To understand the simple picture being drawn, it is as well to illustrate some basic points first to enable the mind to focus. We are so used to seeing and feeling in three dimensions, that it can be very hard to see around the other corner.


This three dimensional world can be very easily reduced to a two dimensional one. For example a photograph of a group in a landscape, lots of depth but the photo is flat, two dimensional.

A lot of people are familiar with the two dimensional beings encounter with a three dimensional object, a ball. Imagine a ball passing through a sheet of paper. First the two d people see a point, then a small circle, getting bigger and bigger. Then the circle gets smaller and smaller until it becomes a point and disappears.

A ray of light, is it a wave or particles. Imagine a wave on a sheet of paper. Its hills and valleys very clear. Now change your perspective and place a sheet of paper at right angles to the wave, such that the wave tips just touch the second sheet of paper. If you look through that sheet you see points, particles. Now if you rotate both sheets of paper and generate a 3d image, you see a spiral form. So a ray of light is both wave and particle and spiral, depending upon your perspective.


Imagine the whole universe as a box. It has width, breadth and depth. Within that box is empty space and numerous galaxies of stars including our own, the milky way. The position of any star within that box can defined relative to the box in terms of width, breadth or depth.

Now imagine an empty box of the same dimensions. Take a photograph of our universe today that has the same dimensions of width and breadth. Then put that photograph in the empty box. Now fill that box, in order with photographs of yesterday, the day before, the day before that, all the way back to the beginning of time. Similarly add photographs of tomorrow, all the way to the end of time, until the box is full.

We now have a box that has the following dimensions, width, breadth and instead of depth, time. If we are standing outside the box we can not only go to any place inside the box but any time.

Now for example if we shine a light through our time box, the beam will pass all the way through. As it passes through each layer or photograph, it will be observed by the occupants. Refer back to my description of the two d universe and the ball. Instead of two d to three d, we are translating 4 d to 3 d. We see the ray as the sun or a star.

Similarly with planets. Instead of a light beam, another frequency is beamed through the box and it "materialises, to us, as a planet. As David Wilcocks said in his book convergence three, " superstring theory is nearly correct, they have the right idea".


Again we go back to simple illustrations. Take a film image. Shine a light through it and an enlarged image perfect in every detail emerges on a screen the light is focussed on. To a viewer under the light beam all he sees is a light beam. It is not until it strikes the screen that the viewer can see the picture.

Now our universe is made up of photographic plates or screens as the light or other frequencies pass through they light up the screen and we see the picture. But as this is three dimensional rather than two dimensional, we have to return to our little illustration.

The viewer, in the cinema, is a smoker. He blows a big cloud of smoke into the light beam coming from the projector and now in that light beam he can see a form of the picture.

Similarly in our universe, now, on our photographic plate, we see the picture formed. The plate is not paper, it is not smoke but the energy field of the universe that interacts with the different energy radiating through it. The different energy forms interact with each other causing interference, the resultant picture. Much as the cigarette smoke interferes with the projection beam to produce a picture before the beam reaches the screen.


Sorry we now have to delve a little into physics. If two random energy fields interact or interfere with each other they will generate a random image. To produce a coherent picture or sound, one or both of the fields must be coded or in other words organised.

In our cinema example the screen is blank, a uniform white sheet. The light beam is coded. This is done by passing it through a film frame, which with its varying shades codes the light beam . The light beam becomes a carrier wave for the information contained in the film frame.

Similarly in our universe we have the carrier waves of information and a possibly uniform energy field for the information to be displayed upon. Why do i say possibly, because here in our sense the information received does not change it follows laws. This infers a uniform field. In other parts of the universe this might not be the case.

This also brings into focus the changes we are observing all around us now. This could be because the area of the universe the solar system is travelling into has a different strength energy field and thus the message is changing or the energy field of the whole universe is changing.

The brilliance of David Wilcocks work in convergence three is to identify the coding of the incoming energy waves. The whole being an octave being made up of individual notes. He shows convincingly how this works even up to demonstrating how the speed of light is a clear harmonic of these notes.

It is clear from his work that as energy slows down, or reduces in frequency, it interferes with the field in different ways. The signal carried is in the form of notes, the whole range forming an octave. At lower frequencies the resultant interference field forms a Torus out of which forms matter, which in our case is the earth. The energy structure of the earth relates directly to the beam frequency or modulation. This he illustrates with the energy grids of the earth taking on various geometric shapes.

Davids brilliant discernment gives us a simple working model of the universe that is self fulfilling, it needs no burden of proof, it is self evident. David is also very familiar with the emerald tablets of Thoth. If he has made a connection between the octave of the universe and the lords of nine referred to in Thoths writings I do not know.


Lord of Lords,over the other from each Cosmic cycle,(FREQUENCY) weighing and watching the progress of men. Under HE, sit the Lords of the Cycles; Three, Four, Five, and Six, Seven, Eight,( WE START WWITH THREE, THIS SHOWS A MATHEMATICAL ORDER BUT REPRESENTED BY SYMBOLISM, THE MUSICAL NOTE ARE SUCH SYMBOLS) each with his mission, each with His powers,( EACH NOTE FORMS A DIFFERENT SHAPE WHEN MANIFEST INTO THE WORLD OF MAN) guiding, directing the destiny of man. There sit they, mighty and potent, free of all time and space.( THEY ARE THE CODES ON THE ENERGY BEAMS THAT ARROW THROUGH OUR TIME SPACE) Not of this world they, yet akin to it, Elder Brothers they, of the children of men. Judging and weighing,( JUDGEMENT HERE IS DISCERNMENT) they with their wisdom, watching the progress of Light among men.


NINE is the father, vast he of countenance, ( THIS REFERS TO THE WHOLE OCTAVE OF NOTES) forming and changing from out of the formless.

Forth were WE formed after our order: THREE, FOUR, FIVE and SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT - NINE. Know yet that these are the number of cycles that WE descend from Unto man. Each having here a duty to fulfill; and having here a force to control. Yet are we ONE with the SOUL of our cycle. Yet are WE, too, seeking a goal. Far beyond man's conception, Infinity extends into a greater than ALL. ( THESE "LORDS" ARE THE VEHICLES OF GOD, THE INFINITE ALL) There, in a time that is yet not a time, we shall ALL become ONE with a greater Than ALL. Time and space are moving in circles.( WE ALL SEEK THE TRUTH THE WAY OF THE RETURN TO GOD) Know ye their law, and ye, too, shall be free. Aye, free shall ye be to move through the cycles - pass the guardians that dwell at the door."

Then to me spoke HE of NINE, saying: "Aeons and aeons have I existed, Knowing not LIFE and tasting not death. For know ye, O man, that far in the future, life and death shall be one with the ALL. Each so perfected by balancing the other that neither exists in the Oneness of ALL. In men of this cycle, the life force is rampant, but life in its growth becomes one with the ALL. Here, I manifest in this your cycle, but yet am I there in your future of time. Yet to me, time exists not, for in my world time exists not, for formless are WE. Life have WE not but yet have existence, fuller and greater and freer than thee.

Spoke again to me the NINE saying: "Seek ye to find the path to beyond. ( LOOK OUTSIDE FOR ANSWERS, SEE THE WHOLE, DONT BREAK DOWN INTO PARTICLES) Not impossible is it to grow to a consciousness above. For when TWO have become ONE and ONE has become the ALL,(PARTICLE, WAVE AND SPIRAL-HELIX) know ye the barrier has lifted, and yet are made free of the road. Grow thou from form to the formless. Free may thou be of the road."

Nine are the interlocked dimensions, and Nine are the cycles of space. Nine are the diffusions of consciousness, and Nine are the worlds within worlds. Aye, Nine are the Lords of the cycles that comes from above and below.

"Where is the source of ALL?" Answered, in tones ( THIS IS THE KEY TO THE RIDDLE, TONES, A,B,C,D,E,F,G,) that were mighty, the voice of the LORD, of the NINE: "Free thou thy Soul from thy body and come forth with me to the LIGHT."

This riddle tells us clearly the mechanism of the universe as so well discerned by David Wilcock and it also warns us not to judge but to seek the wider picture and through that process we will find the truth..


The universe is stunningly simple and yet brilliantly sophisticated. Just picture a simple snowflake, elegant with its six points based upon hexagonal structure. As far as we know every snowflake is different. Billions of different forms based upon a very simple foundation.

Understanding that every shape, form, manifestation is a result of interactions between a static field and a moving frequency enables us to grasp how we can use that very same field to manifest anything that we want or need.

We can utilise that knowledge either to travel to Sirius in the twinkling of an eye or to build a ship to do that and carry loads of people that have not yet mastered the twinkling of an eye technique.

David Wilcock shows us in simple terms that the universal static field can be manipulated by the expression of consciousness, the application of thought. The implication being we can be what we want to be, where we want to be and when.


From the above, it seems very clear to me that the vast sums (billions of dollars) spent trying to find the ultimate smallest particle not only misses the point but is a massive waste of money, resources and talent. They seek that which does not exist in our terms of reference. Go back to my simple 2d analogy and the ball passing through a 2d realm. 2d dwellers would be wasting their time trying to break down the circle, to the point, they first observed because this will in no way lead them to the realisation that a 3d ball is passing through their universe. The same goes for particle physics.

This brings many such conundrums into the light. Good and evil, light and dark, wave or particle. All are manifestations of the lords of the nine passing through our conscious field. All the above are direct manifestations of the duality in effect in our universe. Without judgement. Impartial, cause and effect.


Most modern science and hence thinking is based upon observations and principals laid down a few years ago by Isaac Newton. These call for observation, identifying cause and effect, discerning laws and laying down rules that can be tested and thus approved by the learned few. Very good. but what happens if you mix up cause and effect. What happens if the resultant rules cannot be tested. A rising caucus is realising very rapidly that you cannot separate the observer from the observed. The mere process of observation changes the result.

A simple explanation of the paradox we face is given by one of Newtons more famous laws. Often used to explain why we cannot have free energy. " for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". Whilst this might seem true it cannot be proven nor tested. It clearly states for every action and we cannot even conceive of every action let alone test every action.

Modern science, modern economics, modern sociology seem to be seeking the ultimate point, the smallest particle, the lowest common denominator. Thoths Lords of Nine are telling us the opposite, to go the other way. Powerful voices such as Dan Winter point out the power of human emotion, the ability of DNA to squeeze our universal field and effect change. Many observers have noticed and felt a quickening a change in responses observed. Why is this. Perhaps it is because if we continue to split, to seek the smallest, the lowest common denominator, we will end up with a uniformly unlearning universe of negatively charged dog eat dog, eat or be eaten, kill or be killed universe. One incapable of learning or developing or enhancing wisdom. One incapable of returning gods’ to god, so are we seeing a response to this scenario, a response that will see growth and development, co-operation instead of competition. If so how is this being achieved in our model. What will be its results.


Much has been discussed about the quickening, the approaching photon belt and many other very strange phenomena.

The photon belt is like a galactic read/write/wipe head, in its cycle of passing it rewrites the codes, cleans out errors and stores new data. Thus we have the references to ages of man, the geological ages, the age of dinosaurs.

From our new understanding of the way the universe works we see how these events can be explained and quantified. A good example is the age of dinosaurs. Their massive size leads us to believe that gravity must have been much less then for them to be able to grow to such massive sizes. How could gravity have been less. David Wilcock has the answer, the world was 55 to 60% smaller then. It has been expanding since then to form our continents as we know them. The universal field has been pumping matter into our sphere.

Now has this happened slowly or in sudden bursts. What is the time scale. It is generally excepted that the dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago in a global cataclysm. But is this true. Our new understanding shows us that if the universal field changes, our laws developed from the field interactions also change. So could it be they died out say 650,000 years ago but our geological method of dating did not apply in that cycle of time. We are measuring them with a stick that was not relevant in that time.

So we are rapidly approaching another rewrite time. But will events be different this time. All the indications are that it will be. The source, god of the manifesting energy beams has seen the possible end result of duality, good and evil. Gods quest for knowledge, wisdom, experience buried in a singularity, a black hole of nothingness. So what has he, the creator, done in hi infinite wisdom. It seems two things. Firstly he has made a race of beings able to use consciousness to co-create with him and to endure the dark and to learn how to transform it. He has hidden them away behind a veil of forgetfulness so that they would not be destroyed by older more harmful species. Secondly he has changed the medium, the universal field. This means the laws we take for granted are changing, in this new environment dark cannot flourish, it can only be transformed. The forces of darkness, seeking the singularity to survive and maintain their order of power are trying to circumvent the plan by converting the universe to a singularity before the plan can come into full effect. Their effort is the war of Armageddon we have been warned about. Why do we need to transform them. Simple, god loves all, good or bad. He does not want to lose a single soul, so he has laid down a path where they can exercise free will and transform, accept the light and return to god.


It is very clear from our understanding of the universe that we are immersed in energy. All matter stems from energy. This energy field can be simply manipulated and thus we are surrounded by abundance.

Lt. Col Tom Beardon in his papers has discussed scalars and vectors. He describes how an apparent zero value can mask a seething mass of energy. Only our perceptions, the boundaries we lay, prevent us from seeing it. A simple example is a dammed up lake. To all intents and purposes it is a solid calm body of water. But open the gates and a seething burst of energy is released from its calm waters. He goes further and describes in our generation of electricity we use that energy from the released water to wind the gates closed thus cutting the flow.

Richard Hoagland in his papers on hyper-dimensional energy, describes how the solar system acts as a massive hyper-dimensional energy generator. Each rotating body in the system adding its energy to the total available. Here we see clearly the nature and difficulty of discerning cause and effect. Is it the spinning orbs that generate HD energy or does the flow of HD energy cause the orbs to spin.

We have seen how various substances can have their own in-built effects. Stroke an iron bar with a magnet and the bar itself becomes a magnet. Some are good conductors, some are good insulators. Some do nothing, some do nothing but have major effects. An example of these are catalysts, agents that enable a reaction to take place but take no part in the reaction.

We are discovering that water has these properties. When we structure the water so that it consists of specific small molecules some amazing results are seen. If we place this water in a sealed container and place the container in a polluted pond, the pond water heals becomes health. How is this. The small molecules of water are obviously emitting a field, an energy that reacts with other bodies of water and converts them. Much as the magnet convert the iron bar.

Many methods of making living water are being developed but a fundamental principal must be sonic effects forming the water into hexagonal molecules. These act as conduits for the energy field.

water is h2o, two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen. These form an isosceles triangle with the oxygen atom at the apex and one hydrogen each end of the base. Six such molecules will make a hexagon with the hydrogen bases inside and the oxygen apexes outside. This is the oxygen bomb that destroys anaerobic bacteria and viruses. But how does this structure bond together in a stable form. Adjacent hydrogens in separate individual water molecules are positively charged and will repel each other.

To explain this we will have to revert to our two d models on paper sheets. Draw six equal sized triangles. On both sides draw an oxygen atom at each apex, label it minus. At the bottom in each corner draw a hydrogen atom. Label them plus. Now on one side next to the hydrogen atoms draw an arrow going in symbol, that is a circle with a cross on it. On the six triangles other sides draw the arrow symbol but coming out, that is a small circle with a dot. Noe layout your triangles with one arrow out next to an arrow in. Now form into a hexagon. You will see that the hydrogens bond on adjacent triangles despite both being positive because one is arrow in and one arrow out.

The arrows represented the field flow direction. Same poles but with opposite field flows will attract. As above so below, the solar system generated energy (or vice versa) thus atoms, micro solar systems.

Thus by using simple ultra sonics and note harmonics we can change the order/structure of water. From a triangle lattice net with no orientation or discernment into a very tight knit ball, hexagonal in shape with very specific properties. Like a magnet this energised, living molecule of water will draw its energy ad infinitum just as the magnetic bar does which we so readily accept as fact.

Now we can use this modified water to effect changes in other bodies of water. As long as we keep our modified sample sealed its effect will last forever, no power input, no connections at all. Another example of free energy. Our water sample is in effect a super wipe head. It deletes all memory in contacted water bodies and restructures the database. This causes the death of dangerous micro-organisms because their environment no longer responds to their life needs.