8/1/02 12:37:34 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Rush: if time permits go to cyberspaceorbit and
scroll down to the Moia sculpture...
a question is posed regarding the large solar flares
that have been emitting at 12 midnight from the
28th July  daily ...
what is the zenith placement of the sun at this time...
and what part of the globe does it interface with?



The image is correct.

The attached files support the ideas related to the Bull's Eye anamoly..

I would add that the Moai on Easter Island represent the "Coming Ashore" of the "First Father." This theme is clearly present throughout the current events. The fact that a "bull's eye" appears on the meridian of the island named after the "Coming Ashore" of the King of the Jews, should not be surprising. It is totally consistent with the birth process we have been discussing.

All images are at http://www.siloam.net/bulleye#.gif, where # is 0-5.
bulleye0.gif = the Satellite Image.
Bull's Eye Anamoly Image

bulleye1.gif = the zenith location of the bull's eye.
Bull's Eye Zenith Location

bulleye2.gif = the nadir location of the bull's eye.
Bull's Eye Nadir Location

bulleye3.gif = the zenith location at Easter Island.
Easter Island Zenith Location

bulleye4.gif = the nadir location at Easter Island.
Easter Island Nadir Location

bulleye5.gif = the sun's location throughout the year at 00:00 Zulu
Image from http://cyberspaceorbit.com/sher180.htm

Q: Why is the bull's eye (bulleye0.gif) at the location shown in the photograph?
A: To cause us to focus on the local axis of the location.

Q: What does the zenith at the bull's eye show?
A: It shows a man stepping upon a rock in Jerusalem and ascending to Seventh Heaven.

Q: What does the nadir at the bull's eye show?
A: It shows the crossing point at the River Styx where the tomb (Fornax) is located.

Q: What does this axis signify?
A: The resurrection of man.

Q: What does the zenith at Easter Island show?
A: First Father (Abraham) is stepping out of the sea and going ashore to Heaven Above with Pluto (Hades) in the bosom of Abraham. Mercury, Venus, and the Sun are on the upper shore as the Morning Stars. This is the birth of First Father out of the mouth of First Mother.

Q: What does the nadir at Easter Island show?
A: It shows Saturn (Cronos) as the second eye of Taurus. In other words, time has sat upon a bull's eye at the precise moment when an anomaly is captured by the satellite---as above, so below!

Q: So, what does this have to do with solar flare at the Zulu midnight hour?
A: It says, "Come Forth by Day." It reveals the message on the Santiago Staff. It fulfills the Pupul Vuh. It completes the passage of the second two thousand years of the Book of Revelation. It delivers Abraham to the Promised Land. In other words, the Face of God has risen above the cloud of serpents. How can we be sure that Abraham is at the promised land? Look under Easter Island. There you will find the position of the Earth. The Earth is the Promised Land to all souls that wander the heavens.

You knew all of this before you asked the question about solar flares. But, there is more than meets the eye, whether it is the Bull of My Mother, or a donkey of a son asking for a double portion of his inheritance, like Elisha did with Elijah. Look above the Earth under Easter Island (bulleye4.gif) and there you will find the man on the chariot. Look above the Bull's Eye (bulleye1.gif) under the feet of the Man stepping upon the rock in Jerusalem, and you will see Elijah, whose desire is that of the Donkey Man (Centaurus). Look again, and see that the meridian at the Bull's Eye strikes the apex of the Balance. This is more proof that Judgment Day has come precisely on the schedule written in the great scriptures.

Where is Zeus (Jupiter) during all of these solar activities. He is between the Twins, indicating that Adam and Eve (Geb and Nut) have stopped hiding in the garden, and they have come to walk with the compassionate Lord.

Writing stories in the stars is easy. But, making those stories coincide with solar flares and cosmic events of Platonic scale is the work of the Lord. To the Lord, stars are like chalk dust on a blackboard. You and I can write with chalk dust. The Lord can write with star dust. We are like the Lord, but we are less than Omnipotent. We strive for Omniscience, but achieve only the arrogance of Elisha. These events should make all men humble, but the ego (Seth, Centaurus, Barabas) wont allow such trivial graffiti to take center stage in a culture that cannot tell which way is up or down.

Hang in there Bruce. The Day of Judgment has passed. The end of tribulations has not passed, for they are the essence of life, and by their passing, joy is in the offing. All that is left is for the Pope to die and for the new King of Kings to come and show that truth is stranger than fiction, becaue we deny it on a daily basis.


Bull's Eye Anamoly Image
Bull's Eye Zenith Location
Bull's Eye Nadir Location
Easter Islan Zenith Location
Easter Island Nadir Location
Image from http://cyberspaceorbit.com/sher180.htm

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