8/10/2005 8:58:51 AM Pacific Standard Time

From Byrd,

   Spirit information on past life's experience.
The time has come for me to share with you a story of who I am.   It is one
written on a day that now feels lifetimes away, but was not.       I told
this story to one being for the first time who you know as Dr.Boylan.   It
is my private story and is not fiction.   Some of the aspects of my home
world are seen in many stories humans share about the Star Beings, but that
is because in fiction there are often hidden truths.   On the honor that is
mine alone and of my home planet and people, I share with you this story as

The reason I tell this to you at this point is because your own time of
transition is upon you.  Many have seen this and many walk with Star Nations
now on close basis.   One is no longer able to tell where a Star Kid / Star
Seed ends and a "normal"  ( said with a loving smile) human begins.   YOUR
time is NOW.

We who are of Star Nations are with you now in all four winds.   We are now
at the time to share our individual stories so that they might assist you if
they can.   You see, when Zeta allowed me to join them as a Watcher in
service, my energy pattern was "sealed" as it were.  I will always have the
energy pattern of my home planet.  Unlike some beings who are able to shift
energies and at times even become human energy to do what needs to be done,
I am still as I was on my home world.  Many ask me about my world and if it
looked like Earth.  I compare it in many ways because of the colors and
energy types... but it was not as humans understand this world to be.  
Things are just "different" is the best way to say this.
So, I, like my brothers and sisters and many of you, share my story in hope
that it will serve as both a warning and an inspiration.

(***)Byrd,  Watcher of the Star Nations in service to the honored Being Earth and
her seed.


I am a Soul Watcher now, but have not always been.  My home was a planet
much like your own.   Like your world, mine was full of color and brightness
that presides this dimension.  In many of the same ways, our species were
similar in both history and evolution.  The primary difference was in
location.  Our primary sun was old by the time our awareness was ready to
transform.  Like your planet and so many others, the species Zeta and others
in the Star Nations took our development as a part of their concern.  Later,
I would learn more of the reasons behind these things.  But that is their
story and honor.

Our own time of transition was coupled with the intensity of a dying sun. 
As a child in my last incarnation on my home planet, I grew up watching the
primary sun dim.  We had a primary sun and a minor sun at a greater
distance.  We had four moons with movements like a dance through the
seasons.  The four daughters they were called.  The eldest was closest to us
and roughly three times the size of your single moon.  It was close enough
to see the largest crater with a naked eye when the suns were in alignment
and one could watch the stars.  Another difference in our worlds were the
life-spans.  Our lives were long enough to not be counted by years as so,
rather, they were counted by the dimming of our sun.  I have no memory of
any time before that last incarnation, and as we were in transition to the
next plane - as yours is now, so I do not know of how time was counted
before the sun started to die and before the Star Nations made themselves
known to my kind, but we counted the dimming.  Not an exact science, but
when you are a part of a planet that knows it is going to dye, other things
take priority in a society.  So how many years my story tells, I do not
know.  It was too long and yet too short.

The Star Nations worked with our leaders in much the same way they work with
your kind and with others.  They worked to move us on and prepare us for THE
transition.  Even with our sun dying, there was hope.  If only we could move
through the transition, our species could unite and move into a promised
dimension where we would be safe from what was to follow.  But time was
running out.

As a child, I watched the stars when the time of night came to us.  Our
nights were longer and different from yours in the manner that the suns had
to be in alignment for our night to come as such.  And when they were, the
nights lasted for many days.    I would watch our stars with wonder.  Do you
know these things?  Yes.  The world, even with its sun dying, even with the
dimming of the coldest days that were followed by the searing heat that
would keep most of my kind in the lower cooled areas - we had two layers to
our world, the above and below.  The below was built to withstand the heated
days as well as the coldest days.  Our other sun helped to balance us out,
and although I do not know of the science behind what was, this is how I
remember it to be.  Even with all of these changes in our world, I held hope
for my kind, and I looked to the stars with wonder and excitement.  Surely
the scientist would find a way to take us to another home where the sun was
not dying.

It was at that time in my life when Star Nations made themselves known to
our species with a defined awareness.   They spoke with our leaders and they
spoke with our commons - normal folk like me.  They taught us how to move
into an awareness with each other and to unite.  They taught us the same way
they are teaching your kind even now, but in a quicker way out of necessity.
  I was one who talked with them.  Zeta talked with me and took me to see
their own observation craft.  It was there that I was frightened the
deepest.  Not from them, no.  It was from what I saw.  From their point, I
was able to see what my own scientist could not see.  I saw the stars in
motion.  Not just one, but the swirl had started.  I was in maturity as you
would call a young man at that time.  I did not know sciences, but I did
understand that the movement of the stars in the swirl that I was observing
was not a good thing at all for my home.  They advised me that our sun's
death was related to this and that all the stars as far as I could see would
be taken into this -   I did not understand what it was but in this world I
think of it as perhaps a black hole.   I was beyond terrified and still have
nightmares of that event (soul nightmares -- a re-living of the events)   
Even now, can you imagine the terror if you were to look up and see the
stars in the furthest distance start to move in a manner they are not
supposed to move?  To know at that point that even the best efforts of the
scientist of your kind will never be able to move you to a safe star?  Of
knowing in that single moment that your planet is already dead.  Unless
something could be done.  But what?

The Star Nations had moved our species into the transition phase, but the
rest was our decision as a whole.   Without this transition, our kind would
die along with the planet.  I was convinced of my need to assist my kind and
my soul's mother - my planet.    Who would not be after seeing the stars

At this point I will tell you that the darkness in ego that sometimes
plagues the heart and mind of humans is a universal plight.  So it was with
our own kind.  Our scientist held their own secrets and there was a group
who reminds me of those your kind face even now.  They spoke that the
"aliens" were there to take our planet away FROM us.  They spoke that
they wanted us to follow alien ideas and work in "unnatural" ways so
they could possess our souls.  They spoke of all these lies and so many
more.  But the Star Nations kept trying to assist.  They gave technology as
best they could.  But technology was not what could save us.

As our sun darkened even more, and the spin of the stars became within sight
of our own eyes, our governments failed and chaos ruled the society.  Our
species were set at odds against each other.  I was then a man and my
earnest desire was to work with those like myself who opposed the liars and
worked to bring us through the transition.  I took no love but the one for
saving my species and my mother planet.  I worked against those with ego and
in this I see many of you.

It was a long battle and full of wars I could not retell if there were years
to do so.  I had brothers who were in the same thought as I was.  All this
time, the Star Nations worked with us to assist.  Our battles took us into
the same state even now I find your species going... in the transition...
where the dream worlds merge with the waking world and where unity of
thought can be used as both a tool and a weapon.  You see, the ones who were
of ego, as Zeta calls them rightfully, had misguided not only my people, but
also had lied to the Star Nations.  Now it is not that the Star Nations is
without mercy or sense, just the opposite.  They understand how difficult it
can be for a species to know its death is so close.  So mercy is always
foremost.  But the goal of those were to take control of the species as a
whole at the moment transference was completed.  I did not know of this
until it was too late.

Now, understand that there were many others of my kind who were as I was. 
But there were not enough.  I will tell you of this though, I was given out
of necessity a role of protection by the Star Nations.  It was at that time
I accepted the role to help the Star Nations for my species.    I was more
of an advisor and intermediary.  It was my duty to not only continue the
fight for my species, but to advise the Star Nations of what I knew to be

In this, I failed.

It is not that the death of my world I carry inside my being, but it is in
that I was unable to see all I needed to see.  Even fighting against the
ones with Ego, I did not see that their plan was to take the whole after
transition was complete.  It was the one move I did not see.

Here is where I will say that my honor was lost, although the few others of
my kind who are as I am say it is not so.  Still, it is what I see and what
I have fought to redeem within myself for too long now.  It is a stain that
will not be removed.

When the Star Nations learned of the plan, it was at the moment before
transition was complete.  We who were councillors with them were called
together at one time.  We were advised of the facts and it was told that our
world was not allowed to move into transition with those of ego in charge of
the whole.  They had convinced the majority that they spoke of truth and
that it was THEIR guidance that would move the planet into the next plane.  
We were not told that our workers had failed.  In fact, it was told that our
kind had stood as boldly as any they had seen.

Still, our planet could not move on as it was (It would not be allowed as
there was more at stake than just our one species if we were allowed to move
on with those in charge), and there was not enough time to convince the
majority that they had been mislead.

We were given two choices at this time for those of us who had served to
work to what was true and right.  The first option was to return to our home
and die with our planet.  It would be with honor and we would be with those
other souls who were true in faith.  Not a faith of "god" or us.  But in
faith of doing what was right.  We were angered that they could not just
take those who were good and leave the ones that were mislead.  The
explanations were in love but still did not make us understand.  It was how
it had to be.  It was not about punishment, it was not about hell or
anything of such.  It was about the death of a planet and a species.  We had
collectively decided against the path of light in favor of ego - if you will

The second choice was then presented.  As we were of the Star Nations as
honored members in service, we would be allowed to stay with them and move
on to assist other worlds if we desired.  We would be Soul Watchers.  There
were others who had come from similar fates and others from very different
ones.  There were those we spoke with who were Soul Watchers and other forms
of ambassadorship or service who had left behind worlds so glorious and
peaceful that I knew they had to have been the insane of their kind!   At
last, it was left to each of us to decide which path was ours.  Some of my
kind returned home, knowing that the death of the soul is final.  When the
Planet dies and the species, if they are not in transition, the collective
awareness of itself (Planet Being and all beings energy born of it) is
ended.  The energy is taken into the place it would have went, but without
awareness of itself.  In a way as I understand it, it returns to the ONE or
the Source.  So it is death but not with such harshness that the word

My choice was as you already know.  So I watch, and I pray to the One who is
All.  My prayer is that in my simple story, if you can glean understanding
of any bit that will help your kind to move on, I will have made my own kind

With love to all,