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 A very interesting comparison of the ridges and slumped crater to a serpent. As a geologist I see the elliptical feature as a deformed crater, which slid down the side of the pyramid-shaped mountain. Perhaps the impact itself destabilized that side of the mountain, and caused an arcuate fault to develop, which can be seen to cut the crater and form its upslope side. As the slump developed and the material moved down and away from the mountain along the fault plane, it would rotate into the fault, causing the tilted nature of the crater today.

Serpent mounds interest me also. David Wood (1986; see Planetary Mysteries) discovered a serpent feature in the valley of Rennes in France (see Crescen2.jpg). He showed that this feature was consistent with mythology, which placed the Serpent in the heavens, where according to the Rennes-le-Chateau terraglyphs (which he discovered), the Arc Crescent of Nut is positioned across the head of the Extended Pentagram.

 Then I was led to discover that the Freemasons designed Philadelphia after the same secret diagram. Mysteriously, the Serpent is no longer positioned at the head of the Extended Pentagram and inside the Arc Crescent of Nut (compare Crescen2x.jpg with philade7x.jpg).

 The Star Union, which Wood discovered (see Staruni1x.jpg), is a stylized representation of the Sirius star system, with the bright visible Sirius A represented by the Hexagram, and the invisible dark star companion, Sirius B, represented by the Extended Pentagram. Now in this duality identities can apparently change. The Hexagram is typically called the Star of David while the Extended Pentagram can be called the Star of Delphia, and Delphia is another name for Isis. Wood (1986) considers the Extended Pentagram to be the symbol for Isis.

But according to Temple (1987), Sirius B, the dark star or invisible companion of Sirius A, is equivalent to Nephthys, the sister of Isis. And when Sirius A, the visible star, takes its 72 day journey below the horizon of Earth into the underworld, it also becomes an invisible star. In the underworld it is Nephthys who Set thinks he is impregnating during the underworld journey of Isis. Set is the husband of Nephthys, you will recall, and I guess he could not tell the difference between his wife and Isis in the dark, as the myth relates. Thus, we seem to have a dual meaning to the resurrection of Osiris. The question becomes: Who is being resurrected?

A strange mound was created or shaped at the center of the Extended Pentagram in Philadelphia, marking the position of the Womb. In France this position is denoted by a Stonehenge-like circle of large stones, called "le Cercle." In Philadelphia this mound is called Mt.Pleasant, of course, because the Womb is a very pleasant place for Creation. But this quasi-circular mound is also positioned next to the lower portion of the Schuylkill River (which can be pronounced Skull-kill, perhaps a perversion of Baphomet, the sacred skull worshipped by th Knights Templar: See Magdskl1x.jpg). Together the mound and the lower sinuous portion of the river form a Serpent, which can be seen snaking its way north from the point it empties into the Delaware River. Symbolically the mound forms the head of the Serpent, which can be seen swimming up through the legs of Isis (or Nephthys, depending on your perspective), and into her womb to become reborn as Horus. I find it very interesting that the largest Masonic temple in the world was built just north of the head of the Serpent in a position that corresponds to the oval "egg" at the mouth of the Serpent Mound in Ohio. This position within the Extended Pentagram also corresponds to the position of the church at Rennes-Le-Bains in France. I also find it very interesting that the Philadelphia experiment took place in the harbor at the tail of the Serpent, and involved deception through making a ship invisible.

In essence, I was allowed to decipher a great secret of the Freemasons, one which only those at the highest levels know about. That is because of the implications: If the Serpent represents Lucifer, and the Rennes-le-Chateau diagram is the pre-fall condition, then the Philadelphia diagram is the post-fall condition. And we know based on Egyptian myth that Isis went searching for the pieces of her dead husband, Osiris, after Set killed him and cut him up into 15 parts. She was able to find only 14 of those parts. It was his penis that she could not find. So, she fashioned a penis out of a stick or branch, and used it so that she could become impregnated by Osiris, even though he was dead (apparently his sperm was still viable, i.e. those mini-serpents :-) And thus Osiris was reborn as Horus, the rising Sun or resurrected Osiris. But because his penis was substituted by a branch, which was turned into a Serpent by Moses, does that mean that Set not only killed his brother, but tricked Isis into thinking that it was the child of Osiris she was carrying, when in reality it was the child of Set?

There is a most interesting passage in the Book of Revelation, which comes in Chapter 22, the last chapter. In verse 16, Jesus says: "I Jesus have sent my angel to you with this testimony for the churches. I am the root [stick] and the off-spring [branch] of David, the bright morning star."

Now this is a very troubling passage for fundamentalist Christians who think that the bright Morning Star is Lucifer, because Venus to them is the symbol for Lucifer. To the ancient Egyptians, Venus was the symbol for Isis. And Isis is vilified by fundamentalist Christians, as are all goddesses and anything feminine. Even the female or Matriarchal part of the Trinity was demoted and neutered to make the Holy Ghost. And if the bright Morning Star represents Isis, we can understand Jesus' statement, because he likened himself unto Horus, the resurrected Sun.

But is Jesus saying that he is the off-spring of the bright Morning Star, or is he saying that David is the bright Morning Star? And if Venus is the symbol for Lucifer, then could we not have a parallel between the Philadelphia version of Redemption and Rebirth and what Jesus is saying? The Serpent [Osiris] falls through the actions of his counterpart, Set, and becomes the guardian of the underworld (symbolized by Anubis, the guard dog). He then struggles back up towards redemption [in the womb], and is saved by Isis [or is it Nephthys?], who allows him to be reborn through her and become her son!

This is essentially the story told to me by KaRa in 1995.

So much to think about.

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