Subj: Sleuthing Shadows -Time Travel
Date: 3/3/00 11:06:18 AM Pacific Standard Time

When people think of a SHADOW, they think of a dark outline caused by
light being blocked by a solid object. Because of this common
association, the term has been selected by an advanced, time travel
capable extra-terrestrial civilization as a code word for what they view
is a necessary component of altering the space/time continuum.
TIME SPLICING is a technique used by this advanced extra-terrestrial
civilization whereby a contactee can be physically gone for an extended
period of time and then be placed back within 20 minutes of the actual
departure. It is only used when a contactee has been gone more than 24
hours. Sometimes, the contactee is gone for weeks or even months,
depending on the mission they are required to fulfill.
Obviously, the ability to alter the time/space continuum is fairly
impressive. But even with this capability, the extra-terrestrials do not
want to disrupt the normal flow of events excessively. To counteract
this problem, they have developed what they have code named the SHADOW
The SHADOW is a functionally identical, programmed clone of the
individual contactee that takes his or her place while they are gone.
The SHADOW fulfills whatever requirements are necessary to maintain the
normal, most likely flow of events. When the contactee is returned, the
SHADOW is retrieved by the extra-terrestrials.
Due to the fact that this particular extra-terrestrial civilization's
time travel technology has a +/- twenty minute window, it can lead to
some unusual results. For example, suppose the SHADOW was asked to
complete a task and did so. The contactee returns, let's say, 12 minutes
after completion of the task. The task has been completed but the
contactee is unaware of it. However, the people around the contactee are
aware of the task completion and if the task was of some significance,
it does lead to confusion.
I know of a case where a contactee was away with a SHADOW replacement.
The SHADOW was asked by the wife to put something away. The contactee
returned after this action had taken place. It was not a critical item.
A number of months later, the wife asked the contactee where it was and
he said he had no idea what she was talking about. The contactee was
then told that he had picked up this item and took it somewhere. Well,
that was news to the contactee. The item was not really critical and was
never found.
You would think that the extra-terrestrials would correct these details
but they think on an entirely different level from humans. They classify
as trivial things that most humans hold dear. I suppose I can see it to
an extent. After all, when you have the ability to disrupt time/space,
that is powerful. If they were malicious, they could really mess things
up. This is why not every extra-terrestrial civilization has the ability
to time travel and I doubt that humans will acquire it anytime soon if
Just another example of how long a SHADOW can function for a contactee
that is away. A female contactee had recalled an experience of being
pregnant and giving birth. This was revealed to her in a "dream".
However, when she woke up, she fully expected to see the child there and
was shocked when she did not. Apparently, a SHADOW filled in for this
person for a number of months. When the contactee returned, it was night
and the SHADOW had not done anything to draw attention to the
experience. The woman just had the knowledge of having been pregnant and
giving birth; actually it was more than knowledge as they had all the
feelings and sensations that go along with such a complex and powerful
experience for a woman.
So if you know someone who has UFO experiences, you can truthfully look
at them and wonder if it's REALLY them or is it their SHADOW.
I must say the SHADOW system is a strange concept but it does explain
why people have told me that I said or did things that "I" never said or
did. Perhaps this has happened to you as well.
I only present the concept of the SHADOW for those that need it to
understand some cause of confusion in their lives. It is real; it does
happen. Those of you that have experienced it, you will know what I