Subj: Merry Christmas! (and a couple extras)
Date: 12/25/01 8:11:10 PM Pacific Standard Time

Merry Christmas, Kent: here are some things I was reading today, along
with Merry Christmas things in multiple languages.

Melt steel with burning jet fuel on nat'l TV/our challenge

Comment (I can't seem to find the 'Many Dead May Be Vaporized' article):

US air defense shut down on 9.11 AFTER ATC alerts received

====== links for message below:
" may be marginally cost-effective to get helium-3 from the moon."

magnetoplasmadynamic is an interesting word:
Has anyone realised that the Flying Triangles might just be prototype
reflecting arrays for the next generation energy source. Not only
that, but with a few tweeks here and there, they’ll also be pretty
nifty for zapping the odd belligerent group of unwashed when the heat
turns up and the food runs out.

Method: A number of GEO and/or LEO satellites with huge solar
collectors and gigaawatt lasers fired by lunar-mined helium-3. Laser
beam or converted microwaves then directed via the Flying Triangles
(great cloud dodgers/busters) to off-shore photovoltaic arrays. Arrays
then simply connected to existing grid. A bit of SDI, a bit of RLV
r&d,  a bit of ionospheric weather control technology thrown in and
hey presto - we’ve got an unlimited energy source in the hands of an
elite few. Hold on tight for the New World Order to kick into

Flying Triangle Assembly: Polycarbonate triangular space frame with
synthetic polymer skin and silicone carbide-based heat exchanger.
Lighter than air construction having sectional helium/hydrogen
buoyancy. E.G. a high-tech airship - I kid you not!

Propulsion: Magnetoplasmadynamic drive on each edge giving
manoeuvrability and rapid burst acceleration to mach 8-12 and possibly
higher. Small electric air prop ducts integrated into assembly for
‘hover and cruise modes’.

Power: Obtained by microwave laser beam from satellite or directly
from ground-based gigawatt lasers.

Classification: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle using Virtual Reality control
from ground base/s or AWAC’s negating air traffic control; flight
clearance; or certificate of airworthiness requirements. They are no
more than glorified model airplanes after all!

Navigation/Orientation: High-resolution GPS/INS/ADS.

Disguise: Various on-board lighting configurations to dupe the UFO
crowd and neatly disassociate the anorak planespotters. (on-going
public perception test/reinforcement a la Rendlesham Forest/Salisbury
Plain stooges).

Eco-Friendly: "Er, well no, not really actually". Hands up who wants
microwaves beaming around when the navigation system cocks up. "Sorry
your baby got fried misses - it was in the public interest". n.b.
background radiation will be permanently higher than that considered
‘safe’ for microwave ovens in the USA or over 7000 times higher than
that considered safe in Russia! Despite the strongly suspected health
effects of long-term, low power microwave radiation on biological
systems, the only safety criteria for leaky microwave ovens is whether
we immediately get burned or scalded. If you get leukaemia ten years
down the line - tough.

Clearance: All known official explanations for the FT now fit and are
indeed true - "no defence significance", "air space not compromised".
Etc etc ad nauseum.

Finance: (Inter Alia), AMP Financial.

Has anyone spotted positive links with the following: Raytheon,
E-Systems/GPS, Lockheed-Martin (Oak Ridge et al), British Aerospace,
Atlantic Richfield, Phillips, DARPA, Shell, NASA (Lewis/JPL),
Rensselaer Institute/the MPD crowd, EISCAT, HAARP, Boeing Defense &
Space, British Interplanetary Society, IPS, AIAA, ERAST, Motorola,
Westinghouse. General Electric Co., AMP, PSIO, SPIE, If you haven’t,
get checking, if you have, get in touch.

Here’s some other interesting names for your search engines: Leik
Myrabo, William Brown, G L Kulkinski, Gen. Fogleberg, A. Bond/R
Varvill/Reaction Engines, John Rather, John Cyrus, SABRE, Electric
Propulsion, Kistler Aerospace Corp, SPS, Skylon, Star-Tek 2025, SiC,
HALE UAV, J Peter Ballantine/GISB, Peter Glasser, John Strickland,
Geoffery Landis, Nyma Inc, Milstar Program, COLSA Corp, Lear Astronics
Corp, Arthur D Little Co., Anser Corp, Thermo Trex Corp, Matra Cap
Systems, Thermochemical Systems Inc, Thomas Morse, General Atomics
Aeronautical Systems Inc, MPT Systems, BAI Aerosystems Inc, LITE
Project, Vitro Corp, Aerobureau Corp, AAI Corp, Teledyne Ryan
Aeronautical, Xybion Electronic Systems, PEPL, The Aerospace
Corp/Munson Kwok, Brice Cassenti/United Technologies Corp, James
Boschma/Bosch Aerospace Inc, Basil Papandales, STARR/Aspirespace, 2111
Foundation, Barbara McKissock, BMDO/Balistic Missile Defense
Organisation, AEC/Entech Inc/Spectrolab, Northrop Grumman, CREE
Research,  Tobias DeBoer, Milstar Program, Bernard Eastlund, Anthony
Ferraro, Yuri Raizer/Vladimir Fraistadt/AJAX, Kenneth Loucks, HTLSTF,
HERTF….more if you want them.

All those professors and all that hard work, let’s hope they’re on a
decent royalty eh? Nice little earner when the oil runs out! What a
shame about all those friendly kitchen table hydrogen engine patents -
if only we’d have listened to the nuts in their garages - at least
they wouldn’t have had an excuse to hike up the price, it really would
have been too cheap to meter. But no, the boys in white coats and
pinstripe suits couldn’t have the proles with their own personal power
generators could they, that’s why they’re sitting on all the patents,
how clever! It also conveniently explains the apparent nonchalance of
the power companies whilst the honey pot empties and the seeming
lassitude of world government’s funding of alternative energy
research, save for a few token pennies thrown at the odd windmill
project to pacify the greens.

Funny how they’ve all been pushing the fear factor button lately with
a load of crap about impending meteors, comets, space junk
what-have-you on a collision course for earth - what better way of
getting us softened up to part with a bit more dosh to help pay for
the whole bloody system.

Kent, Ziggy's archive page is the hugest site I've ever seen for September 11 photos. It doesn't appear that you have this link. It should be good for finding UFOs & other oddities. There were photos inthere I never saw on the news.

I don't recall you having that NY Post shot of the plane 1 second before WTC impact. It CLEARLY shows an explosion happening before the plane even hits the tower! If that's not blatantly obvious to people, then I don't know what is.


Here's your first link about Cherokee Ranch:

and my links:
Nice photo of Cherokee Castle:
From above link, see the cool Timeline of Charlford House/Cherokee Castle:
Library info on the Charlford House:
...Photo link is
Read 'The Lady of the Castle', about Tweet Kimball:
Cherokee Castle links:
 In the file gex_cherokeedaniels, the house should be just to the right of that diagonal road that forks to the left.
The address is:
6113 N Daniels Park Rd, Sedalia, CO  80135-8716
Lat:  39.429896  (39:25:47.626N)
Lon:  -104.914472  (104:54:52.099W)
The Cherokee Ranch was purchased by Mrs. Mildred Genevieve Montague "Tweet" Kimball in 1952. After Mrs. Kimball's death, the castle and surrounding land was established as the Cherokee Ranch and Castle Foundation.
Leonard Yale Millman
DOB using 09/29/1925  last zip: 80220
That should make Millman about 76 years old now?  If that's right, that is.
One Polo Creek Condo, 2400 Cherry Creek S Dr, Denver CO 80209-3251
Home phone: 303-777-6611
Office phone: 303-777-3332
Call 303-698-9049 in case you want to get a condo in ONE POLO CREEK, the same building as Millman.
WAY COOL iPix tour of ONE POLO CREEK!  Pan your way around using the mouse!
That iPix thing is not to be missed!  It's the coolest thing available on the net to see where Leonard Millman walks home!
Overhead shot of One Polo Creek is gex_millman.jpg.  It's right below the curved road (Cherrk Creek Drive South) in the center.
Isn't finding maps and facts about shady people fun?

I'm curious as to which news site listed this ritual. Perhaps you can direct me to the site. I wasn't able to find it from normal searches. But I'm wondering if this recent fatal crash had anything to do with this 'ritual'? The crash happened south of Cherokee Ranch on Rt. 85.

12/21/01: Fatal truck crash in Sedalia CO south of Cherokee Ranch:

This place west of Cherokee Ranch is BIKER-FRIENDLY, as in Hell's Angels guys:

Sedalia Bar & Grill

5607 N. Highway 85

Sedalia, CO 80135

(303) 688-1249

EDITOR: the details about the alleged ritual are so bizarre, and even dangerous, I will only relate clues and the source of a recent report:

EMAIL CLUE: Please take videos to this location, The Kimball Castell in Sedalia, Colorado, (Sedalia is south of Denver at the Castellrock exit and west to Wadsworth then north 1/2 mile on the east side).

SOLSTICE SHENANIGANS: Remember this dour lair



DEC 21ST, 2001, KIMBALL CASTLE, SECRET GOVT. SOLSTICE CEREMONY SEER: If they are pulling crusader stuff then they are attempting to do battle against Tiamat. They view themselves as a continuation of Marduk. If that is the case then things are about to get nasty. It would make sense with the oil tie ins. Oil = blood of Tiamat etc..

EMAIL CLUE: They further are known to stay at the Brown Palace Hotel Downtown Denver.

RESEARCHER: i can confirm...lots of bigshots in denver this' why...
RESEARCHER: FIELD RESEARCHER: unbelievable when i found out...
RESEARCHER: look at december 22 on the calendar...
RESEARCHER: RESEARCHER: this is the cover...
RESEARCHER: they do it every year right around the solstice...

SAURON IN WASHINGTON Tolkien's parable of power – a story for our times

EDITOR: so let's see now, Bush-baby declares he is born-again (from what, his old Skull-daze faction?) and that he is on a Holy Crusade against evil-doers (actually some of his old pals in the oil-cartels, culture-stomping Beezlebub-faction) and you can tell he (W) is a good guy now because he wears a white Stetson, and the citizens (all obviously born-again too, Saved, no matter what, impossible to get un-saved) chant, "Get em, Junior!"

My poor brain! Please Save poor apostate Kento's butt too because he obviously has no clue and thinks the above is a wagon-load of fertilizer.

ANOTHER TAKE Who Plotted The Attempted Coup Against Bush?

Wagon # 2

Faith can conquer evil, says Queen  THE Queen, the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury all delivered seasonal messages yesterday which stressed that the Christian faith found hope [not to mention a pile of loot] in the aftermath of the September 11 atrocities.

EMAIL CLUE: Federal Grand Jury Demand filed in Las Vegas, NevadaUS District Court Sept 2001. Case Number CV-S-01-0714-PMP-PAL soon to be appealed.

Stew Webb, Federal Whistleblower, (702) 362-9567

Subj: Verrry curious double-cross in the 'boonies' of White Sulphur Springs, WV...

Date: 12/27/01 9:14:57 PM Pacific Standard Time


File: whitesulphurcross.gif (57601 bytes) DL Time (TCP/IP): < 1 minute

Kent, there's a verrry curious double-cross in the 'boonies' of White Sulphur Springs, WV...

Note the photo has two PLUS signs to the east of this road that forms a 'V', and supposedly this is near this place called 'Greenbrier'. Flying to the east a while (and slightly south) leads to an abandoned airstrip (called Greenbrier Airfield).

The exact GPS coordinates right over the 2 plusses are:

37.81239981 lat. (North), -80.31364514 long. (West)

Surely you must know some 'Greenbrier' experts that can tell me what the plusses are marking? An underground place, perhaps? These 2 plusses show up in, plus Mapquest IF you use a tweaked URL:,%20Los%20Angeles,%20CA&dtype=a

MapQuest normally WON'T let you get the Aerial Photo for this spot; that's why you have to cheat and change the coord's of the Getty Center to the coord's you really want. (That's how you can get the best possible aerial photo of a place that MapQuest can offer.) Even in MapQuest's aerial photo you STILL see the plus sign! Amazing, huh? I bet there are other plus signs around the US, and if you see one in, you may have hit upon a 'verrrry interesting spot'. Let me know if you find out what these plusses mean. I'll keep looking for more plusses.