3/20/2006 5:51:23 P.M. Pacific Standard Time


Look at this and watch the weather in the big spot. Then look at the other spots that appear about it...they appear to be added...diminishing the larger section--draining the weather. How much of this scene is natural---how much is "managed/engineered"?

Now look at the scalar clouds.......always done BEFORE a front (spraying... my thoughts are the metal is grounding the "electrical energy" from 'electric universe' .

It looks like the weather occurred BEHIND the front (negating any benefit from the spraying in this case).

I believe these events are for the most part occurring naturally. Most likely part of a celestial object approaching our solar system. Storms are certainly "different" and bigger.........and more.

I wonder if posting this in the "water vapor" selection, if they won't remove it as they have so many others? The paradox again...do we or don't we? I guess my answer is: Those of us awake now know it. It this alerts or awakens any number of others, it is worth it. Show it.