Subj: Sarfatti & Schauberger
Date: 7/5/01 6:08:16 PM Pacific Daylight Time

This is all I can offer for "Thinking outside the box".  The first link has to be new for you since it just came out yesterday.  This is all new for me so it's like I'm in school again.  We should re-examine the preposterous ideas... ask ourselves why an invention or idea cannot become reality.  What about a flexible 3-dimensional electronic screen-clay that can mold in any shape or color to help out architects and designers?  Can that be real?  May more people get out of the mental rut they're in.  Instead of looking great we should all think like a million dollars now.  It seems so hard for the average person to "think of nothing".  Nope, nope, gotta be thinking of something... how about nothing?  That's my thought energy for today.
NEW! Jack Sarfatti's Hyperspace Notes from July 4, 2001 (1MB file):
Viktor Schauberger:
Groups that care about Schauberger's ideas:
This guy thinks outside the box:
Interesting article about Schaumberger.  Try to answer his questions: