Date: 8/14/04 8:14:23 PM Pacific Daylight Time



Mentions Dowth, etc.

sites in Meath county, Ireland

Kent, it looks like you don't have these 2 links about Dowth/Knowth. The second site helps you locate other notable places in Meath county. That whole site is just awesome, and locates nearby places within a set number of kilometers. The second site gives comments about these places, and tells us how touristy the whole Dowth/Newgrange area has gotten. You don't get to be awestruck for as long anymore. Just look at it and get out of here.


8/12/04 7:40:52 PM Pacific Daylight Time


Could you take these cities in BGeiDowthSpots.gif and overlay your
phi/seashell graphic on it?  I wanted to know what other places are
nearby this Newgrange/Dowth/Knowth area.  I made this graphic
transparent so it can be used right away.  The big black line to the
left is the major "Blue Grid" line, which leads to a major EarthStar
junction with 5 lines crossing a few feet east of Pollaphuca Reservoir.

The Bgeidowth.gif shows you the big picture, and Dowth is plotted with a
red thumbtack.  Just west of this Dowth thing is this neat little place
called Tara Hill, being right on that same major grid line.

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a
- Chinese Proverb (unknown)

On the same token, I don't sing about this earth grid because I have all
the answers about etheric energy.  I just know where people have visited
and felt the energy before I ever drew any lines.  That's the kind of
grid you're supposed to draw on the earth: one that mirrors the places
you've already been drawn to.