Subj: Don't Care Any More!!
Date: 1/1/02 6:39:12 PM Pacific Standard Time

Alrighty Then!!! 

Here it goes....I've already had enough of this "Logic" CRAPOLA!!!
......Now here comes "Reality"...101.....

This is a TRUE account of what just happened here Kent after several days
of really 'weird' electro-magnetic anomalies going on......I can't even
keep track of their fluctuations any more!!!.....My Electro Magnetic Meter
pegs out at 10 and it was pegged out several times these past few days!!!

'Dec 25th 2001'

I was doing the dishes by myself and listening to Christmas music while my
family was
busy out in the living room when this particularly 'emotional' song came
on about 'God' visiting this man for Christmas..but 'God' came in the form
of three
separate people...a old woman and I can't remember the
third...anyway...for some reason it hit me hard....well...all of a sudden
this feeling came over me that I can't explain other than it 'filled me
with an unbelievably immense amount of LOVE'.......... I looked up and
right out
the kitchen window was a 'Blue Misty Being' really felt
Angelic...definitely Powerful!!!   Well...this voice all of a sudden filled
my whole body and it said "Your purpose for all that you are doing and
those that are involved with you will soon be made clear.  Your mission
here and theirs will soon be revealed to you. Your prayers have been heard
and soon 'all eyes' will be upon this area called White Wolf...not just
from the United States...but the entire World". 

Thats all I got as a message...but what a Whopper....huh?

I don't know what's going to happen or  if it involves our Star Friends or
the Fairies...or what.....but
somethin's a coming my friend!

Well the blue mist faded away and there I sat with the only the dishes as

Little did I know that 'conformation' was just around the ole' bend......

We cooked our dinner and I had just pulled a metal pot out of the oven
with oven mitts and sat it on the stove top. My Mom was in the kitchen with
and I was talking to her when I went to move the pot out of my
way...well...I forgot that I had just pulled it out of a 375 degree oven
and had taken the oven mitts off when I went to grab the handle and lift
the pot up and it took a few seconds for my pain to that
time it
was too late....ole' Kell had a whoppin' burn all over her left hand.

I immediately put my hand into a pitcher of water that was next to me but
my hand was bright red and the blisters were already starting to form. My
Mom had seen me burn my hand and when I showed it to her she gasped in
horror...It looked like something out of "The Thing" movie.

'Something'  told me to go outside...maybe because it was 10 degrees
outside and I
knew the cold would feel good on it. I stepped out on the porch and that's
when "It" happened. The stars were all out and it was a beautiful
night...all except t this terrible burn and the pain in my hand. I looked
up and I prayed....

"If you want me to 'help people' I need "Your" help...I need to know that I
have the power to heal not only on 'emotional' levels but the 'physical'
level would be nice too"....

you see.....when I pray and talk to the Angels, Fairies, God/Goddess...I
talk just like I would
"thees/thoughs/ bullshit...hahaha

Anyhoo......I didn't see the "blue mist" again....but I did feel "It's
Presence" come over me so I decided to focus healing energy coming down
through the top of my head through my body and right to my hand. I kept
this up for over 5 minutes because the pain was going away...but it was
pitch dark outside so I couldn't see my hand. Suddenly Gary came out the
door because he had just learned that I had burned my hand badly from my
Mom. Well...I explained what had happened earlier in the kitchen with the
"Angel" and then I told him how I came out there on the porch when I was
"told" to. I then broke down in tears because all this was so
"emotional"...and besides...I hadn't had a good cry in a while

I guess you can figure out the ending to this story......I went back in
the house with Gary and my Mom of course wanted to immediately see my
hand....well.....I knew the pain was gone....but so was the burn and any
sign of being burned...I was completely healed. My Mom couldn't believe
it because just 5 minutes before she had seen the damage done by the hot
pan. All I could say is "I don't even ask questions anymore....just

I guess this is why for the past few months I have been experiencing this
"tingling sensation" in my hands..and why I had an 'experience a month
ago where "something unseen" placed its hands around my neck and a huge
of energy shot down my back and almost knocked me off my
feet...I guess "they've" been working on lil ole' me!  Where it goes from
here?....I don't know....

All I can tell you Kent is BELIEVE!!!!!........BELIEVE in your ABILITIES

Don't let anyone tell you that you "CAN'T DO IT".  

That's what   'they're'   hoping for!!!      They want you to QUIT!!!!

Hang in there Kent and  Everyone who might read this !!!!