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Re: Italian-Dutch satellite falls out of orbit after seven years in space
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SOURCE: Prensa Libre de Guatemala
DATE: April 28, 2003
A strange artifact that fell out of the sky was a cause for alarm among residents of the Barrios Canton in Mataescuintla.
The odd device, which resembled an axle wrapped in nylon, fell from the sky in a coffee plantation belonging to Luvia Cruz Toledo, setting some of her coffee plants on fire.
A child near the site witnessed the fall and saw it leave a hole among the tree branches. After hitting the ground, it rolled some 20 meters. Concerned residents notified the authorities. Members of the explosives brigade of the National Civil police reached the area and carefully moved the artifact to dismantle it and analyze it. Although its origin has not yet been established, there could be a possible relationship with the emergency declared in Colombia over the possible fall of the Italian research satellite "BeppoSAX".

And Another Falls in Santa Rosa?
The Object <files/UFO_News/object.jpg>.- This is a fragment of an Italian satellite. It fell in Chiquimulilla, Santa Rosa, causing initial speculation that it was part of a UFO, but it was a false alarm.
As of this morning no scientific analysis had been performed on the satellite fragment that fell during the early hours of Sunday in Barrio El Calvario de Chiquimulilla, Santa Rosa, causing general alarm for the past 24 hours.
What is known about this object is contained in a police report confirming that it is not explosive, just a piece of space junk weighing approximately 30 pounds, having the length and diameter of what could be a metal axle. There is still no scientific analysis that is necessary in this case to determine the presence of radioactive waste harmul to those who have come in contact with the device. The object is a chunk of an Italian satellite that had been in orbit since 1996 to collect X-ray information. Its deorbiting was announced for the 24th of this month, since there were many pieces tha turned to flotsam after the satellites disintegration.
Authorities said they were taking a wait-and-see approach to the object, since it could either be as harmless as a cotton ball or on the contrary, far more hazardous than any explosive, although the consequences would be different. For this reason they are waiting for a NASA scientist to come and inspect the artifact to see if it is necessary to isolate it and avoid any possible contamination.


Italian-Dutch satellite falls out of orbit after seven years in space
Everything that goes up must come down, including a 3,086-pound Dutch-Italian satellite that splashed into the Pacific Ocean seven years after being sent into space.
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Yup, got that, also "meteors" were seen over Oz

Seen over Indonesia

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