Please look at the Nobeyama helio movies! 


2/25/03 8:24:45 PM Pacific Standard Time

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I took a look at your Nobeyama daily radioheliograph image from 02/23/2003.  All the images for the Daily directory seem to use the 04:00 UT time, so any anomalies you see in this daily directory are showing up because the anomaly started some time before that 04:00 time.  Here's a link to the daily images: Nobeyama Radioheliograph Daily Images

On 2003-Feb-23, this anomaly is part of a long process of some type of flare, I think.  If you look at the movie for the entire day, you'll see this anomaly in action.  Feel free to make a nifty animated GIF out of one of the days.  I don't have a fast enough PC to grab all those images and glue them all together in a reasonable amount of time.

According to records in this radioheliograph page, one of the largest flares ever happened on:
Date: 06-Nov-1997
GOES class: X9.4
Started at 11:49:00 UT
Max flare at 11:55:00 UT
Ended at 12:01:00 UT
I'd say you'd have to call that a "Y"-class flare, if there was a "Y" class.

Homework for DSL/broadband owners: find anomalies in these movies!
Nobeyama Radioheliograph 10mins
Nobeyama Radioheliograph 10min
Nobeyama Radioheliograph sxt
I hope that DSL viewers out there respond back with all the days where obvious anomalies occurred.  It takes time to watch these movies.

Anomaly example: 1999-03-21 1999-03-21 movie.html
Look at animation isf990320_233124.png through isf990321_045124.png

Now with the 03-21-1999 movie, what happened there? It almost looks as if the camera rotated out of place for several hours. Is this what happened? Or is something else going on here?  Did "something" knock the camera out of place?

Examples of anomalous Radioheliograph movies:
Did you see anything anomalous there?

Subj: Nobeyama Radioheliograph

Date: 2/26/03 11:32:41 AM Pacific Standard Time

RE: Sherlock Bill on the Slueth --- see the attached and you will find that the Nobeyama RH is 84 earth bound parabolic dishes that read the RF (about 17 GHz) from the sun to compose their images, so there could be any number of reasons their daily images are fried. Some scurillous intelligence agency could use 17 GHz for commo and the super sensitivity astronomical antennas are picking up side lobe interference.---Larry---