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    Posted Apr 03.05

  (Original headline: Sloan Digital Sky Survey Supports Harmonic
Structure to the Universe)

  The universe has been found to be stuctured around harmonics that
occurred during the Big Bang. The hidden harmonic structures in the
universe suggest that astrological influences are possible. Results
from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey supports this thoery.

Brian Johnston of www.temporaltheory.com has proposed that the universe
is organized around harmonic temporal waves that have ordered and
configured everything in nature that exists.

  Perhaps the most controversial aspects of Johnstons' theory of
everthing is that it states that is no matter, or energy, only time and
that the resulting universe is configured in such a way that
astrological influences are possible. Johnstons' theory has suffered a
great deal of resistance from the academic community because of what it
says about astrology, but the latest discoveries in cosmology made by
Daniel Eisenstein of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey at the University of
Arizona states that harmonic sound waves structured the universe and
resulted in the the galaxies, stars, planets and us. This has been
published at the web site

  Brian Johnston has been proposing that the universe is patterned
around harmonic wave forms that resulted in the rapid organization of
the universe in the first monents after the Big Bang. This rapid
organization resulted in the harmonic structures that are seen
throughout the universe. Johnston also states that the flow of time is
harmonically structured as wel in a similar fashion to the physical
universe. These structures are seen on the periods of the orbits of the
planets, their moon and ring systems and in the general order of the
universe. Johnston proposes that time structures itself harmonically
and this results in the harmonic order of the universe as observed.

  Daniel Eisenstein feels that his observations support the Standard Big
Bang Model, while Johston does not. While they may differ in what they
think happened during the first moments of the big bang, the resultant
universes are very similar and their is very little disagreement
between them. Brian Johnston's theory predicted the existence of the
harmonic structures that have been discovered and this is a major
milestone in proving that "God does not play dice with the universe."

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