Subj: Skydolphin
Date: 2/6/02 12:43:09 PM Pacific Standard Time

Dear Kent:

   In reference to the, I had a 'visit' from a similar group (3) about 5 weeks ago at ~2:47 am EST. I strongly feel they were amplified with psychotronics, eg. Highly sensitive 'MRI's with amplifiers. The 'visit' was extremely probing and intended/felt as a PTSD episode, post traumatic stress disorder, to suppress my expanding consciousness. I am a Kriya Yogi and do not need mechanics to enter a pure state of awareness. These 'dudes' are very real. PS: I live three miles from Fort Monmouth Army base, the Army's center for communication research. I used to live and work 3/4 of a mile from this base, and witnessed over 19 antigravitic/electrogravitc craft over an 18 month period. On November 17/19th @5:46 pm on 1996, I witnessed a craft terminate in or near this base, trailing a solid yellow gold ribbon of light travelling at 500+mph into a 15 degree arc to 'ground', with three other witnesses.

Please withold name/email: I do not care much for thier 'visits', eg my email 'slows down the louder my email gets.