Subj: The darkness spreads
Date: 2/5/02 9:56:52 PM Pacific Standard Time

Looks who's quickly entrenching themselves as the world's top-ranking
terrorists....  The Bush/CIA/Mafia crime-syndicate.

If any other government pulled this kind of crap on us, how long do you
think we would stand by and put up with it?  Besides, we're becoming just
as much victims of our own government as the foreign countries they are
attacking to steal their oil reserves.   Speaking of which....   .... Something I've been
beginning to suspect for a while now.   Sure does explain all their rampant
shredding of court-protected documents and refusal to cooperate or appear
before Senate hearings, not to mention their threats to close down any
further investigations.  Why else would they blatantly behave with such
ruthless lawlessness, unless guilty?  Lucky for us Dubya has made it legal
to incarcerate on suspicion alone, so we really won't need the shredded
evidence anyway.   I'm afraid if we don't soon bust the Bush/CIA/Mafia
crime-syndicate, they just may 911 us all to prevent us from ever doing so.

Finally,  I won't be surprised if some Bush-Cartel sponsored
agents/terrorists trash Toronto, just to "clean up" this embarrassing
little "loose-end" of theirs, while possibly fanning the flames of the
dull-wits in order to further their cause.

So it's now very apparent that the Navy, as well as the Air Force were both
in on the 911 planning.  In addition, Jeb Bush put Florida under martial
law a few days in advance, to provide the elite residents of Jupiter Beach
and brother Dubya with a safe-haven, (not to mention a shield of young
school-children).  Why else would Dubya stay glued to a bunch of toddlers,
completely reactionless, during the most defining moment of his term?  By
the way, it's also proven he knew of the attacks before entering the
classroom.  But just how far in advance did he know?  The Russians knew,
the French knew, the MOSSAD knew,  The head of the CIA did a little
short-selling of the two afflicted airline company's stocks in advance, so
they obviously were in on it.  At this point, it might be more pertinent to
ask; who the heck WASN'T in on the 911 attacks?   It seems ol' Osama was
the only one in on this plan, who was caught completely by surprise (not
that he seemed too disappointed)!   Oh yes, and of course the 911
"terrorist pilots" who are still living and breathing today (one's still
flying airliners), I'm sure they are all still just a little
bewildered.....  Not the least at our stupidity.

The most galling part of it all, is that these same 911 accomplices within
our government, now expect us to give up our freedom, our education,
healthcare and paychecks..... for what?  To fund their ongoing attacks
against America and the other free people of the world.  It's high-time for
the whole schoolyard to stand together against the tyranny of these bullies
and teach them what respect is all about.