A huge comet is heading towards earth!

Russian scientist-astronomer Nikolay Fedorovsky is claiming he’s made a sensational discovery. According to his observations, a “mega-comet” will approach the earth near the end of October.

“No one knew about the Tunguska meteorite, and it fell safely in Siberia,” writes Fedorovsky.

The scientist discovered the object near the end of August. It was spotted moving on a paraboloid trajectory at suspiciously big speed. Based on calculations of the object’s speed, this celestial body is at minimum an asteroid.

Nikolay Fedorovsky has contacted the Kiev observatory, however there they did not confirm or deny the approach of a comet or asteroid towards the Earth.

“Very few people are aware that different types of large objects pass close to the Earth on a regular basis. These all pass unnoticed…” Fedorovsky said…