Subj: MI-FLASH: Oz-One (ozone) DNA-UV encoded light frequency
Date: 4/28/01 7:41:56 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From:    (kim)
To: (Kent Steadman)

Hi Kent:

Here are some interesting links and thoughts to sort through...I haven't
gotten into it all yet, and maybe could condense it for you as an article
about sunlight, sunspot activity and DNA. Hmmmm. I personally do not believe
99.9 percent of channeled material, which some of the links are. But some of
this smacks true for me...

From: Raphiem <>
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2001 13:36:23 +0000
Subject: MI-FLASH: Oz-One (ozone) DNA-UV encoded light frequency

if this subject interests you then i suggest as a pre-cursor read the
following first .. written/submitted by me .... below you are going to
read and find alternative infomation like nowhere yet before that may
shock your systema and belief structure .... you will question yourself,
others as well as me ..... could it be so ...
UV DNA Activation and the Ozone Hole Hoax

ok folks ... below is some links to previous articles/posts about the
topic of the Ozone Layer .... to have or not to have ... pls let me make
on thing straight ........ my argument is not that the ozone layer is
depleting .... of course!!! it is depleting and the holes are getting
larger ....... and scientists can prove this ...... my argument is that
THE REASON behind it's depleting given by scientists/environment movement
is BULLSHIT .....!!!!

i will give my humble opinion ... i could be wrong .... but pls consider

we never had an ozone layer when earth was first created with life/plant
life on it ... plants and first etherial beings upon it had  and required
full access to UV ultra high frequency light from the source (DNA encoded)
light rays from the sun ...

the ozone layer came after ill-intent driven asteroid impacts to destroy
life on this planet, to cull the population .... asteroid impacts did
that and more ... the high temperatures evapourated land, wind and sea
in seconds, everything evapourated and most of the gases became the ozone
layer (note: also themess blocked the sun and caused iceages) ... which
the sun is NOT generating but actually depleting .... it is NATURAL
.... it is a a part of our concious evolution .... and nothing that we
have done wrong .... the baby bird is breaking out of it's yolk/egg and
ready to take flight ... the veil is lifting off our field of vision,
the iris of the earth is opening up to the UV light from the heavens

i had some feedback saying that ozone is generated by the sun hitting
the atmosphere ........ and hence why north and south poles have less
ozone (holes in the ozone layer) ... cause they are the parts that have
less sunlight ....


imho ... the sun itself is depleting the ozone layer to release oxgene
trapped in O3 .... breaks one oxygene atom off and we get O2 .... after
asteroid impact ... much breathable oxygene was trapped in the evapouration
.... mother nature is simply releasing oxygene back into the atom-sphere
....for us to breath!!e .... and at the same time ridding us of this
veil/filter which has for aeons filtered out UV hi-frequency data encoded
or dare i say DNA encoded/activation light ....

this has stunted our developement ...

so this bullshit that it is CFC and the likes etc etc ... is all garbage
... come on folks .... one volcano going off releases more shit into
the atmosphere than the whole of USA population does in 15 yrs .....

*** skin cancer is caused by wearing sunglasses during pure sunlight
coming on the body .... whilst wearing petro-chemical suntan creams ....
is not caused DIRECTLY by UV itself per-se ...**** .... (this is another
whole subject topic itself) ...
Global Warming: Lies, Lies, Damnable Lies!
Scientists expose global warming hoax: the story The Australian refused
to print
more on the subject ... even states that evidence ozone is depleted by
the sun ...
this australian reveals much about the hoax ... excellent site ..
thanks to Petter Gerner <> who has followed this and supplied
me with much scientific research on the subject matter ........
and also this one ... pls read
it ...
many channelers actually believe it or not (except for one) say the same
that earth is not meant to have an ozone layer ... the only one thats
say we do is "Tom" channeled by Phylis Schmeller "council of nine" ...
which is believed to be a malign/mind control experiment in the new age
movement ....... according to the authors of the StarGate Conspiracy.....
mmmm ... make sone wonder ...
very nice site .... this chap seems to have in great detail recorded
many quotes on many issues given forward by many well known channelers
.... only if he would do the same for what the media, scientists and
politicians say ... might enable you to read between the lines a little
better ... and make sense of all the crap ....

the links below are some interesting scientific/articles that discuss
the logic of the ozone layer depletion as been a big con job ...
very nice online book .... this is more like it ... save some trees Light
Piercing the Darkness .... some discussion on having no ozone layer ...

***** DNA Strand / Activation ******

more on this folks ... my post yesterday about finding it hard to find
people to take my DNA sample .... what i meant ... was finding people
who can tell me if i have more than two strands ...!!!!  yes i can pay
or get federal police to take samples of my DNA and put it on file .........
this is easy!!!! .... but what i want is for someone to scientifically
say whether or not i have or anyone else has more than two strands (double
helix) .... as soon as you mention more than two-strands .... (i.e. 12
strands ) they all hang up on you and think you are a nut!!!! .......
so my issue was ... it's nice to pay to get DNA activated more strands
.... but no way to test it .... in anycase does it really matter ...
i have two , you six, he has 11, i have 8 ... big woopie doo ... let's
all just get onwith the job ... of waking up and stop getting sidetracked

again a hearty thanks to Linda Oakes <>
for the following ...

Vyotronics & Etheric Genetics - This study reveals that DNA rungs unite
(mutate) at prescribed threshold resonances. [ Dan W .. this will interest
your research ....]

another site filled with interesting info on DNA activation, also music
that can help activate

me again .... in the mid 90's when i was heavily into this area of DNA
/ Brain activation ;o)) sparing no expense .... i purchased a CD called
"inside the crystal" by Shad Diamond .... it was music designed after
studying crystals and DNA makeup etc etc .... utilising frequencies based
on the research/study ... well i can't say it activated more DNA strands
or healed my DNA etc ( i haven't ascended yet ;o)... but listening to
this CD with headphones ... drifted me easily off into slumber and many
a wild dream of other worlds ... and after waking up from my snooze i
felt more aware/awakened ... perhaps a good restful sleep does this also
...;o) but like i said ... i like giving good word of mouth if i find
something worth it ..
who owns the enviroment movement ???  alot of people have invested interests
other than caring for ecology, or health of the environment etc etc ...
but their intents are camouflaged by the environment movement ..... read
between the lines folks ...

Archaeological/Skeptical Resources, Critiques of cult archaeology, Roman
Britain links

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