Subj: Painful, but found strip mine for Flight-93 crash
Date: 11/21/01 9:41:59 PM Pacific Standard Time

Here's an aerial view of the whole strip mine where Flight 93 crashed.

Here's the deal: after following the links below, the real crash
location of Flight 93 is a couple hundred yards away from Skyline Road
near Lambertsville and Shanksville.  I had to find it by finding
Lambertsville, PA on the map, then go south.  Lambertsville Road in the
photo is on the far left.  Then Skyline Road forks down in a southeast
direction in the mine area.  Now somewhere in that area, you'd mark an X
to mark the crash site.  Keep in mind this photo is 2 levels out: more
detail could be retrieved, BUT bear in mind this photo has to be OLD
because it's in black and white.  So it's before the crash happened,

The deal with the mine itself is: a company called Svonavec owns the
area where the mine is, and they LEASE it to both Rollock Inc. and PBS
Coals Inc.

Religious folks are heavily leaning on that LAMBertsville name, meaning
the Lord did it to prove this and that, something or other...

Does that help?  Sheesh!  Just try to find an overhead satellite photo
of the Flight 93 crash, and it's like pulling TEETH!  But now you got
the photo, Kent.  I'm done for tonight... Happy Thanksgiving!

Flight 93 crash: Skyline Road near Shanksville:

Large story archive of Flight-93 crash:

Maps of Stoney Creek and other areas (strip mine is on the map):

====== BONUS!  Read how the US never gets punished for anything!
The United States gets spanked over and over again, but Bush could care

Cornell has a copy of ICJ cases by country:

The US never gets punished, as in: no matter what the International
Court decides against the United States, they can't do anything about
it.  It's like the President being a bully and saying: MAKE ME!  Well,
here we are with a super-duper corrupt president Bush, and the US
government should've gotten some punishment by now.  Maybe they should
let the president get CANED like that kid in Singapore, when the US is
at fault for some international wrongdoing.  At least then the public
would remember that the government screwed up.  It'd certainly humble
the president.

===== Today's word is: THERMOACOUSTIC

Check out that DARPA link: Chip Level Thermal Management Using MEM
Thermoacoustic Refrigerators?  The other links on this page show cooling
Chips (i.e. CPUs) using Thermoacoustics.  Kent, we should all keep this
technology in mind, because this whole page doesn't have the word
Pelletier on it, so this Chip-cooling technology will be in our future
super-duper fast PCs that go beyond 2GHz.  Eventually, that is... That's
my prediction.  I'm keeping a watch for this to come true.