HAARP, satellites, bad weather, SAF and Lizzies

12/30/01 8:12:06 AM Pacific Standard Time


Altho I frequent Hoagland's website, I'd not seen the article connecting satellites to HAARP -- now the lightbulb comes on 

The EQ Peagasi story is pretty old and I don't know that the Dore mystery was ever resolved, but the repositioning of the shuttle to get Orion into the shot truly amazed me.

Shortly after the docking, we got the "evil weather" over Turret Peak. I heard that guy on Art Bell: his engine froze. Clearly something electromagnetic was going on.

I know (as do you) that there began an effort to discuss at ELFRAD some of the connections among HAARP, ELFs and radar rings, but WHO exactly is connecting the dots?

This morning Condon notes....
Date: December 30, 2001 at 05:56:14
From: Frank Condon,
Subject: 24 Hour ULF: San Jacinto/Cucamonga

URL: 24 Hour ULF Report


Hello all:
I observed increasing magnetotelluric readings that are some of the highest sustained levels ever recorded. The latest surge was immediately after a micro-quake in the Northern Baja region of Mexico. Possibly this indicates that another moderate quake is in the formation stage within the region between Yuma and San Diego, CA and along the border region with Baja. Other ULF activity is associated with the seismic activity along the San Andreas fault from Pinnacles and as far south as Fillmore, CA and the San Cayetano fault in Ventura County. I increased the current warning level to a M4.5 to 6.0 for Southern/Central California/Baja. See the complete report for a list of all hot-spots detected from the lab.

Something awful is going on! The Pinnacles have been rocking madly and so too Salton Sea. Are "they" deliberately trying to fulfill prophecy to split the SAF and cause CA to fall into the ocean? It's beginning to look like it. I monitor the "sensitives" who seem to be "feeling" pulses like crazy. And did you know that Audubon's Christmas Bird Count found unusual species all over the place? I wanted to send the link to you but it 404d. Birds also responding to chaotic geomagnetism? 

It feels like we are blind leading the blind, folks feeling various parts of the elephant. I truly appreciate what you have been trying to do and know it must be overwhelming. Have you visited the Cassiopaea website at all? I've been reading the Wave series. My own life (rendered homeless Christmas 2000 and broke ever since-- another story, but why I cannot pay the piper right now -- I'm "under attack" big time.) parallels Laura's story, I'm now convinced of the truth of the matter of Lizzies – 4D STS. Monotheism is our worst enemy: invented by 4D STS and they ain't nobody gonna "save" us unless we wake up. The New Age stuff especially drives me out'n ma tree because through it we keep sending Lizzies "Love & light"! Thereby do they "suck our energy."

The site is in the process of moving. Recommended reading:

The series also has good info about what is really going on with channeling and abduction. Lizzies came from Orion and "Grays" are their "robots." Most of us have implants for tracking and for "programming." 

The Cassies emphasize: "Knowledge protects," "trust no one," and "expect the unexpected." Rather rock-and-hard-place formula, but the answer appears to lie in use of the right brain AND in NETWORKING for the sake of gaining knowledge, which can "deactivate" the programmed chips. (Hey, are we artists exceptionally right-brain folks or not?) (Lizzies split the hemispheres 300,000 years ago) Also read a science article this week (wish I'd saved the URL) that spaciovisual intelliegence is actually SUPERIOR to measured IQ. 

Kent, you're on the right track, so, hey, keep visualizing! Just thought I'd send a pat on the back and maybe help connect a few more dots. Maybe when the "Wave" arrives (called a Realm Border Crossing) our hemispheres will be more cooperative? Meanwhile, all we got to help us, I guess, is applying reason to intuition. Keep on...

EDITOR: a wild bodysnatcher hunch here, if earth is getting pulsed with...well...vibes, could these frequencies be rewriting DNA or perhaps all reality? Perhaps 3D is in manifestation as a result of some kind of ethereal-wave blueprint?







Clones, mutants?


MAYBE GOOD: It will be both a tremendous blessing and a terrible curse. It's the most powerful tool ever conceived. By engineering the Schroedinger equation, for example, one can theoretically engineer physical change itself. One can actually engineer physical reality, change the laws of nature, and determine if a thing shall even emerge into physical quantum change at all, or if it shall change its physical form.

MAYBE BAD: On the other hand, it will also be possible to simply pull out a personality-structure from a person, without his or her consent, and insert another. Or to alter a given personality structure by just altering and re-recording the software. This technological possibility, of course, will certainly be noticed by would-be egomaniacs and dictators, for it can yield the ultimate mind control. It will also be possible to provide direct input inside the mind, surreptitiously, from a distance and without the knowledge and consent of the individual affected.


Maxwell's original theory is, in fact, the true, so-called "Holy Grail" of physics ... the first successful unified field theory in the history of Science ... a fact apparently completely unknown to the current proponents of "Kaluza-Klein," "Supergravity," and "Superstring" ideas ....


Subj: Another view on the origins of monotheism and our obsession with "time"

Date: 12/31/01 7:54:33 AM Pacific Standard Time Just read your note:

EDITOR: a wild bodysnatcher hunch here, if earth is getting pulsed with...well...vibes, could these frequencies be rewriting DNA or perhaps all reality? Perhaps 3D is in manifestation as a result of some kind of ethereal-wave blueprint?

Think 3D is in manifestation because we bought the farm! I think it all depends on WHO is pulsing us!

Is it possible our wars are really "time" wars?

In Time Wars,


author Jeremy Rifkins points out that it was the Jews who first put an emphasis on "history" -- a history of a "Chosen People," which emphasis gave us linear time. Prior to that mindshift, "time" was mainly regarded as cyclical, agricultural, ruled by guess who -- a goddess. The Jews gave us YHWH and "dominion" rather than cooperation with Gaia. Parenthetically, Rifkin goes on to tell how Henry Ford and the factory whistle deepened our obsession with linear time -- and dominion, to boot.

"Rags and Tatters" gives a very good accounting about how much of Jewish "history" simply cannot be substantiated; both personages and events are "borrowed" from other cultures. The authors, Arkadiusz Jadczyk and Laura Knight-Jadczyk, are two people seem to know whereof they speak. They seem to have done their homework and are well grounded in both history and mythology. Ark is also a physicist.

Science is rapidly coming close to myth in the present era, and it has an awful lot to do with the illusion of linear time. Time appears to be variable and is certainly manipulatable, at least in terms of writing history books it is! (The victors always write them!) It now appears that the observor (the guy wearing the watch) affects the experiement and so too time is more of a variable in science, as is the "mindset" of the observor.

In the end, everything IS mental! Because all archaeological dating in the Mediterranean has been premised upon Egyptian chronology under the influence of foundations laid by believers in biblical chronology, today, not very dang much is as it appears to be. A mind-boggle, huh?

Recommended reading on biblical "history":