CORESEARCHER-UK: CORESEARCHER-UK:  is that a spacecraft sucking something up in jupiters atmosphere
BARDSQUILL:  i have something too, just sec, uploading
BARDSQUILL:  check this from morning of 30th
BARDSQUILL:  seen spot before on jup pole, black hole, dunno
BARDSQUILL:  however, that observation appeared about the same time as the 11 new moons
CORESEARCHER-UK:  have something to ponder about that being with the 3 fingers and the double bun what if they are flying objects in the sky
BARDSQUILL:  interesting to me that Cassini saw it
BARDSQUILL:  Illuminati Lucifer Project

BARDSQUILL:  what do it say?
BARDSQUILL:  blocked out
CORESEARCHER-UK:  Solar physicists at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory (MSSL, University College London) in Surrey have found new clues to the thirty year old puzzle of why the Sun ejects huge bubbles of electrified gas, laced with magnetic field, known as coronal mass ejections (CMEs). In a paper published this month in the Journal of Solar Physics, they explain that the key to understanding CMEs, which can cause electricity black outs on Earth, may be due to twisted magnetic fields originating deep within the heart of the Sun.

CORESEARCHER-UK:  CMEs are violent solar eruptions which travel at 1000 times the speed of Concorde and contain more mass then Mt. Everest. They have proved hazardous to modern technology, seen most dramatically in 1989 when a CME magnified the solar wind, which then slammed into the Earth. This caused widespread blackouts, which cost the Canadian national grid several million of pounds in damage to their systems. On the more aesthetic side, CMEs are also responsible for the northern (and southern) lights, Aurora Borealis.
CORESEARCHER-UK:  Dr. Lucie Green of MSSL says, 'Ultimately we need to know why CMEs occur so that one day we will be able to predict them just like we do with the weather on Earth. This is the new science of Space Weather.
BARDSQUILL:  '74 was even more drastic although it was backside
BARDSQUILL:  damn mantle blew away
BARDSQUILL:  had it been frontside, we'd all be gone
CORESEARCHER-UK:  set created a uk seti page npw look at their grafx

CORESEARCHER-UK:  I've been looking into that animation
CORESEARCHER-UK:  stick a convex lense in front of a glowing mass
CORESEARCHER-UK:  or something cloaked
CORESEARCHER-UK:  the light from the sun would bend 
CORESEARCHER-UK:  and also in the exact center you would see a intense light 
BARDSQUILL:  yes, lensed
CORESEARCHER-UK:  of like looking into a spoon seeing a holografic image
BARDSQUILL:  rather timely, waitta go, Sol.
CORESEARCHER-UK:  now with this thing animation something huge goes between soho and the sun 
CORESEARCHER-UK:  and if you look closely you see two or three objects head toward it and then vanish in the next frame
BARDSQUILL:  pretty freaky, like form follows fiction..
BARDSQUILL:  bazillion eyers on the sun so it pulls off a big quantum stunt
CORESEARCHER-UK:  the reason i noticed something was focus on the center of the blob 
CORESEARCHER-UK:  but look slightly to the top right 
CORESEARCHER-UK:  the edge of a circular shape
BARDSQUILL:  can you amplify graphically what you are seeing?
BARDSQUILL:  my eyes getting bad
BARDSQUILL:  the big frames are here:
CORESEARCHER-UK:  got a mpg? link
BARDSQUILL:  especially the wee things darting around, that seems durned important, eh?
CORESEARCHER-UK:  what's the distance between soho and the sun
BARDSQUILL:  sigh, knew that once
CORESEARCHER-UK:  pulling it down now
BARDSQUILL:  as I recall, SOHO about million miles out from earth
BARDSQUILL:  you might need the hi res single frames though, the mpegs crap out badly
BARDSQUILL:  1/2 res gif anim at:
CORESEARCHER-UK:  I'm pulling the ani gif down
BARDSQUILL:  key frames go from 00:00 to about 08:00 on the 30th
BARDSQUILL:  maybe beyond to noon
CORESEARCHER-UK:  it feels very quantum to me
BARDSQUILL:  here's the deal, the cloaked entity itself doesn't travel out from behind the sun I think, but rather the solar plasma is like the dye that identifies it, not sure.
BARDSQUILL:  dye=lense
CORESEARCHER-UK:  i don't think it traveled from behind i think it went across the plane of view in front of soho
CORESEARCHER-UK:  like moving the lense from point a to point c
CORESEARCHER-UK:  because of its size and distance from soho
BARDSQUILL:  can maybe tell by depth of field, if you identify sharply defined sub-objects they are wayyyy out there because the camera focus is set at infinity.
CORESEARCHER-UK:  that white dot (mass) is just a reflection of the sun or more important nibiru or this thing we have been looking at the last few days 
CORESEARCHER-UK:  coincidence?
BARDSQUILL:  fuzzy objects would be close to SOHO
BARDSQUILL:  however we do have the lensing-effect to consider
CORESEARCHER-UK:  look at 12:42
CORESEARCHER-UK:  then look at 13:42
BARDSQUILL:  looking
CORESEARCHER-UK:  why is there an hr gap 
BARDSQUILL:  big ol streak
BARDSQUILL:  getting the D3 or dif anim
BARDSQUILL:  jeez this shows a vortex right off the bat
CORESEARCHER-UK:  ok on the dif 
CORESEARCHER-UK:  0745 till 1500hrs
CORESEARCHER-UK:  see anything of interest ?
BARDSQUILL:  dunno, too disorienting
CORESEARCHER-UK:  sending you an animation
CORESEARCHER-UK:  slowed down dif image zoomed just a few frames before your animation starts
BARDSQUILL:  wow, there it is