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Air Force begins the transformation of space

05/09/01 - WASHINGTON (AFPN) -- The Air Force is stepping out to implement
decisions from the Secretary of Defense to transform the way military space
is managed and organized.

The service will put into motion recommendations made by the congressionally
chartered Space Commission, a group that looked at national security space
activities and suggested steps to strengthen and streamline how national
leaders, the Department of Defense and the Air Force manage space.

The DOD recently reviewed the report and agreed with its recommendations.

"This is an historic event in the Air Force's ongoing pursuit of aerospace
integration and advanced space capabilities, and we are excited to tackle
these new challenges," said Acting Secretary of the Air Force (Dr.) Lawrence
J. Delaney. "We recognize the trust the Secretary of Defense has placed in
the Air Force and we are ready to implement his directives."

Air Force Space Command Commander Gen. Ed Eberhart describes this
transformation of space as a critical step.

"This is a tremendous opportunity for the Air Force," Eberhart said. "We're
excited about what this will mean for all aspects of our space program, and
especially what it will mean for America's security. We're working closely
with our service partners and all of DOD to implement the commission's

The intensive planning underway by the Air Force and other services will
implement the Space Commission's far-reaching set of recommendations
involving space organization and management improvements, to include career
force development, acquisition, operations, budgeting, and planning at the
national, DOD and Air Force levels.

Among the commission's specific recommendations the Air Force will be
designated as the executive agent for space within DOD and the
undersecretary of the Air Force will be assigned as the Space Acquisition
Executive and Director of the National Reconnaissance Office. The commission
also recommended realigning the Space and Missile Systems Center to become
part of Air Force Space Command and enhancing space career and professional

The SMC realignment under AFSPC will involve Air Force Materiel Command; and
its four-star commander is enthused by the way ahead.

"SMC becoming part of Air Force Space Command consolidates space acquisition
and operations functions under one commander, creating a strong center of
advocacy for space systems and resources," said Gen. Lester Lyles, AFMC
commander. "Space priorities will be set by a single command -- Air Force
Space Command -- ensuring the Air Force continues to provide unrivaled
military space capabilities and leadership. AFMC, meanwhile, will still
provide acquisition and science and technology support to AFSPC after SMC
has been realigned."

Gen. Michael E. Ryan, Air Force chief of staff, described the changes ahead
in the DOD and Air Force space program as comprehensive and far-reaching, a
true watershed event.

"As a nation, we are more dependent on space than ever before for our
economic and security needs," Ryan said. "These changes to our space program
are necessary, and truly profound. It's an exciting time to be on the
leading edge of the transformation of our military space capabilities."
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Air Force Vice Chief of Staff Gen. John W. Handy, flanked by Acting
Secretary of the Air Force Dr. Lawrence J. Delaney (left) and Secretary of
Defense Donald Rumsfeld (right), answers reporters' questions, May 8, in the
Pentagon pressroom. Rumsfeld gave his assessment of the report of the
Commission to Assess United States National Security Space Management and
Organization. The commission recommended designating the Department of the
Air Force as executive agent for space within the Department of Defense.


Space and Missile Systems Center to become part of Air Force Space Command