Subj: Get ready for the LIGHTning of change!

Date: 9/27/02 5:12:16 AM Pacific Daylight Time


Kent, this 'Liberty' person seems to have quite a connection to our US

government, and it seems all our tireless work will soon be rewarded. It's when

we hang out our hat the longest and everything looks gloomy that the LIGHT

finally arrives. Now's a good time to make sure the VCR works! Oh yeah... get

out a lot of tapes, because a ton of events should be on TV when this stuff

starts happening. I'm not sure when this'll happen. Perhaps December 13, 2002,

if is any indication???


September 19, 2002: Liberty here again - very good news. Dream last night: a

dark-haired female spiritual guide sat across a table from me, showing me

Akashic Records for America and the world, beginning late 2002. She has the

following announcement. These words are taken from her, verbatim, as is: "There

has been a shift. Good will prevail. I cannot inform you how President Bush

leaves the White House, but his exit is ordained and is now unavoidable. Do not

feel lack of compassion for him. On our plane he is a great force who has by

his actions galvanized the powers of Good, and thus has engineered the Shift to

LIGHT that has been so long prophecied for all you people. Nod to him with

grace. He has made the new age possible. Here is what will occur. A new

President comes, who has feminine energy. He or she has traveled in Europe and

brings back ideas from the Continent to make America strong. Those who are on

Good's level will greet the changes with sighs of relief. Those in Darkness

will gnash their teeth and find these changes suppressing and suffocating.

First, something will make SUVs outlawed. Those vehicles will be removed from

the road. It will be hard for most SUV owners to resist. A rebate will be

offered by the US Energy Department, giving those owners a sizable stipend if

they agree to surrender their vehicles for new electric ones which are coming.

The automobile industry is about to go electric. It will happen suddenly,

because Light has changed the hearts of men. It will happen overnight, with the

suddenness of the fall of the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall. This is

America's Berlin Wall, the end of the petroleum automobile industry and the

start of electric. It will strike as abruptly - appropriately - as lightning.

Electric trains and monorails will dominate the American landscape. Traffic

patterns will change. Cities will be altered. The air will become cleaner.

Native Americans will take higher positions of visibility in the Government and

perform healing rituals on much scarred land."

The female spiritual guide thanked all of you for your prayers and your hard

work during "this difficult time, this summer of darkness. God has heard your

petition and He is about to take ACTION."

Expect an astonishing autumn and winter, and especially spring of next year

(2003). Expect to see changes you have never imagined and political switches

you never expected. There will be no battle on American soil. America is about

to undergo a spiritual renaissance. Look into yourself and make changes now;

you want to be on the Good side of this when it happens, otherwise these changes

will frighten you and make you question your beliefs about God.

SPECIAL MESSAGE TO LIGHT SOULS who have undergone much fear, panic, failure,

loss of resources and security this year, from the spiritual kingdom: "Now it

will be evil's turn to see changes and loss of stability. All that is built on

Light will prosper; all that is built upon Darkness will perish. There shall be

no hope for the wicked doers as surely as they intended there to be no hope for

you. Praise Spirit and work with the Universe. All that you have lost will be

returned to your hands. Read the final chapter of The Book of Job - even if you

are not Christian. It has a message for you from He who loves you deeply.

Rejoice, for you will soon see victory is yours."