Does the Chimp have the mystic spear of Longinus
Lance of Longinus Discovery Times is currently hosting a program about the spear: The presentation includes this info:

"The paranormalists, however, have an answer even for this. Austria has not recovered its power simply because it does not possess the spear. The object in the museum is a fake, substituted in 1945 by the Americans, who kept the original in order to forge their own almighty power. Others believe that the Americans themselves were duped. The true spear, they say, was spirited away by submarine long before Patton´s men reached Nuremberg and concealed somewhere in Antarctica or South America. When the time is right, as the SS colonel boasted to his fellow officers, it will be brought out again to launch the Fourth Reich."
Mystical power or not? The real occult force behind the spear is that a mob of dweebs thinks it has a force. Thus the twerps have secrety-secret chiporee-chipmunk boy´s club meetings, dress up in gestapo uniforms and prance around like Punch and Judy-- not that this isn´t dangerous, especially if the Brats have money. Forum

8/23/2005 4:27 am ED

In a word, yes.

The SD (Sicherheitsdienst) were like the SS only worse and more Oh So Social. their cousins and social set were the US and British elites most prominent of which was British Air Marshall ELMHIRST, head of air intelligence and brother of another ELMHIRST married to American heiress DOROTHY PAYNE WHITNEY, widow of Willard Straight.

Air Marshall Elmhirst arranged for some Canadian subordinates to go "missing", especially one "Karl Schmidt" aka George Morrell.

The spear returned to Vienna was a perfect replica.

The spear and other loot-along with the worst criminals of the SD were moved first to Toronto then Chicago and other cities. they formed the hard core activists for Reagan's right wing revolution.

They believed that the "Last Plantagenet" could wield the power of the spear without bringing ultimate failure and disaster. they found this person and offered to make him figurehead president of US, and maybe a sort of king. the "Last Plantagenet" promptly responded (and i was there) , "I´m an american. we don't hold with that crap. get lost you filthy bloodsucking ghouls."

The ghouls never gave up trying to persuade and/or kill the Last Plantagenet.

Ultimately, they had to settle for Dubya for their figurehead having failed with Hitler, Himmler, Reagan. Quayle, Bush41.

And now the few surviving perps are very very old and power has passed to the next Nazi generation- who are much much worse than the originals.

The above is a summary of much more data-all of which I am willing to repeat under oath, any time, any place.

M'thinks maybe Kenton has talked privately to Kay Griggs.   [nope]

Kenneth B. Thomas


Isaac Valentine Morrell, Elgin, Illinois, uncle and dead ringer of George Morrell, great uncle of David B. and David S. Morrell (David B. Morrell is the author of "First Blood" and many other bloody, warped dime novels).

Isaac Morrell was associate of Thomas Edison and a big, big politician named WILLIS EMERSON. They were both associates of Ole Johnsson (aka Olaf Janssen) whose youthful exploits were chronicled in Emerson's The Smoky God.

George Morrell was father of David B. and David S. Morrell.  David S. was born long after George was "missing."

Beatrice Markle Morrell, Georges wife, was highly accomplished person and close associate of Cyril Fagan, of University of Dublin.

Start googlin y´all...

Blood Oath: Vol. 1 by David Morrell the individuals of the SD and VOSS (veterans of the OSS) were very chummy before during and after ww2 and they ran the CIA, secretly, until near the end of reagans second term

You might want to reconsider crediting Hitler with German implementation of hydrogen cars and that pipeline

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NASA scientists and magical swords It was then that they observed a brownish yellow light. They estimated that the light was about 7 feet high. Parsons claimed that he then raised a sword that he considered to be a magical sword and the light went away. During the night Hubbard claimed that his arm was numb.

8/23/2005 4:14 pm EDT

Wonder how Sec. Henry Stimson, a Bonesman, works into all this?


Stimson was a key innovator at the Manhattan Project.

Which makes me now wonder about the Spear and the Bomb--Kent

8/23/2005 8:51 pm EDT

According to Trevor Ravenscroft in a 1982 book titled "The Spear of Destiny" the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagaski while the the spear was in possession of the US Army.

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