Subj: rethinking that Fried Rabbits page
Date: 1/4/02 7:20:28 AM Pacific Standard Time

Kent I was rethinking your Fried Rabbits page again.  It turns out I skipped over the famous Bill the Arcstarter Pollack.  He must be quite a character.

The best by far is Bill's 25000-joule can crusher (photo links don't work.):

cool tesla links including Bill "the Arcstarter" Pollack:

more can crushers:

valuable metal-warping research page:

READ these tidbits about tesla coil safety:
The moral of the story seems to be: if you have a pacemaker, don't go near anyone with an electromagnetic can-crusher or other RUNNING Tesla coils!

For more fun, there's the crushed-quarter experiments too!

Clark Univ. has a BEAST that fires a 350,000-joule energy burst!
   Now this MONSTER is 14 TIMES more powerful than the 25000-joule
crusher that Bill the ArcStarter made.  Wow!  I can't imagine what that
device would do to other metals like cans and coins, etc.!

Then here's more Bert Hickman shrunk-coin photos.  These are better this
time.  LOTSA different coins, even dual-metal coins that get SEPARATED
into the 2 metal components.  Awesome!

From the above link, I realize the world's best accelerometer is the
Z-machine from Sandia, and whatever their next X-1 accelerometer machine
looks like.  That Z is getting old, but it's definitely not for crushing
cans and shrinking coins.

I hope you enjoy this excellent photo of various joule values!  It's at
the bottom of this page.  I rarely see such an AWESOME comparison of
joules like this, so this is definitely a keeper photo.  It lists the
Tunguska event...basically all the power stuff on your whole site can be
compared with this photo.
more essays are at

WATER POWER: Visit Waiau Waterworks and tell me how the water-powered
clock works.

Sometimes inventions are found in the most REMOTE places.  I hope your
best researchers can tell us how this water-powered clock works at Waiau
Waterworks in New Zealand.  It doesn't appear to be a hoax; and I wasn't
able to find any comments from people saying this place is a joke, and
all that.  Basically I'm desperate to help you encourage the inventors
out there to make some water-powered devices.  I hope all Americans who
can still invent things will look into water-powered devices.  There's
no better time to get these inventions out that RIGHT NOW.

I'll keep looking for inventions, gyroscopes, etc., anything that'll
re-focus our brains.