MAGI: 7.9 earthquake China


MAGI: earthquake swarm, southern california:

MAGI: southern end of the San Andreas
BARDSQUILL: posting it, just woke up kinda slow
MAGI: Sorry.  My computer crashed.
BARDSQUILL: just saying I posted but a bit slow, just woke up
MAGI: ah.  Good morning :-)
BARDSQUILL: scalar war
MAGI: Back in the 40's nuclear weaponry was all the rage.....and it took us how long to realize just how much of a bad idea that was?  People aggravate the hell out of me.  What is with the inability of geopolitical 'leaders' to look ahead in time?
BARDSQUILL: long story to all that
MAGI: I'm just wondering if the lack of foresight is because:  They don't want to; They have and do not care; They are unable to.
BARDSQUILL: The Robber Barons commissioned the US engineers to build the A-Bomb, but later regretted it, and re-commissioned to find a way to sabotage.
BARDSQUILL: result was EMP weapons, scalar tech
MAGI: The problem with all of that is that unless you are able to accurately gauge the overall energy in the system (ie: earth) then the odds are that it is going to get screwed up.   
BARDSQUILL: A-bombs yes, EMP don't know
BARDSQUILL: A-bombs are pipsqueaks compared to new techs
BARDSQUILL: why do you think the Taliban is in retreat, fried their brains
BARDSQUILL: same as in Gulf
MAGI: The main worry with EMP etc is that the human body is highly responsive to energy.  My worry is the effect on the entire system.
BARDSQUILL: yea, but for military, that's the point
MAGI: It is a stupid way of conducting warfare.   
BARDSQUILL: sissy warfare
BARDSQUILL: now they have microwave for domestic crowd control, sigh.
BARDSQUILL: No more, "Hell no, we won't go!"
MAGI: Actually......
BARDSQUILL: we have to trump them all to resist
MAGI: Majik.
BARDSQUILL: and that requires pure metaphysics, spooky shit.
BARDSQUILL: might be five of us that can think about it, much less do it.
MAGI: It's actually quite easy.  What it requires is a pure heart.  I hope that is the right phrase.  I mean pure heart in the Egyptian sense.
BARDSQUILL: ideally yes
MAGI: I'm considering releasing information on how to do actual magick.  It's humanity's birthright.....maybe its time for them to get it.
BARDSQUILL:  to whup the sorcerers afraid we need to dip a bit into the gray-zone, they've become too powerful.
MAGI: The biggest problem is that many people have been so programmed that they wouldn't know spirit if it walked up and smacked them upside the head.   
BARDSQUILL: use some of their tools against them, most dangerous
MAGI: Most amusing.
MAGI: :-)
BARDSQUILL: I really believe we were sent help with this Milk Hill Spinner psychotronic device, seems to be related to mind and focus
MAGI: The 'sorcerers' who are currently doing their piddly bullshit have no idea as to what can actually be done.  They have no hope, no imagination, no knowledge of truth and falsehood.  Ergo they cannot reweave parts of reality, nor can they effectively alter it except in the most crude and nasty ways.
BARDSQUILL: need to figure out how to use it
MAGI: Humanity must awaken.  The coming times aren't going to be handled for them.  Earth is nicknamed in early magical traditions as being the source of the gods.  This is not to say that humanity are as gods, but that given time and work, they can evolve beyond what they know and are today.   If this place goes all of creation is screwed.
MAGI: I'm sorry if I'm ranting but magick and spirit are my main focuses.   Not the type of magick that you find in bookstores, but the type that requires no ritual and no tools save that which you already have within you.
BARDSQUILL: Xinjiang region in China's far
northwest, said the State Seismology Bureau in Beijing
BARDSQUILL: where all the Chinese spook tech is being made
BARDSQUILL: Milk Hill Spinner is like a mind focus device
MAGI: Humanity has been systematically screwed with since the dawn of their age.  Over the past couple thousand years there have been many 'visitors' 'entities' 'gods'....whatever you want to call them, that have come to this place to influence the events that are now set into motion.  Everything in creation has a vested interest in the next 13 years here.   Some have worked for the continuance of Everything, others have worked for the negation of Everything.    
BARDSQUILL: takes our normal rattlebrain state and brings it to focus
MAGI: It is a map that every human mind knows and needs.
MAGI: Magickal symbols, or sygils, or mandalas etc... are maps that are non-starting point specific.  They are a way of moving your energy about without having to consciously decide which way to go.   
MAGI: It cuts through the problem of infinite variables.
BARDSQUILL: Believe mental impulses, like focused arrows can be sent through it
MAGI: Yes.