Subj: Breaking News - Nearly 200 Earthquakes Hit Mount St. Helens
Date: 11/4/01 3:03:11 AM Pacific Standard Time

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Subject: Earth Changes TV/Breaking News - Nearly 200 Earthquakes Hit Mount St.

Nearly 200 Earthquakes Hit Mount St. Helens...11/04/01
by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

Just released moments ago, geologist concerned over heightened earthquake activity on top of Mount St. Helens in Washington State. This is an ongoing breaking story. Information is coming in at this very time. Local KING 5 News is running the story.

The U.S. Geological Survey reports more than 200 small earthquakes have been recorded at Mount St. Helen's within the past 24 hours. Geologists  said quakes are common at Mount St. Helen's, but such a swarm has not been recorded since 1998.

The earthquakes are occurring at shallow depths - less than 1.5 mile - mostly in or under the north flank of the lava dome. The cause of the earthquakes is uncertain, but geologists speculate ground-water levels with the recent autumn rainfall may have caused slippage or fractures in or below the lava dome and crater floor.

Geologists say the earthquakes increases the chance of small landslides and debris flows in the crater, which could affect areas several miles north of the crater ecologists say there is also an increased chance of small steam explosions which could hurl rocks a few hundred meters.

Officials at the Gifford Pinchot National Forest are asking hikers and campers in the area to remain on alert for possible debris flows. Loud rumbling noises may indicate that a debris flow is approaching, at which point people are advised to get away from streams and on to higher ground.

Geologists are continuing to monitor the situation closely and will issue additional information if conditions change.

Three Sisters Volcano in Cascades Bulge Getting Bigger...10/26/01
By Michael Milstein and Richard L. Hill - Oregonian News
Volcanic terrain in the central Oregon Cascades has quietly continued to swell over the past year, scientists say, and all signs point to an underground influx of molten rock just west of South Sister volcano near Bend.

There are no hints of an impending eruption of South Sister or of nearby vents that last spilled magma more than 1,200 years ago and lie in a region that has spewed more volcanic debris than any other in the Pacific Rim.
Full Story:

New Equation Needed To Explain Current Solar Cycle...11/04/01
by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

I would like to suggest the current solar activity could in fact be directly connected to this latest surge in volcanism all along the west coast. A sharp increase in Earthquake activity is also being recorded during this period. In addition to the most know factors which contribute to the increase of volcanic and earthquake movement is the two full moons in the month of  October. The second of which is known as "A Blue Moon". Indicating a rare second full moon in the same month.

There has also been an unusual escalation with solar activity. Now, ten months beyond NASA's own prediction of what they claimed as a typical 11 year cycle known as "Cycle 23", we have seen sunspot counts that reach at least 100 in count greater than the 150 sunspot predicted as the "apex" (or highest mark). Last weeks alone was a sunspot count of 254. As a result with such high sunspot counts, we have been experiencing X-Class, M-Class flares, along with several CME's (corona mass ejection's).

Simple equation of chain of events. The larger the sunspot count -> the larger the solar flare -> the larger the solar flare -> the larger the geomagnetic storm. The larger the geo-storm -> the harder it hits or has an effect on our Magnetic Field -> The more the Magnetic field effects Ocean and Jet Stream currents -> The more we are likely to experience "extreme weather". This would include seismology and volcanism.

It is the Sun that drives this whole sequence of events. The first noticeable error was NASA calling the current "Cycle 23" a typical 11 year cycle. This has proven to be inaccurate and further use of NASA's formula appears to be way out of step with current unfolding events. I would suggest we are in a "Mega Cycle" which supersedes any known cycle of today. I would suggest the current cycle we are witness to today, will unfold over a much longer period of time. Perhaps this cycle occurs ever hundreds of thousands of years.

Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents => Extreme Weather
                                                                                                                                                          (mitch battros)

These "Mega Cycles" may very well have been laid out in the Mayan Calendar, Aztec Calendar, Hopi Prophecy, The Bible, Egyptian hieroglyphics, Tibetan Sanskrit and many others of what is generally known as "Ancient Text".

I believe we are witness to a phenomena we have not seen before, nor have are parents or grandparents. However, I believe our Earth has seen this "Mega Cycle" many times. Perhaps our ancestors have seen this as well and have made strides to pass this information on to us.           Time Will Tell!

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