Subj: Russian Passenger Plane Crashes, 24 on Board
Date: 11/19/01 2:29:18 PM Pacific Standard Time

November 19 4:09 PM ET

Russian Passenger Plane Crashes, 24 on Board

MOSCOW (Reuters) - A passenger plane believed to be carrying
24 passengers and crew crashed in the Yaroslavl region
northeast of Moscow, news agencies reported.

The Ilyushin-18 was en route to Moscow's Domodedovo airport
from Khatanga in Siberia when it disappeared from radar
screens shortly before 1830 GMT, the Interfax news agency
quoted the Emergencies Ministry as saying.

Wreckage of the aircraft was found in woods by rescue teams,
Itar-Tass said. There were no details of the fate of those
on board, and no further details were immediately available.

Yaroslavl, some 155 miles northeast of Moscow, is one of the
historic "Golden Ring" towns that formed the political and
cultural focus of Russia before Moscow was founded.