2/25/2005 2:03:28 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent,

    With all this weather talk I had to send in a report of my own on the local area here in Southern California, near Riverside and its greater regions. On February 24th, between roughly 6pm and 8:30, there was a passing storm with Tornado warnings in Fallbrook, Ca. and Oceanside, Ca. The storm passed over our head going west. As it went, there were massive amounts of Lightening and Rain fall lasting only those few hours.

    The "weather men" published that it would be partly cloudy with 30% chance of rain, but no mention of a lightening storm. In the wake of all the data coming in, and my thoughts on the chem trail issues, how it has been used (hypothesis) is using Flourine combined with oxygen and another form of chemical that is sprayed into the atmosphere, with an EM charge behind it could subsantiate over long period of spraying, storm clouds, if you look at some of the reports by those who say they spray it in the air, that Flourine was used, combined with the other gases, it creates... H20.

    I think the California and South West weather has been going through this process... But unfortunately you look at our sun, in relation to the Galactic core and other stars in the Milky Way, you can get radiation and other phenomenon that can create some fluctuations in the "manmade" weather patterns. If the data is corroborated correctly, we may see the tie in between Man's science, which President Bush wants to use, to changing the Earths climate... But of course, mother nature has a way of its own.

    Keep an eye out,

A fellow.