Subj: Re: [Elfrad-Group] Magnet, new paper
Date: 8/7/01 1:51:20 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Although what I'm about to describe does not seem to have  much to do with
gravity, nevertheless I will ask if any of the contributors recognise this
strange event.

Some years ago, a friend who was the best authority on tesla apparatus in my
part of the world, disclosed to me, reluctantly, that he had constructed a
small unusual shape toroidal former wound with wire in a equally unusual
manner. Imagine a doughnut shape basket squashed in on the sides so as to
form a slot in the centre rather than a hole.

Wire was wound from the slot  area and the winding progressing up and around
the out side surface of the "doughnut",  and finally back up in the slot
area.  Also there were some turns of wire circulating within this "basket".
Now this fellow had attached a  H.F. transmitter to the device along with
high voltage DC . He claimed  that when he switched  power to the coil, the
room he was in seemed to be shrinking in toward the coil. Needless to say
that it frightened the daylights out of him.  I reassured him that it was
not dangerous, because  if he had closed his eyes then he would be not aware
of the distortion. I have tried over the years to set up the experiment
again..He  has at last considered this. I would be very keen to find out if
any one out there knows any thing about this phenomena.

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> Date: 8/6/01 8:56:11 PM Pacific Daylight Time
> The artificial gravity effect they refer to in this paper emerges at 1.0T
> which is a far cry from the 14.7T that the Berkeley contraption loads up.
> The correlation between gravity and the warping of space-time is pure
> Einstein and now we have published evidence that artificial gravity is in
> can. Bump up the amplitude and bingo....there's your Berkeley time warp.
> BARDSQUILL: L., B. and I experienced a very strange time-stretch warp
> Saturday morning, [July 21, 02] no kiddin.
> FRIEND: describe time stretch warp?
> BARDSQUILL: we did about 30 minutes of sidereal activity and only ten
> minutes went by. Went to coffee shop which was closed, was 7:30 AM, walked
> three blocks to pastry shop, I ordered coffee sat down. Then L. decided
> chocolate, waited in line for chocolate--took a while. Looked at watch and
> shop clock, ten minutes had lapsed totally. We all were effected by the
> weirdness.
> [KENT] Well, so much for THAT idea--unless something else took place, say,

> China Lake
, <A
HREF="">elsewhere, or unless
the test in June left some type of residue,
> such as we might have seen in <A
>. I received a letter back from an agent
> at Berkeleyt Test
> Subj: Magnet Test
> Date: 7/30/01 2:01:50 PM Pacific Daylight Time
> From: (Stephen A. Gourlay)
> Gentlemen,
> Thank you for you inquiry regarding our magnet test. There have been no
> since June and the fringe field of the magnet is at most 5 Gauss a foot
> outside the magnet and it falls off very rapidly after that. I doubt it
> have been responsible for your observations.
> Best Regards,
> Steve Gourlay
> [The team’s newest niobium-tin dipole electromagnet reached an
> field-strength of 14.7 Tesla. This is more than 300,000 times the strength
> Earth’s magnetic field.]
> 7/30/01 4:26:43 PM Pacific Daylight Time
> I wouldn't discount the Berkeley magnet yet. Just because it wasn't
> at the time doesn't mean there weren't any residual effects. Also, the
> magnetic field does decrease rapidy as you move away from the magnet, but
> nobody really knows what the other effects are and how long they last. It
> might be like throwing a rock out in the middle of a quite lake. The
> take quite a while to get to shore.
> I wouldn't discount the Berkeley