Subj: SKYFALL....hmmmm.....
Date: 10/12/01 4:24:57 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Howdy Again Kent,

Interesting choice of a code name the FBI selected for its recent threat announcement....SKYFALL...also a novel by "Harry Harrison"...
Check out the cover..."Project Prometheus Would Steal The Fire Of The Sun -- But The Price Might Be Too Terrible To Contemplate"...Recall Prometheus is the god of dreams, [EDITOR: Morpheus, God of Dreams] and in the movie "The Matrix" we meet a character named Prometheus (Laurence Fishburne), who offered the palm of red and blue pills to Keanu Reeves...What do you make of this?




Harry Harrison, aka Felix Boyd and Hank Dempsey, is a Brit born in 1925 who has written a number of scifi books, many with the expression "stainless steel rat" in the title.  One book "Make Room!  Make Room!" was adapted into a movie titled


Is your radar going off yet? 

Excerpt from his biography:
Harry Harrison was drafted when he graduated high school in 1943, at the age of 18, and served four years in the Army Air Corps. He worked on secret military computers, as an armourer and gunnery instructor, and finally – promoted to sergeant – became a Military Policeman. During his time in the army, Harrison proved himself an excellent shot, and was awarded the Sharpshooter medal.

His wartime experiences left Harrison with an enduring loathing of military life and practices. These same experiences and loathing find their way into many of his stories: he feels deeply uneasy about the pro-military stance of much popular science fiction, and regards it as his job to redress the balance and "destroy the military" in his stories.

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