Subj: solar happenings
Date: 7/30/00 7:30:58 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Attached are two images. This first is of our friend the solar cruiser
who made an appearance last week.

It should be noted:

1. The object appears in approximately the same place and the same size
as Mars was 37 days ago. Mars is in fact at the far right of this image.

2. The object is showing reflective wings such as we recently saw on
Venus and mars as they transited the C3 images.

3. Mercury transited in front of the sun (earth side) and showed no
wings because it was not reflecting like Mars and Venus were when they
were on the opposite side of the sun from earth.

4. I would postulate that this is a physical object (because of the
reflective wings caused by CCD imager overload (see NASA for
explanation). This would also mean that it is an object of planetary

5. The object appears in one frame only. It does not appear in the frame
prior to or immediately following this image. This would seem to
indicate a controlled object able to travel very quickly or JUMP in and
out of normal space.

6. If this object is not REAL, it would indicate that someone is
intentionally manipulating the downlink data before it gets to the
internet. The NASA SOHO anomaly page never mentions these objects.

I leave it to you all to draw you own conclusions. I for one feel this
is a very important situation that should be looked into in great
depth. Since the anomaly is almost always of the same shape it would be
hard to say these are random protons hitting the imager.

Image two is the same object we saw shortly after the solar torpedo and
the big blast of 30 plus days ago. Its still appears as a disintegrating
object and looks as it did a month ago.

Subj: This just in
Date: 7/30/00 7:52:40 PM Pacific Daylight Time

As soon as I sent you my email on cruiser, with 2 minutes the following
image came over (crus218.gif).

Compare it to Weds night at 218 UT (nvy0218cruiser).

It is in nearly the same exact spot.

Most important, I ran my image software on them both. Cruiser is EXACTLY
THE SAME SIZE IN BOTH IMAGES, but flipped upside down.

Run your image software on it.