Subject: Russian Comet

Date: 10/1/2006 7:33:00 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Kent.
 some extra padding and observations that you may use freely as you see fit.   Hope you find interesting..
warm regards..
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Dear D,

It looks as if we're not going to get an answer from the Russian astronomer. I tried to google for the coordinates in Russian, but no go. In looking back over his diary entries on ,  Nicolai Federovskiy has lots of email every day.

So I imagined how to find the location of this comet.

There is a window south of Kiev bounded by the Indian Ocean to the east, Germany to the west, and the South Pole to the south. On 28th August he looked at the comet at 4:32 am Moscow time. He says the comet will come down in the evening/night Moscow time on the 28th October.

My son helped me to find it on his astronomy program.

28th August at 3:32 Kiev time (4:32 Moscow time) south of the equator (south of Pisces):

- Cetus (the Whale) at - 10°
- South Galactic Pole in Sculptor at ~ - 25°
- Sculptor at - 30°

Two months later

28th October at 10:30 pm Kiev time (11:30 pm Moscow time) looking south, the SAME CONSTELLATIONS are visible.

- Cetus (the Whale) at - 10°
- South Galactic Pole in Sculptor at ~ - 25°
- Sculptor at -30°

Sculptor is lower on the horizon, almost below it.

Aquarius is to the RIGHT

- Uranus is in Aquarius
- Neptune is in Capricorn..

It's somewhere there,,

PS. in his diary entry of 21st September he says,
"almost naked eye".
Follows graphic I made up ....
8.30pm London 28th October 2006   183' SOUTH  '0' elevation
Look what sits just below the horizon  -0.9'
Az 182.2'
RA 22h 46'
DEC 390 23'
A Mag 4.2 Star
STAR 666
It's to the right of Sculptor and above Grus
Quite 'prophetic' I thought <grins>