INVESTIGATOR:  Do you know there is a new ET treaty under consideration, that gives 10million humans a year, to the ETs?  To play with?

INVESTIGATOR:  This isn't funny anymore.  M. S., moderator of  the Forum,  deals with anything and everything except the political RAMIFICATIONS of ET exchanges
BARDSQUILL:  sheesh, complicated plots there
INVESTIGATOR:  Yes, very complicated, and getting more
By William Henry

INVESTIGATOR:  Honey, what do you make of this?  It's WAY over my head.
BARDSQUILL:  two gamma ray bursts today: wonder if these are onramps for the gods
BARDSQUILL:  way over my head too
INVESTIGATOR:  They're deliberate and intentional, to break the Pac Rim.
INVESTIGATOR:  I know that much.
BARDSQUILL:  All this stargate stuff though, seems to me that we each have a gate in our heads so to speak
INVESTIGATOR:  When the Pac Rim goes, we get a new Ice Age and 90% of the world's people go byebye
INVESTIGATOR:  Our planetary leadership is perceived by the Galactic Council to be a loose cannon.
INVESTIGATOR:  They're taking us down.
BARDSQUILL:  all I know is that in mid-80s these three tall pale foggy dudes showed up in my room, said, "now is the time", and zap I was truckin around the earth and out to the stars.  I liked it, must be crazy....
INVESTIGATOR:  Yeah, but you are part of the intelligentsia.  They're not so nice to other people, not your equal.
INVESTIGATOR:  What about the young girls they use as wombs for their experimental kids?
BARDSQUILL:  happened twice actually so's i wouldn't forget
INVESTIGATOR:  yeah.  Did they chip you?
BARDSQUILL:  yea, i know about that but wonder if they are the same mob of ets
INVESTIGATOR:  That's one problem. There are different races of them. Some are benign, some, not.
BARDSQUILL:  these entities seemed almost ancestral
BARDSQUILL:  altho they coulda tricked me, sneaky suckers
INVESTIGATOR:  Okay, well, clearly, you are not human, in the sense of spirit, just as I am not.  We are some form of hybrids already.
BARDSQUILL:  all i know is that i liked it and didn't want to come fresno
INVESTIGATOR:  I don't blame you. Everybody wants to go home.
BARDSQUILL:  it was the conclusion of an ordeal lasting many years tho, my first experiences made me pee my levis
INVESTIGATOR:  Not surprising.
BARDSQUILL:  not that i saw monsters, but the energy was so intense thought i would fry.
INVESTIGATOR:  they have to energize you, just so you can see them with your material eyes.
BARDSQUILL:  started gettin the energy bunny routine as a wee kid, doses would increase over the years..
INVESTIGATOR:  Well, now, where is it taking you?
BARDSQUILL:  now, not much happens, so i guess i'm finally normal
INVESTIGATOR:  We will never be normal.
INVESTIGATOR:  Would you really WANT to be "normal"?  I doubt it.
BARDSQUILL:  well the periodic obsessions are a pain in the butt.
BARDSQUILL:  rather go fishin
INVESTIGATOR:  They work toward moving your will to compliance with their objectives.
BARDSQUILL:  maybe they gave up on me, i'm a lousy joiner
INVESTIGATOR:  Our preferences don't count.
INVESTIGATOR:  They don't work from our preferences, only their needs.
BARDSQUILL:  something chasing my daughter tho, pisses me off, will find a way to get even
INVESTIGATOR:  She has her soul path, also.
INVESTIGATOR:  her path may be as important as yours.
INVESTIGATOR:  her soul is not a newbie, you know.
BARDSQUILL:  well I've seen goodies and a few times, baddies, which drew this old peaceful fart into combat
INVESTIGATOR:  Then you realize, this that we experience in Time, is not all there is--not by a longshot.
BARDSQUILL:  most of the baddies ain't brave enough to manifest, they work on the sneaky planes
INVESTIGATOR:  Yeah, only they are in control of the US Gubmint.
BARDSQUILL:  once you know who they are tho, you gottem.
BARDSQUILL:  humans can kick ass.
INVESTIGATOR:  yes, because you can invoke Right Time and Right Place and they cannot resist.
INVESTIGATOR:  Right Time and Right Place are laws nobody wants to resist, because out of time or out of place, one is in Oblivion.
BARDSQUILL:  the shadow entities the toughest to deal with, freakin never manifest except as dark goo, but instinct determines what to do
INVESTIGATOR:  Well, what's the point?
BARDSQUILL:  seldom a pre-planned interface, they just attack and then you send them back to the pit.
INVESTIGATOR:  What's the point?  Why are they attacking?
BARDSQUILL:  seems to come from the solar plexus
BARDSQUILL:  have no idea why they attack, bunch of shadow-dopes.
BARDSQUILL:  only really experienced this once, not a veteran
INVESTIGATOR:  Then, what have you determined they are trying to interrupt or distract you FROM?
BARDSQUILL:  in this case there were dozens of them in a general attack to a wide group, not just me.
INVESTIGATOR:  Well, then, what is their objective? What are they trying to cull or prevent from happening?
BARDSQUILL:  seemed like one of my guardians told me to go fight em, to which I said, hell no, but happened anyways, fyne thing...
INVESTIGATOR:  Okay. Are they trying to distract you?
BARDSQUILL:  from my standpoint they just seemed to generally hate us.
BARDSQUILL:  like an old enemy
INVESTIGATOR:  That is a distraction.
BARDSQUILL:  well we can distract them suckers into oblivion, humans can defeat them
BARDSQUILL:  this force wells up in the solar plexus and they are goners.
INVESTIGATOR:  No. We can only obtain our goals if we remain focused, ourselves. Competition and aggression aremerely always distractions.
INVESTIGATOR:  There's NO "goners."  We're all eternal.
BARDSQUILL:  I'm not a fighter by nature, just minding my own business
BARDSQUILL:  but this was serious
INVESTIGATOR:  Yeah, all distractions merely point to what we were doing that was really important.
BARDSQUILL:  a lot of people literally went down hard.
INVESTIGATOR:  yes, and that too is really a waste of their time. If they resisted aggression, they might have been able to continue at what they were doing, that was important.
BARDSQUILL:  see there were these baby wicca doing a wicca-thing in a bookstore in fresno called the Brass Unicorn, they were succeeding with their wicca stunts, the room was turning purple and all of a sudden, WHAM
INVESTIGATOR:  Well, I'm sorry these distractions upset you.
BARDSQUILL:  next thing you know a whole bunch of agonized wicca-kids in a very bad space, hell, they even called the police ambulance to haul them over to the psyche ward.
INVESTIGATOR:  Too bad.  Waste of their time.
INVESTIGATOR:  Listen, Kent, I have to go attend to something's.  But I hope I helped you realize, the stakes in this ET invasion are higher than we are being told.
BARDSQUILL:  So they came to my office at the college to ask for help.  To which I said, "forget it. Go away and leave me alone."
INVESTIGATOR:  Well, I hope you can get OVER the fact, they distracted you.
BARDSQUILL:  but over the next few days I got drawn into it.
INVESTIGATOR:  Resist, Kent.
BARDSQUILL:  that was a long time ago
INVESTIGATOR:  Then, let it go.  We have work to do now, to inform people that they are vulnerable to being "USED" as experimental materials.
BARDSQUILL:  I was at my farm watching TV minding my own business and this vortex opened in mid-space.  Had no choice then...
INVESTIGATOR:  Well, looks as if they keep you in a state of not knowing whether you're going or coming.
BARDSQUILL:  no, I whupped them and it was over.
BARDSQUILL:  Nothing much happens now to me personally
INVESTIGATOR:  It's not over so long as it'still in your mind.
INVESTIGATOR:  good, keep it cleaned out. We have to move on.
BARDSQUILL:  well as I see it I might be okay, but I'm beginning to see the haunting of a whole people going on now.
BARDSQUILL:  I mean something not good is hangin over America.
INVESTIGATOR:  Yes, and you know how to resist being haunted, having overcome being haunted yourself.
INVESTIGATOR:  Now you're talking.
BARDSQUILL:  So this voice is saying it's time to fight again.  And I'm telling that voice to go away and leave me alone.
Hey, Voice, fight your own battles, Jack.
INVESTIGATOR:  There you go.  Why aren't you telling EVERYBODY how to resist, how to do this?
INVESTIGATOR:  That is the most PRECIOUS thing you know.
BARDSQUILL:  Voice seems to be a god-source but I guess they don't make gods like they used-to.  Pretty wimpy.
BARDSQUILL:  Okay, so what do I do, tell everyone to activate their solar plexus.
INVESTIGATOR:  Tell your experience.
INVESTIGATOR:  Keep telling your experience, and those who need to know will find out what they need to know.