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> Sequoia Voting Systems is not only the nation's most experienced provider of
> touch screen voting systems. It is the only company in the United States with
> an uninterrupted track record of successful countywide installations.
> Sequoia, in fact, is largely responsible for the nation's current interest in
> touch screen voting, having pioneered the first major countywide installation
> in Riverside County, California during the November 2000 presidential
> election, before election reform became a national priority.
> Our tamperproof products, including the AVC Edge® and the AVC Advantage®, are
> sought after from coast to coast for their accuracy and reliability. And our
> installation team is second to none, having managed thousands of electronic
> elections for 14 years in 16 states.
> So while the national media focuses on problems involving companies that have
> only recently entered the touch screen arena, Sequoia's customers from Palm
> Beach County, Florida to the suburban Seattle county of Snohomish, Washington
> continue to enjoy the accolades that result from having carefree, accurate,
> electronic elections in partnership with our seasoned team of dedicated
> technicians and former election administrators.
> But Sequoia's success with touch screen voting ultimately reflects much more
> than having a superior product or a more experienced installation team. It
> reflects the fact that we've been managing and supplying equipment for U.S.
> elections for more than 100 years, longer than any other company in the
> election business. It reflects the extraordinarily high level of teamwork and
> mutual trust that we develop with each of our government clients. We know
> there is no one-size-fits-all approach for every jurisdiction, so we listen
> to our customers and try to understand their specific needs and concerns so
> that we can build customized solutions.
> Our success with touch screen voting also reflects the intense focus on
> product accuracy and security that we share with our parent company, UK-based
> De La Rue. De La Rue is the world's leading provider of tamperproof products
> and automated systems designed to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and
> security in our everyday transactions with businesses and government
> agencies, from ATM and electronic voting transactions to the production of
> national currencies, travelers checks and government identification cards.
> In addition to printing 125 national currencies as well as the omnipresent
> American Express travelers checks, De La Rue invented the highly accurate and
> secure cash-counting mechanisms used in automated teller machines. More than
> 1,200 financial institutions in 60 counties currently use De La Rue's
> cash-counting mechanisms to secure their customers' transactions, much like
> Sequoia's touch screen voting machines accurately and securely count people's
> votes.
> De La Rue is also the world's largest provider of tamperproof national
> identity cards, passports and driver's licenses. Its passport and national
> identification programs are used by more than 50 countries, including Mexico
> and Chile, which have the largest national identification card programs in
> Latin America. De La Rue's contract to produce tamperproof driver's licenses
> for the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles is also one of the
> largest in North America and is considered by Office of Homeland Security
> officials to be among the most secure identification card programs in the
> world, providing a much needed template for other states that are seeking to
> enhance their driver's license document security.
> Working in collaboration with the world's premier law enforcement agencies,
> including Interpol, Scotland Yard and the FBI, De La Rue has also developed
> highly sophisticated security systems designed to foil identity theft and
> fraud. De La Rue is also working with Sequoia to develop a new generation of
> high security products that use smart card technology and signature
> verification biometrics. And while we can't yet share the specifics of the
> new products we have under development, we can assure you that De La Rue and
> Sequoia will continue to set the highest industry standards for accuracy and
> security in every application we introduce to government agencies, businesses
> and consumers around the world.
> Nobody pretends that democracy is perfect or at all wise. Indeed, it has been
> said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other
> forms that have been tried from time to time.
> —  Winston Churchill, November 11, 1947
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