FLIGHT 77   

Recent email from Pentagon:

Date: 10/29/02 8:27:43 AM Pacific Standard Time

From: RyanDennis ANON

To: bardsquill@aol.com

Hello Kent Steadman,

My name is Dennis Ryan and I just saw your website with my name and pictures plastered all over it. I would be delighted to speak with you and any other interested party. Your conspiracy theory, regarding my partcipation is pure bunk, but I will be more than happy to discuss things with you.

Dennis Ryan, Pentagram staff writer

[Phone, email addy ANON]

P.S. Contact me and I will tell you about the top-secret alien technology hidden in the Pentagon sub basement.

REPLY: I take reports from many, stating diverse positions. Be glad to receive and publish yours.--Kent

10/29/02 10:54:57 AM Pacific Standard Time

I am a contract employee who covers the pentagon and surrounding Army
posts. I work a mile from the Pentagon and when it was hit, dashed there.
People were holding what they thought were parts of a plane. There were bits
and pieces strewn all about and I do remember stepping over a street lamp
that was knocked down by the plane. I interveiwed then and later at least a
dozen witnesses of the event, who all stated that they saw clearly an
American Airlines plane pass overhead and into the building.

I also cover Arlington National Cemetery and attended many funerals, ranging
from Capt. Burlingame of the hijacked airliner to a group burial that
contained remains of a three year old child. I have seen more friends and
family members of the victims than I care to remember crying their eyes out
at the funerals.

To even intimate in the slightest degree that these deaths and the carnage
of the Pentagon was staged is beyond absurd. It questions the veracity of
those who are still mourning their loved ones.

The exercise that I attended with a cardboard Pentagon is all a part of my
regular routine of covering military exercises of all types. Anyone who has
ever driven past the Pentagon can see after a minute or so that it lies
directly in the flight path of nearby Reagan National Airport and to prepare
for a possible airliner crash was just plain prudence and in keeping with
general military procedure. To imply that because I did a story on an
exercise about a potential plane crash, that I was somehow part of some
insidious plot is not only wrong but crazy and totally irresponsible.
Printing anything that anyone sends you, no matter how rediculous, is
completely amoral.

Being a contract employee, I am extremely low on the food chain in this town
and would be the last person in the world that anyone would attempt to
recruit for such a "nefarious plot." Please put the computer down and go
outside and get fresh air.

You have my email address and phone number wrong and you implied that I
wouldn't want to talk. Man, I am a nobody, I have no tales to hide. I do
have to admit I was flattered to be included in your little delusion, but on
second thought, man, get a grip, please.

Remember what Freud said,"sometimes a dream is just a dream." trust me I
have absolutely nothing to  gain from this, the plane hit the Pentagon and
184 people died. That's it.

REPLY: Thanks for your position. Published more at:


I left off your actual email address and phone which I do by default unless I get specific permission to do otherwise. Be glad to add them to your report.

Do you have more pictures of the debris? Be glad to include as well. I am MOST interested in your report and will post and edit as you wish.