BARDSQUILL:  been looking at Bolivia more, they had an awesome program on Discovery

BARDSQUILL:  Central Amazon area is incredible, massive terraforming, millions of people then disease wiped them ALL out
BARDSQUILL:  but they seemed to have a secret
BARDSQUILL:  there are areas of black soil they call the terra preta and it is alive in ways we have forgotten and with implications that are staggering [growing back even when mined]
BARDSQUILL:  science hasn't quite figured it out
BARDSQUILL:  some kind of fractal life form in that black soil similar to a microbe although they haven't isolated the microbe...
BARDSQUILL:  Beginning to think that the thousands of mounds (and other terraforming feats) were created by directing that soil-fractal-entity to make a mound
BARDSQUILL:  they "grew" the mounds
BARDSQUILL:  like some kind of nano-tech
BARDSQUILL:  nano-tech is more than little machines, rather little living critters...
boundary tween life and tech getting more and more fuzzy...
BARDSQUILL:  perhaps crop-circles play in this too, these critters have possibly found a way to communicate back.
BARDSQUILL:  Even megalithic stoneworks might figure into this too, rather than manipulating the huge, those old wizards, utilizing a lost tech, manipulated the very small...
BARDSQUILL:  fractal geometry is the best interface we have with all this nowadays