includes, but
is not limited to . . .".

So, when you look in the Internal Revenue Code (Title 26), under definitions
(used to be sec. 7701 - I haven't looked at one in a long time) where it
defines the United States, it says "The United States includes the District
of Columbia". That's it. That means - LITERALLY - that the United States is
ONLY the District of Columbia . . . not the D.C. and the fifty states of the
union . . . not D.C. and Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands and Marianas
Trust and . . . it means exactly what it says - that the U.S. is ONLY the
D.C. That's the "headquarters" of the corporation we call the United States.
Which is not the same as the united States of America - but that's another

Therefore, I can ask you if you live in the United States and now you might
think something differently than you did when you started reading this
message. And after you read the info in the first link, you may understand
why the Queen has so much influence over what goes on here (especially when
it comes to her dumb cousin in D.C.).

-Dirk (yup, still in Strawberry)

P.S. No need for "secrecy" - this stuff is out in the open and I welcome
people to ask questions.


8/30/2005 2:25:16 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hey Kent,

I've been reading your words for a few years on GLP & on your webpage .. and, anyhoo.. I came across this article - and it sorta seized me up & made me feel very alert and awake. Then for some reason I thought of you.. and how you'd requested input & opinions suggesting that the US has 'sold out' and whatnot.

Sure sounds like it.. after reading this article.

You've probably seen it - but its worth reading again so that you can be reassured that you are in good company..mired in the mud and stuck with everybody else who is "awake". The thing is, most of the people that I know would discount or dismiss the truth and cannot fathom the enormity of the subversion. They don't research or read and get their news from the tv. And I'm sure you'd agree that most people would think that this article is hooey or baloney or Bible crazies or whatever. They don't want to hear it.

If you want my opinion, for what its worth.. I think that the USA is goin' to hell in a handbasket - quick as a bunny.

Here's the article:

As a geezerette from your era, I am sending you this so that you know that you ain't alone in thinking that the US is being shafted.


8/30/2005 5:50:05 AM Pacific Standard Time


The artificially high oil prices have been ordered by the mother of all corporations, the Federal Reserve Corp. in order to float their fractional reserve “funny money” system. The vast amounts of zeros and ones being created in the fractional reserve legalized counterfeiting system to support KBR and Halliburton, etc. in the prosecution of the Iraq War must be filtered back out of the system or it will collapse of its own illegitimacy. The Federal Reserve ordered its subsidiary oil companies to jack up the oil prices as a means of accomplishing the goal of keeping their corrupt monetary system afloat even if only for a little while longer before the planned collapse of our entire financial system. You might even look at it as a payroll withholding tax imposed at the pump.

The third American revolution is about to begin if it hasn’t already begun!