Snow, snow and snow
Wisdom white
Dancing slow motion flakes
Adorning trees
Upon branch and branch

As the world turns light
I sit watching
The Bird and Squirrel Ballet
In full production
At the feeders
On the ledge
Outside my window

Symphony of diversity
On how to get along
In harmony and peace
Despite what say
‘The Experts’
On Bird and Squirrel
Society Psychology

Blue Jay
They say
Does not mix well
Fights for food
Takes from all
Leaves none for rest
Obnoxious call

Avoid Squirrel
At all costs, too
Destroys, chews
Respecting few
Eats all the seeds
Scares all the birds
So they say,
‘Not do!’

Not so at all
In my Bird World
As Jay and Squirrel
Reside quite well
With Red Bird
Finch and Chickadee
Each given space
In this society

Different spots
Favorite foods
Show each respect
And all will choose
To happily feed
Side by side
No fuss
No fights
In peace reside

Now Jay looks out
For Killer Cat
Warning all
Protector’s hat
Not always brash
Will sing own name
‘Blue Jay, Blue Jay’
When calmness reigns

Ballerina Squirrel
Upon my ledge
Peanuts eat
Bothers not the rest
Since just for her
Spread out in feast
Respect and Love
Will tame the beast

So here I sit
On this white day
As life unfolds
Are saying
‘People too
Can live in peace
If all are given
Proper lease
To find their place
Within the Dance
Respecting each
Embracing chance

Each has a view
To add to know
Denial only
Blocks the flow
With Spirit, Love
Commanding helm
We all can Dance
Within this Realm
* * * * *
deja thoris the princess of mars

© copyright 2001 by deja thoris