Subj: saudi visas
Date: 10/24/01 6:51:42 PM Pacific Daylight Time

ok...let's see...

the u.s. tells the saudis that they will not make it any more difficult
for saudi citizens to enter america...this includes lack of any
significant background check...

uh, check me if i'm wrong, sandy, but at last count a minimum of 8 of
the 19 hijackers involved in the events of 911 were saudi nationals.  it
may turn out to be as many as 13...

in the meantime, american citizens line up and cheer congress on as they
speedily ram thru draconian legislation that will eliminate the
constitutional rights of legitimate americans...which has now become the
definition of 'patriotic'...

i know i'm merely a reactionary, whacko, conspiracy theorist, but
doesn't this seem at least a little bit strange to anyone else on this


mike the saudis came out and claimed that iraq was involved in
the 911 we can all witness bush vs. saddam
II...maybe it will be on pay-per-view...all while 7 million afghanis
starve to death this winter...

U.S. assures Saudis visa requirements won't change

Special to World
Thursday, October 24, 2001

ABU DHABI — The Bush administration has assured Saudi Arabia that its
nationals will not be restricted from entering the United States. Arab
diplomatic sources said the U.S. embassy in Riyad has not been issued
new restrictions regarding visa requirements for a Saudi national.

The sources said the administration assured the kingdom that Saudi
nationals will continue to enjoy access to the United States. This
includes the lack of exhaustive interviews or background checks.

On Tuesday, Saudi Defense Minister Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz met U.S.
ambassador to Riyad Robert Gordon. The official Saudi news agency said
the meeting concerned "issues of mutual interest."

Saudi officials were concerned that the United States would tighten visa
requirements amid reports that eight of the 19 suicide hijackers who
destroyed parts of New York and Washington on Sept. 11 were Saudi
nationals. Last year, more Saudi nationals received U.S. visas than any
other citizens from the Arab world.

"The Saudi citizen must be treated with the due respect in any country
as is the case with peoples of other nationalities," Saudi Interior
Minister Prince Nayef Bin Abdul Aziz said. "Even if there were Saudis
accused, a whole nation and people must not stand accused."

During fiscal year 2000, more than 60,000 Saudis were issued visas. The
next highest figure from an Arab country was Egypt, with nearly 49,000
visas granted...

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