By the way -- one of the JASON references I use relates to Richard L. Garwin, who admits to working on several JASON group papers -- see below:  

"The   author  consulted  for  the  Los  Alamos  National
           Laboratory from 1950 to 1993, and  since  then  for  the
           Sandia  National Laboratories.   Most of his work at Los
           Alamos  was  involved  with  nuclear   weapons   design,
           manufacture  and  testing.    In  recent  years  he  has
           reviewed for the Department of Energy matters related to
           nuclear  weaponry   and   particularly   the   Stockpile
           Stewardship  program, primarily as a member of the JASON
           group of consultants to the U.S. Government.    Some  of
           the      JASON      reports     are     available     at
  together with other recent papers
           by the author. He is a member of the National Academy of
           Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering,  and  the
           Institute  of Medicine.   In 1997 he received the Enrico
           Fermi Award from President Clinton and the Department of
           Energy, "for a lifetime of achievement in the  field  of
           nuclear energy."  He is a member of the National Academy
           of  Sciences'  Committee  on  International Security and
           Arms Control, which  in  1994  and  1995  published  two
           reports   "The  Management  and  Disposition  of  Excess
           Weapons  Plutonium".     He  served  on   the   9-person
           Commission to Assess the Ballistic Missile Threat to the
           United  States,  established  by the U.S. Congress, that
           issued its report in July 1998."
This reference is included in my report.  I think it is reference 27 or 28. It is hard to find JASON Group references, but here it is, Richard L. Garwin in a former JASON Group member who worked on the Pu-238 question.