BARDSQUILL: only met a few of my best friends, ain't life weird nowadays???
SEER: Most definitely.  I adore the internet.  We've got the akashic record/pattern while sleeping, and the net while awake.  I'm an info junkie, so I'm happy as a clam.  How are you doing?
BARDSQUILL: stumblin around here, junk all over, everything lost
SEER: How so?   
BARDSQUILL: me waking up
SEER: ah.  I've been up for a few hours.  I've given up on a sleep schedule again.
BARDSQUILL: Had an online friend call me from Seattle. She claims she is Sheba reincarnate and that the earth has been abandoned except for a few the rest are ghosts. I thought, interesting idea!  Had a lil chunk of the Great Pyramid, took it down to her at meeting for lunch.  Damn she was Miz Shaka Zulu in appearance, gave her the pyramid piece, had lunch and she left, never heard from her again!!!!
BARDSQUILL: I hope I'm not guilty of vanishing the last human on earth, heh.
BARDSQUILL: well she took the lil pyramid piece and said she would use it to ascend forever
BARDSQUILL: guess she did, no emails, no Internet Messages, Sheba Shaka Zulu is gone.
BARDSQUILL: Guess I'm now the last human on earth, everybody else ghosts she said.
BARDSQUILL: So better look in the mirror often, I do, heh
SEER: I know a few humans.  One of them looks rather elven, but he's definitely human.   
BARDSQUILL: Sheba said that on 9-11 everybody vanished
BARDSQUILL: Pyramid activated, everybody got zapped
BARDSQUILL: I love ideas like that, must be tweaked in th head.
BARDSQUILL: Be a good novel
BARDSQUILL: Folks stumbling around, things getting strange and ethereal, final realization, we are not here anymore, just echoes in time.
SEER: On 9-11 I know that my household as well as my 'family' got shifted to an alternate pattern line.  That may be what she is describing.  Most people don't notice when or if they jump line, but I'm willing to wager that you notice and that she did also.  It can be unnerving, because, in a sense everyone does disappear.
BARDSQUILL: Well after talking to ol Sheba, nuthin looked the same since
BARDSQUILL: Question for the morn: If we ascended would we know it?
SEER: Probably not.  I don't really worry about ascension or enlightenment.   
SEER: I figure if it happens, it happens.  I just worry about getting my job done.
SEER: After that it's all butter. :-)
BARDSQUILL: Hmm, think I'll write a short story, this reporting the news day after day hard on me, feel like a parrot.
BARDSQUILL: I'm putting all the ORBIT archives to disc
BARDSQUILL: Then I'm going into dream-mode for awhile.
SEER: Have an enjoyable time :-)  I don't know if I should sleep yet.   
BARDSQUILL: Will do it online to share but the Muses pissed at me.
BARDSQUILL: No, I mean creative-mode=dream-mode
BARDSQUILL: I'm awake now--I think.
SEER: Ah.  Pardon. :-)
BARDSQUILL: second cup o java going down the gullet
SEER: Ooh.  That sounds like a good idea.  I'm going to make some espresso here in a minute.  Thank you for reminding me. :-)
BARDSQUILL: cigs, java, things shaping into focus slowly.
SEER: lol
SEER: speaking of.... I'll be right back.  I'm off to brave the freezing temps out front in the eternal quest for nicotine.   Back in five.
BARDSQUILL: ok I'll be here
SEER: hello again.   
SEER: I'm very excited about moving out of this half horse town.  I feel as though I'm in prison and getting out in a little over a year.  I miss living in an urban environment.
BARDSQUILL: trade ya
SEER: Nope.  I like you.  Couldn't do that to you.
BARDSQUILL: My daughters dragged my sorry butt into town
BARDSQUILL: Before that I was a hippy living in bliss in Redneck country.
BARDSQUILL: for 23 years.
SEER: I can deal with an urban environment, and I can deal with a non-urban environment.  Where I'm living now takes the worst of both and combines them into some strange and horrible combination.
SEER: High rent, nothing to do.  It is horrid.
BARDSQUILL: My farm in Fresno was commune
BARDSQUILL: We partied straight for 20 years.
BARDSQUILL: well not xactly straight
SEER: lol
BARDSQUILL: Had hippies, musicians, mad poets, Old Cowpokes, Bloody Mary wild aging Fem Grandma, kids, Indian Medicine men.