Subj: SOHO has lost its attitude Control

Date: 4/22/04 11:48:56 AM Pacific Daylight Time

I saved the last EIT images as it was the only updating instrument. Now we

are left to wonder if the comet did it?!? SOHO is now in 'SAFE MODE', it

appears to have been rotating out of control maybe? Don't know if NASA will

even attempt to restore it, maybe it doesn't matter anymore.

You can get this off of SOHO website but it is SLOWW.


Date: 4/22/04 12:23:42 PM Pacific Daylight Time

exclusive out of goddard: (concerning EIT failures today)

SOHO went into Emergency Sun Reacquisition mode at 05:37 UT this morning.

The ESR was triggered by the FSPAAD (Fine Sun Pointing Attitude Anomaly

Detector), most likely a spurious signal caused by a radiation hit to an

LM139 comparator (the cause of several earlier ESRs, including the last

one). We are in Medium Rate on the LGA using a 34m station, and recovery

is proceeding.


Date: 4/23/04 1:56:03 PM Pacific Daylight Time

I emailed them to ask when SOHO would be fixed.

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The SOHO engineers are working on the spacecraft positioning. They hope to have everything back to normal in a few days. You check on this page for the current status,

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On Apr 23, 2004, at 4:36 PM, Steve Rainbolt (by way of Joan Rurka <>) wrote:

Will NASA be able to reposition SOHO, it appears it has not been locked on

the Sun now for over 24 hours.