MIDNIGHT RANT AND THE WAR OF THE SEXES, unedited...almost. How to irk, EVERYBODY, which is happening amongst Cro-Magnons everywhere, this, irked-ness, it is called, WWIII, so what the hell, full-speed ahead. Note: if there is anyone out there not mad at me, please notify and I will rectify this as soon as possible--Kent

10/12/01 CORESEARCHERX strikes again

Rumor Mill News

CORESEARCHERX: Kent, Remember that midnight rant we had a while back re: Unocal?

CORESEARCHERX: Well guess what?

CORESEARCHERX: Now new Anthrax case in NY at NBC

CORESEARCHERX: Well Remember where Unocal NY offices located?

CORESEARCHERX: Unocal 30 Rockefeller Plz # 4530

New York, NY 10112-4597

Phone: (212)582-2520

CORESEARCHERX: NOW guess where NBC is located?

CORESEARCHERX: NBC 30 Rockefeller Plz Fl 2

New York, NY 10112-0036

Phone: (212)314-7100


9/25/01 RANT

BARDSQUILL: jeeezuz o'christ, figured out what is causing WWIII
CORESEARCHERX: hey...me and ANON here been waiting for ya!
CORESEARCHERX: So what is causing WWIII?
BARDSQUILL: this is gonna get me in trouble
CORESEARCHERX: so what ELSE is new?????
BARDSQUILL: okay, a huge consortium including US, Saudis, Japan, Koreans, Russians have been heavily invested in a gasline project, the main pipeline running through Taliban land, and..........
BARDSQUILL: but now the Turkmen pipeline project has been on hold, why?
CORESEARCHERX: Because of Taliban.......can't get funding...
BARDSQUILL: because the biggest investor, a company called UNOCAL....
BARDSQUILL: with an investment of 56%  
BARDSQUILL: who by the way is involved bigtime in projects off Texas in the Gulf.......
CORESEARCHERX: right..go on....did you connect you know who finally??
BARDSQUILL: well anyways UNOCAL was training and commissioning the Taliban to build the pipeline, seeeeeeeeeeee
CORESEARCHERX: ok.....go on
BARDSQUILL: but they left with their investments causing the others in the consortium holding the bag and........
BARDSQUILL: here is why UNOCAL left...
BARDSQUILL: The CentGas consortium was cancelled after UNOCAL, the biggest shareholder in the project pulled out due to
the public pressure.  
CORESEARCHERX: "public pressure"?????
BARDSQUILL: The Feminist women groups in the United States alleged that UNOCAL was helping the
Taliban regime that has been ruthlessly killing the minorities in the Afghanistan, and have barred women from every facet of life. The mounting public pressure forced UNOCAL to withdraw
BARDSQUILL: So here we have pissed off Saudis, Japanese, Russians, Turks, Pakistanis all with failed investments
CORESEARCHERX: and..it was the WOMEN who did it
BARDSQUILL: did I say that, noooooo
CORESEARCHERX: mysoginist.....
BARDSQUILL: but anyways....
CORESEARCHERX: go ahead...
BARDSQUILL: one of those other investors, or SOMEBODY, has a big interest in getting the Taliban either controlled or outta there.
BARDSQUILL: but it is of course over money and not, ummmm, the old BATTLE OF THE SEXES!  Whew, saved.
CORESEARCHERX: did you see this new statement on unocal page?
CORESEARCHERX: Unocal has received inquiries about a previously proposed pipeline that, if built, would have crossed a part of Afghanistan. We withdrew from that project in 1998, and do not now have - nor plan to have - any projects
in that country. We do not support the Taliban in any way whatsoever
BARDSQUILL: I mean WWIII couldn't be caused by the battle of the sexes COULD IT?
CORESEARCHERX: welllllll.......sex, oil and heroin perhaps.....
CORESEARCHERX: Updated Sept. 14, 2001: Unocal reiterates prior statements

CORESEARCHERX: http://www.unocal.com/uclnews/98news/centgas.htm

BARDSQUILL: I mean I wouldn't dare do a giant headline.  THE END OF THE WORLD CAUSED BY THE BATTLE OF THE SEXES, would I, be called a mysogo right and left, that'd be bad
CORESEARCHERX: Well........but it wouldn't be possible for that to happen IF there wasn't oil and heroin there as well......so....it's SEX DRUGS AND ROCK AND ROLL
CORESEARCHERX: come and listen to a story 'bout a brother named jeb........
BARDSQUILL: dang consortiums any, there's our dum SECRET GOV, these losers, freakin CENTGAS, kinda like that term
CORESEARCHERX: well screw em...we got friends in HIGH places!!!!!
BARDSQUILL: I'll betya a buck-fifty that either the ROGUE Japanese, ROGUE Ruskies or the ROGUE Koreans provided the tech to blow the WTC!!!
BARDSQUILL: ROGUE Saudis and ROGUE Pakistanis bankrolled the deal
CORESEARCHERX: I was talking about the angels of the  sun....
BARDSQUILL: And here we are traipsing over to kill bin Laden
CORESEARCHERX: Oh...nah...was a woman with PMS!!!!!
CORESEARCHERX: angels...yeah our cosmic helpers..........
CORESEARCHERX: Hey...where are all your pesky angel emailers in all this?????  
BARDSQUILL: must be, sun is pissed off and angels hangin out there day-before
CORESEARCHERX: right...what I mean......
CORESEARCHERX: If things get TOO dark here....will have help from above..........remember.........even the Bible says that God will not allow us to destroy earth...
CORESEARCHERX: totally that is...
CORESEARCHERX: you know has something to do with that "vengence is mine" @$%&
BARDSQUILL: yea, get it now, ol Sol gonna fry all our sex organs to stop the world from blowing up
BARDSQUILL: we will all be ITS
BARDSQUILL: hey aren't angels ITS too?
CORESEARCHERX: MUTANTS............jeesh......if we didn't have sex....@$%&..no one give a @$%& about anyone else...
CORESEARCHERX: Welll....I never looked under an angels "wings" to find out!
BARDSQUILL: good thing I figure stuff out good
CORESEARCHERX: but..I don't think they would fry the sex organs...just make us sterile
CORESEARCHERX: Yeah..you the master
BARDSQUILL: naw they's have to all fall off, better drama
CORESEARCHERX: well......maybe men would have something to fall off...us women be fine
CORESEARCHERX: will have to name you: Kentryetta
CORESEARCHERX: and you can dance around in that tu tu again singing " i feel pretty" like you did that one day
BARDSQUILL: gettin bad, think I'd rather opt for WWIII
BARDSQUILL: wonder if UNOCAL had offices in WTC?
BARDSQUILL: damn, see how I yam, never quit sleuthing gonna get my sex organs fried
Rosecrans Avenue, Suite
 El Segundo, CA 90245
CORESEARCHERX: hmmm...lemme look.....
CORESEARCHERX: for addy that is....
CORESEARCHERX: OH GOD....rosicucians...
CORESEARCHERX: lemme see what infospace comes up with......
BARDSQUILL: damn, can't spel, only thing that'll save me
CORESEARCHERX: who needs to spell with no sex organs??
BARDSQUILL: Maybe my great dream, Dolly, is after all, ME!!!  Hey, that's kinda new-agey!
CORESEARCHERX: THERE YOU GO....find the woman within!!!!
BARDSQUILL: cosmic, far-out
CORESEARCHERX: Unocal Corporation
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY  10112

BARDSQUILL: Ohhh myyy gawddddd
CORESEARCHERX: right there with Dave Letterman!!!!!
CORESEARCHERX: or NBC anyway....
CORESEARCHERX: sorry letterman moved
BARDSQUILL: http://biz.yahoo.com/p/u/ucl.html
also Rosucrucian den
BARDSQUILL: 2141 Rosecrans Avenue, Suite
El Segundo, CA 90245
CORESEARCHERX: well we got the illuminati...the rosicrucians.....all we need now is  some mergovigians...
BARDSQUILL: Hey, need to look at Diana and her boyfriend again, Mervingian and Centgas dude
BARDSQUILL: what was boyfriend's tribal domain again
CORESEARCHERX: Guess what other war they benefitted from
BARDSQUILL: umm, Mexican war?
CORESEARCHERX: Unocal twice lucky in Vietnam
Exploration drilling offshore southwestern Vietnam by Unocal has confirmed the Kim Long natural gas resource in block B and discovered the Ca Voi (Whale) natural gas field in block 52/97.

CORESEARCHERX: http://www.oilonline.com/news/features/aog/20001101.News_Upd.12.asp

BARDSQUILL: now look at Gulf
CORESEARCHERX: am looking here for subsidiaries
BARDSQUILL: good, tired of looking, sense more danger, bad enough already
CORESEARCHERX: At the conclusion of those transactions, Unocal will hold a 49.86% working interest in the PSC; Moeco Vietnam Petroleum, a subsidiary of Mitsui Oil Exploration Co, will hold 30.14%; and PTTEP Kim Long Vietnam, a subsidiary of PTTEP, will hold 10%.

PetroVietnam PSC Supervising Co, a subsidiary of PetroVietnam, will hold 10% once final government approval is received.

BARDSQUILL: stupid rogue consortiums
CORESEARCHERX: OH look at THIS little tid bit
CORESEARCHERX: The additional gas supplies helped meet increased winter demands and allowed Unocal to benefit from rising natural gas prices.
CORESEARCHERX: http://www.unocal.com/annualreport/index.htm

CORESEARCHERX: Here their annual report
BARDSQUILL: bet to warm the Windsor's backsides
CORESEARCHERX: Donald B. Rice, Director since 1998
President, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, UroGenesys, Inc. (biotechnology
CORESEARCHERX: http://www.unocal.com/annualreport/00board.htm

CORESEARCHERX: Kevin W. Sharer, Director since 1997
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Amgen, Inc. (biotechnology)

CORESEARCHERX: Unocal has the skill and experience to continue realizing significant potential from these high-quality assets. For example, we passed a 600-million-barrel cumulative gross production milestone in our Trading Bay Unit (the McArthur River field) in southern Alaska's Cook Inlet in January of this year. The unit has been producing since 1967. We recently passed the same milestone in the Attaka field offshore East Kalimantan. Attaka, our first discovery in Indonesia, has been producing since 1972. Unocal's working interest in both of these fields is 50 percent.

CORESEARCHERX: http://www.unocal.com/annualreport/00report.htm

BARDSQUILL: keep going
CORESEARCHERX: Unocal has significant discovery volumes in the deepwater areas of the Gulf of Mexico and offshore Indonesia, and in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Azerbaijan and Thailand that await either market development or official project sanction before they can be added to our proved reserves. In Asia alone, we have announced discoveries totaling more than 13 trillion cubic feet (TCF) of gross resource potential that could help meet future regional power needs. This includes 3 to 6 TCF in Bangladesh, 4 to 6 TCF in Indonesia, 4 to 5 TCF in Thailand, and 2 to 3 TCF in Vietnam. Unocal's average working interest is about 60 percent
CORESEARCHERX: Deepwater Exploration
Since Unocal first ventured into deeper offshore waters four years ago, we have rapidly positioned ourselves in four key basins around the world. We have so far participated in four deepwater discoveries in the Gulf of Mexico and, as operator, in multiple deepwater discoveries offshore East Kalimantan in Indonesia. We expect to drill 18 to 20 wells in water depths ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 feet this year. These will include our first deepwater wells offshore Brazil and Gabon.

CORESEARCHERX: The West Seno oil and gas field, discovered in 1998, lies about 30 miles northwest of Ranggas-1. The field will be Indonesia's first deepwater development. Our plans are geared toward startup in late 2002, and we expect production to reach 60,000 barrels of oil per day and 150 million cubic feet of natural gas per day by 2004. Unocal's working interest is 90 percent. Gas from West Seno will be processed at nearby Bontang, the world's largest LNG (liquefied natural gas) facility, for export to world markets.


n the Gulf of Mexico, the deepwater drillship Discoverer Spirit is scheduled to drill a total of six wells this year, with targets selected to sample independent prospects in different trends.

In the Atlantic Ocean, we are looking to build a long-term business in Brazil. We have interests in multiple deepwater prospects there, where four wells are planned for later this year. We also expect to participate in at least two wells in the deepwater Congo Fan Basin offshore Gabon this year.

CORESEARCHERX: Our history in the Gulf of Mexico region dates back more than 75 years to The Pure Oil Company's early holdings in Texas (Pure merged with Union Oil Company of California in 1965). In 1937, Pure was a partner in the first offshore, open-water well. Union Oil made its first discovery in the region in Louisiana in 1939 and moved offshore in 1948.

BARDSQUILL: getting danged close there
CORESEARCHERX: OK..here some partners:
BARDSQUILL: see it now, the Rockeffeler Crusader tower blasting the hell out of the WTC with a big iron canon.
CORESEARCHERX: In other areas of North America, we have restructured Unocal's assets to give us interests in companies that have strong regional focus on aggressive growth and an emphasis on natural gas. We have a 15 percent stake in Tom Brown Inc., a Rocky Mountain operator based in Denver; a 34 percent stake in Matador Petroleum Corporation, with operations in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico; and a 65 percent interest in Pure Resources, Inc., which was formed to hold the combined assets of Titan Exploration, Inc. and Unocal's former Permian and San Juan basin assets in West Texas and New Mexico. We also now own 100 percent of Northrock Resources Ltd., with operations in west-central Canada.

CORESEARCHERX: copy this whole page:
CORESEARCHERX: http://www.unocal.com/annualreport/00report.htm

CORESEARCHERX: The U.S. Supreme Court recently decided not to review a lower court decision supporting the validity of Unocal's U.S. Patent 5,288,393 for reformulated gasoline. The patent was challenged by six major refiners in 1995. We were awarded $91 million in damages, interest and attorneys' fees last year to cover '393 patent infringements in California over a five-month period in 1996. We are now moving forward with the collection of additional damages from these infringing companies. Our intent is to make all five of our patents for clean-fuel formulations widely available at fair licensing fees that should have little impact on the per-gallon cost of reformulated gasoline.

CORESEARCHERX:'5,288,393'.WKU.&OS=PN/5,288,393&RS=PN/5,288,393 CORESEARCHERX: United States Patent  5,288,393  
Jessup ,   et al.  February 22, 1994  

Gasoline fuel

By controlling one or more properties of a gasoline fuel suitable for combustion in automobiles, the emissions of NOx, CO and/or hydrocarbons can be reduced. The preferred fuel for reducing all three such emissions has a Reid Vapor Pressure no greater than 7.5 psi (0.51 atm), essentially zero olefins, and a 50% D-86 Distillation Point greater than about 180.degree. F. (82.degree. C.) but less than 205.degree. F. (96.1.degree. C.)

Inventors:  Jessup; Peter J. (Santa Ana, CA); Croudace; Michael C. (Santa Ana, CA)  
Assignee:  Union Oil Company of California (Los Angeles, CA)  
Appl. No.:  628488

CORESEARCHERX: wasn't there someone named Jessup...in relation to Philadelphia Experiment.....think it was Morris or something?
CORESEARCHERX: HMMM..look at this......maybe good? Maybe BS??
CORESEARCHERX: We also recognize our responsibility to reach out to the larger community. In virtually all regions where we operate, Unocal supported education, community development and health-care initiatives in 2000, building partnerships with local governments, and regional or international NGOs (non-governmental organizations). Examples of these efforts include:

A 4-year public health program in East Kalimantan, Indonesia;
Sustainable development and community education projects in the Songkhla Province of Thailand;
Tuberculosis and cholera control programs at the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research in Bangladesh;
Development of family medicine through physician training in Southwest Vietnam;
In-kind, volunteer and financial support for a new residential shelter for abused women and their children near Houston.
CORESEARCHERX: Emerging power projects in China, India and Thailand
CORESEARCHERX: http://www.unocal.com/annualreport/00glance.htm

CORESEARCHERX: Subsidiaries/Affiliates Covered By Hoover's Online
Pure Resources, Inc.

CORESEARCHERX: Top Competitors
BP  |  Chevron  |  Exxon Mobil

CORESEARCHERX: http://www.hoovers.com/co/capsule/9/0,2163,11569,00.html

CORESEARCHERX: remember now...was EXXON that wanted the pipe into CHINA
CORESEARCHERX: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
CORESEARCHERX: http://www.rumormillnews.net/cgi-bin/config.pl?read=11848

CORESEARCHERX: hmmm..@$%&...wonder if we can find a free copy of THIS?
The Iranian Oil and Gas Report
(SMI Publishing, LTD, Mar 21, 2000, Business Reports)

BARDSQUILL: keep a-going
CORESEARCHERX: http://www.hoovers.com/ecomm/product/detail/4/0,3691,6_14604,00.html

CORESEARCHERX: you making me do all the work........
CORESEARCHERX: you just LAY there
CORESEARCHERX: OK..according to Hoovers above..the following has something to do with Unocal....article or??
CORESEARCHERX: The Iranian Oil and Gas Report  
Published by: SMI Publishing, LTD, Mar 21, 2000 Vendor: MightyWords, Inc.
by Shahrokh Koussari
Price: $792.00
ISBN #: 0717370704
Available Formats: Adobe Acrobat Document
(About Participating Vendors)
This management report is designed to give a comprehensive background to the Iranian oil and gas industries, looking specifically at political, legal and business matters in a country which has remained isolated for the past 20 years. It offers insights into recent political developments, the government structure, constitution and the legal system, giving you a head start on the procedural aspect of doing business in Iran.

CORESEARCHERX: http://www.hoovers.com/ecomm/product/detail/4/0,3691,6_14604,00.html

CORESEARCHERX: hope you are bookmarking all this stuff???
CORESEARCHERX: or saving or something....
BARDSQUILL: saving, wait just a sec, need to do a save now then close IM to get more

CORESEARCHERX: OK..here it is...
CORESEARCHERX: Human rights violations YES
CORESEARCHERX: But the reason they stopped may be NOT because of public pressure but...
CORESEARCHERX: because courts ruled in case of BURMA that:
CORESEARCHERX: Unocals Liability
UNOCAL CAN BE HELD LIABLE for human rights violations committed by the government of Burma, a federal judge in Los Angeles ruled in April. The ruling represents the first time that a U.S. court has ruled that U.S.-based corporations can be held liable for abuses perpetrated by their partners in a foreign country.  
CORESEARCHERX: http://www.essential.org/monitor/hyper/mm0597.12.html

BARDSQUILL: hmmmmmmmm
CORESEARCHERX: In October 1996, the democratically elected government-in-exile of Burma filed the lawsuit against Unocal, charging the multinational oil company with wide-scale human rights violations in connection with the construction of a natural gas pipeline in Burma.

CORESEARCHERX: The lawsuit alleges that Unocal's joint venture with the Burmese military regime and with Total, a French oil company, has caused the forced labor of tens of thousands of villagers, the systematic destruction of villages in the pipeline region and other human rights violations.

The lawsuit claims that, as part of the joint venture agreement, Unocal relied on Burma's military government, the State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC), to provide and maintain all military operations in the pipeline region, thereby resulting in severe repression of citizens of Burma

CORESEARCHERX: If nothing else can use above article to see a pattern in how they work with LOCALS to build these things...
... fertilizers, with 1998 sales of $501 million. Unocal produces and sells nitrogen
fertilizers through its subsidiaries Alaska Nitrogen Products, LLC and Prodica ...
www.ftc.gov/opa/2000/09/agrium.htm -  
CORESEARCHERX: http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2000/09/agrium.htm

CORESEARCHERX: Currently, Massachusetts' efforts to link human rights and trade policy threaten to embroil the United States in a dispute before the World Trade Organization (WTO). Legislation now pending in Massachusetts would impose a host of trade sanctions ranging from barring investment of state pension funds to imposing barriers on government procurement on corporations doing business in Indonesia.

CORESEARCHERX: http://www.usaengage.org/studies/lashreport.html

BARDSQUILL: know what, while you/we are finding this stuff, getting a most similar account in email that begins...ready?
BARDSQUILL: Kent,  please do not post this information on you web site -- at least for now.  My reasons for making this request are many, one is your safety and that of your family, mine, etc.

BARDSQUILL: You're an historian so you will appreciate the methods used by the French Underground Resistance during WW II against the Nazis.  I believe if we are not yet, we will soon be, in a position of using similar tactics.

CORESEARCHERX: I don't understand......hold.......the info we finding now??
BARDSQUILL: no, not posting anything, this is in EMAIL just popped up and it covers what we are researching here now, parallels
CORESEARCHERX: oh....well...is it from someone you know or??
CORESEARCHERX: Firms operating overseas also export freedom.  For example, multinational Unocal, has a contract to develop an offshore natural gas field in Burma.    Unocal officials have regularly advocated on behalf of political prisoner and Nobel peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.  The firm has also sought the advice of human rights activists to assist them in advocacy efforts.  Unocal has a standing policy of monitoring individuals' human rights appeals for assistance and trying to intervene on their behalf.  Efforts such as these will be lost if firms like Unocal are forced to withdraw from Burma to comply with state sanctions.  
CORESEARCHERX: http://www.usaengage.org/studies/lashreport.html

CORESEARCHERX: Unocal, Williams sign license agreement for cleaner burning gasoline formulations
El Segundo, Calif., and Tulsa, Okla.,-- Unocal Corporation (NYSE: UCL) and a unit of Williams (NYSE: WMB) have signed a non-exclusive licensing agreement giving Williams the right to produce and blend cleaner burning gasolines using formulations patented by Unocal.  
CORESEARCHERX: http://www.williams.com/news/newsreleases/rel736.html

BARDSQUILL: One side of the ties here are Opus Dei and Vatican banking -- don't forget many of our highly placed government officials are members of Opus Dei -- one is Louis Freeh, among others.  Remember when a "crazed" Muslim wanted to kill the Pope?  On the other side we have the transnational corporations, like Unocal, Exxon, Gazprom, et al.  

BARDSQUILL: quoting the email
CORESEARCHERX: YEAH..but...Kent...just a vibe here....
BARDSQUILL: which is coming in parts
CORESEARCHERX: and could be WRONG Vibe...bbbbbbut
CORESEARCHERX: Maybe Unical......not BAD guys......Maybe Exxon after them??
BARDSQUILL: heard that too
CORESEARCHERX: well that thing above I just sent.......site that was banning all companies that do biz in Burma..yet support unical
CORESEARCHERX: I mean..Kent...they don't make ALOT of money....
BARDSQUILL: quoting other email:
notice  the  % owners  of  proposed  gas  pipe  line ~  this  is  an INDEPENDENT non  EXXON (double  cross)  enterpreneurial endeavor  to  bring  $$$  to  the  wrong
people  ...........  and..........keep  prices LOW.   
CORESEARCHERX: and in this instance the WRONG people......is the peasants right???
CORESEARCHERX: so...maybe kill two birds with one stone here....get everyone THINKING unocal behind all this.......see what I mean.......they would know we would find this out.....unocol that is........
CORESEARCHERX: could be big red herring.....and meanwhile smear the indy competition upstart
CORESEARCHERX: I mean they reporting profits like 176 million...that is nothing in oil/gas
CORESEARCHERX: OK another thing saying they might be good.....
CORESEARCHERX: In addition, Williams’ ethanol business benefits from the Unocal agreement as the company plans to continue using ethanol as one of the major components in its reformulated gasoline blends.  
CORESEARCHERX: http://www.williams.com/news/newsreleases/rel736.html

CORESEARCHERX: Ethanol......bad for good old oil boys
BARDSQUILL: yes, many twists here
CORESEARCHERX: MAYBE..would be good not to put this up yet...follow thru first....rather than immediate.......
CORESEARCHERX: yeah.....public sleuth call might be too much on this one
BARDSQUILL: maybe tho in two hours, heh
CORESEARCHERX: http://www.webcrawler.com/business/companies/major_companies/oil_and_gas/unocal/

CORESEARCHERX: CLIMATE right now...man people really edgy.......really edgy in an emotional way.......
BARDSQUILL: jeez this informer sent 6 posts already
CORESEARCHERX: anything worthwhile?
BARDSQUILL: yep, haven't read it all yet tho
BARDSQUILL: Kent, it only begins here (the pipeline).  The players had to put in place an intricate network to accomplish their goals.  It ultimately led to one arm of this slimy octopus: a company called ITERA registered in Jackonsville FL -- a private Russian subsidiary of GAZPROM

CORESEARCHERX: AH jeez...this @$%& is tedious
BARDSQUILL: then he goes on about ITERA
CORESEARCHERX: man....one company into another into another on and on and on and one......sigh
BARDSQUILL: ITERA is among other things, a construction company, a manufacturer of plastic utensils (are you paying attention?), real estate developers, oil and gas developers, so on and so forth. They're real big believers in off shore banking. I am trying to make this as simple as possible, but it truly is a Gordian knot of political and governmental complexity that is mind boggling. 

BARDSQUILL: .  I am still trying to grasp the enormous implications here. This all ties into Kosovo, the taking down of Milosevic (he refused to play ball), and the destabilization of the Central Asian areas and our bribing these impoverished CIS countries with IMF/World Bank funds (can you spell American t-a-x-$$$?)

BARDSQUILL: ?) I am not sure if China and Russia wholly embrace US plans -- that's why we're waving our national dick in their face -- to prove we CAN piss higher up the fence.   More to come. 

BARDSQUILL: gadzzzzz
BARDSQUILL: now the war beyween the sexes I understood much better
CORESEARCHERX: well...maybe we need a break here..........getting really heavy
CORESEARCHERX: yeah....me too
BARDSQUILL: The Itera International Group intends to produce oil in Texas, Itera Vice President Yevstakhy Nanivsky told reporters. According to him, it is planned to hold respective talks soon and to drill two operational oil wells in an oil field in that state.

BARDSQUILL: part of the Consortiun that dovetails back to afghanistan and gas pipeline
CORESEARCHERX: OK...let's talk fairies...
CORESEARCHERX: oil @$%& giving me the creeps
BARDSQUILL: Russia's Gazprom Itera recently gave up a 10 percent share in the line
CORESEARCHERX: did you see that TORNADO IN DC???
BARDSQUILL: etc. etc.
BARDSQUILL: sped read email on that
CORESEARCHERX: pretty weird tornados in october in D.C.
BARDSQUILL: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A19660-2001Sep24.html

Check out the article...possible scalar weapons use?
BARDSQUILL: from email

Date: 9/25/01 11:55:10 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Fascinating discourse you had on Oil/ Unocal etc with coresearcherx.

Here's some more info along that line.

According to the Council on Foreign Relations website a study on the Middle East from 1998 and discussions on what to do about it  have been going on for awhile. Several oil/gas pipline projects in the Caspian Sea area are on hold because  of regional instability. Some of these involve Russia and Eurasia companies  without US Corporate involvment. (Couldn't let that happen now could we.)


Date: 9/25/01 10:55:37 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Moscow Times Tuesday, Sep. 25, 2001. Page 6  U.S. Pushes Oil Pipe Through Caucasus

By Anna Raff

Staff Writer U.S. officials are reiterating their commitment to building a controversial Caspian pipeline, emphasizing the importance of "diversification" as political volatility increases after terrorist attacks on the United States.

"The U.S. will not be deterred from its business by these events," said U.S. ambassador Steven Mann, senior adviser for Caspian basin energy diplomacy. "We will continue to build stability and cooperation."

What Mann was addressing was the imminent construction of a long-debated pipeline running from Baku, Azerbaijan, through the Georgian capital Tblisi to the Turkish port of Ceyhan. Conceived as a oil route that would bypass Russia, government and industry experts now see it as a pipeline that can become commercially viable if enough crude is found off the coast of Azerbaijan.

An engineering study commissioned last year is progressing according to schedule and construction will start next summer, Mann said. Cost estimates range from $3 billion to $3.7 billion.

"The policy of pipeline diversification is inevitable," he said at a Moscow oil conference last week. "I must stress that this is not an anti-Russian policy. It's a policy of anti-monopoly."

The Baku-Ceyhan pipeline was seen as competing with the Caspian Pipeline Consortium, which has already completed its 1,580-kilometer stretch from Kazakhstan's Tengiz field to the Black Sea port of Novorossiisk. Although the release valves were cranked open earlier this year, tankers won't be loaded for another three weeks, said CPC general director Sergei Gnatchenko.

This kind of half-victory for CPC has led Russian industry leaders to be more skeptical about the need and cost of the U.S.-led campaign for Baku-Ceyhan.

"We welcome this project," Transneft president Semyon Vainshtok -- through a half-smile -- told a U.S. delegate. "If you want to spend $3 billion and then look on as the oil companies choose a more economical route, then go ahead."

Transneft, the state-owned pipeline monopoly, itself is fighting for the opportunity to transport Caspian crude through Russia to other ports, and it has the capacity. The first stage of the Baltic Pipeline System -- stretching from the Timan-Pechora region to the Baltic port of Primorsk -- will add 240,000 barrels a day to Russia's export capacity and is set to go on line by year end.

Other events have called Baku-Ceyhan into question. Several exploratory wells that were drilled off the coast of Azerbaijan earlier this year came up dry, leading some geologists to suspect that the Azeri government has overstated the amount of reserves in the region. Without huge reserves, the pipeline may not make commercial sense.

Mann acknowledged as much."It has to be justified economically," he said.

But there are other reasons driving Baku-Ceyhan's construction. Turkish officials have complained the congestion of ships along the Bosphorus straits pose environmental and safety risks. Baku-Ceyhan will alleviate the jam created by tankers trying to get through to sea.

Chevron has tried to alleviate these fears by guaranteeing that it will do all it can to minimize accidents brought on by oil tankers. The oil major holds 50 percent of the Tengizchevroil venture, which is developing Kazakhstan's Tengiz field. Once CPC begins loading tankers and sending them across the Black Sea, the Turkish government anticipates another 3,000 tankers on top of the 7,000 that annually cross through the straits.

Faced with growing opposition from Turkish environmentalists, Chevron has thrown its weight behind Baku-Ceyhan.

"Chevron supports the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline and believes it will be built," said Ian MacDonald, president of Chevron Neftegaz.



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The Merry Minuet

They're rioting in Africa

They're starving in Spain

There's hurricanes in Florida

And Texas needs rain

the Whole world is festering with unhappy souls

The French hate the Germans, the Germans hate the Poles

Italians hate Yugoslavs, South Africans hate the Dutch

And I don't like Anybody very much.

But we can be tranquil and thankful and proud

For man's been endowed with a mushroom-shaped cloud

And we know for certain that some lucky day

Someone will set the spark off and we will all be blown away

They're rioting in Africa

There's strife in Iran

What nature doesn't do to us

Will be done by our fellow Man