Subj: A logic question for you: 1.5mm silver balls
Date: 2/2/02 6:45:23 PM Pacific Standard Time

Kent, I have a logic question for you: if you consider all the links
below, and think about the 1.5mm silver balls below, could it be
possible that these teeny 1.5mm silver balls could be sprayed out of a
jet along with chemtrails?  It's just a thought.  If you run across
someone mentioning the silver balls in Ocean City, you'll be ALL set
with the details.

If there are silver balls sprayed in with chemtrails, maybe that would
explain the "orbs" people see in these chemtrails?  Right?  It's the
"radar calibration spheres".  Am I making sense here?

I spent a while contemplating how silver spheres could be used, and how
they might apply to other conspiracy theories.  Hopefully you'll have an
opinion on this.  It's good to have people continue to "brainstorm"!

Silver balls in Ocean City:

Here's a phrase to remember: "radar calibration spheres"

Radar Calibration Reflectors can be ordered from Spectrum Technologies
International, Inc. here:

Radar Calibration Spheres explained in this PDF here:

Spheres can be polished or not, and range in diameter from 0.25 inch
(6.4 mm) to 44.5 inches (113 cm).  Another page says they range in size
from 1.5 mm to 1.14 meters (0.06 to 45 inches).
The term NASA uses for these spheres is ODERACS.

Photo of a silver sphere is here:

Types of radar calibration reflectors are:
dihedral (corner reflector)
trihedral (corner reflector)
Bruderhedral (diplane reflector)

Spectrum Technologies International Inc.:
PO Box 1150
Suwanee, Georgia 30024-0966
TEL: (770) 932-6129
FAX: (651) 323-2573
Possible Contact: Mariette D. Edwards

Results for SPECTRUM from
Control #: J725156
Filing Date: 11/17/1987
Last AR Paid: 03/23/2001
Jurisdiction: GEORGIA
Registered Agent Agent Address Agent County
Registered Agent: MCSHEEHY, JAMES J.
Agent Address: 4695 SETTLES POINT ROAD, SUWANEE, GA 30024
Agent County: GWINNETT

James McSheehy's email:

McSheehy says he's not an HTML guru here, which seems odd to say in a
public website:

Other cool places on Settles Point Road:

ACTUAL Location of Spectrum Technologies Int'l?  I'm not sure.