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[Kent ... notice anything strange that morning??? ... Arlene]

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Your post is extremely interesting with regard to the recent Seattle quake.

> How Applied Radio Physics
> "Pulls" Weather Systems
> A second meteorological mystery
> that the clandestine weather
> modification thesis explains is
> the sudden -- almost instantaneous--
> disappearance of cloud before the
> eyes of amazed onlookers.

and ...

> Clandestine Weather Modification
> of course does not rely on
> broadcasting soot to heat cloud.
> Advanced radio physics has
> yielded a technology that
> permits high-frequency
> high-energy waves to be
> projected to the ionosphere
> which in turn serves to reflect
> and focus excited (heated)
> electrons and ions onto
> 30-mile-diameter targets
> thousands of miles from the
> transmission point. This
> means of heating objects
> from a distance gives CWM
> its weather-system "pull"
> in two ways:

A question ...

Could this advanced radio physics, sufficient to affect an immediate disappearance of
cloud, in any fashion trigger earthquake activity?

The reason I ask is as follows.  I live in the vicinity of Victoria, B.C. The Seattle
quake was felt very strongly here. On that morning at sunrise I noticed very red skies ...
and the old adage sprang to mind ... red skies in the morning ... having lived on the
westcoast my entire life I am familiar with weather patterns and the veracity of red
morning skies as precursor to a cloudy, usually rainy, day. 

Well several hours later, a cloudy cool morning here, the earthquake struck
Interestingly, almost immediately subsequent to the quake, within several minutes, I
noticed the sky was blue, the sun shining, and the air temperature had warmed
considerably.  I recall being rather startled at the immediacy of the change ... and
interestingly, my neighbour - completely unconscious with regard to any of these topics at
hand - commented, with similar surprise, that 'at least the earthquake made the sun come
out ...'

So I question ... could a weather modification trial have been in practice resulting in
the quake??? Or was the apparently sudden change in weather a natural consequence
unrelated to any insidious interference???